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Who Are The “Ultraconservatives”?


Catholic; or, in the new parlance, “ultraconservative”.


A horrible “c”atholic publication (no link) reports that Francis let it be known he will not be “tied down by ultraconservatives”. 

The questions immediately arises: where does, for the likes of Francis, “ultraconservatism” begins, and how can one be “ultraconservative” in the first place? 

It’s very simple, see: preservation of Catholic thinking, doctrine and practice is either there, or it isn’t. The one who is not interested in them should not call the others “ultraconservatives”. He should call them “Catholics”. 

But then again this is the man who has Kasper as his theological advisor, and possibly Fidel Castro as his economic advisor.  

However, I still miss Francis definition of what an “ultraconservative” is. Next time he is on a plane giving air to his teeth, he might well explain his definition of conservative and ultra-conservative Catholic to the press. Would make for interesting reading. Perhaps even the last idiot will then understand what a phony, what an outright fraud this man is. 

Sixty generations of Catholics were just what Francis now accuses us to be: ultraconservatives, aka (serious) Catholics.

But the man is too stupid, too ignorant, too hypocritical, or a mixture of the above, to acknowledge that.



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