Who Are The “Ultraconservatives”?


Catholic; or, in the new parlance, “ultraconservative”.


A horrible “c”atholic publication (no link) reports that Francis let it be known he will not be “tied down by ultraconservatives”. 

The questions immediately arises: where does, for the likes of Francis, “ultraconservatism” begins, and how can one be “ultraconservative” in the first place? 

It’s very simple, see: preservation of Catholic thinking, doctrine and practice is either there, or it isn’t. The one who is not interested in them should not call the others “ultraconservatives”. He should call them “Catholics”. 

But then again this is the man who has Kasper as his theological advisor, and possibly Fidel Castro as his economic advisor.  

However, I still miss Francis definition of what an “ultraconservative” is. Next time he is on a plane giving air to his teeth, he might well explain his definition of conservative and ultra-conservative Catholic to the press. Would make for interesting reading. Perhaps even the last idiot will then understand what a phony, what an outright fraud this man is. 

Sixty generations of Catholics were just what Francis now accuses us to be: ultraconservatives, aka (serious) Catholics.

But the man is too stupid, too ignorant, too hypocritical, or a mixture of the above, to acknowledge that.



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  1. Well whoever they are he pretty much said he will replace them with flaming liberal bishops once they reach retirement age or even before that. He isn’t an anti-Pope, but he is aspiring to be the anti-Pope St. Pius X.

  2. How do you know if you are an “ultra conservative”? Answer: If you attend Mass every Sunday.

  3. Mundy.As you say in your last post about the slow death of The Conciliar Church,it is the Ultraconservatives who will benefit from this.The Conciliar Church is dying off now and the aged hippy liberals are now 80 years of age or nearly that age.We still have some today but they are dying off.Take the example of France as a lesson for all.In ten or twenty years time The Traditional Priests,orders and laymen and laywomen will be in the majority there and,i hope ,here in England as well.Clear these heretical liberals and their heretical Bishop of Rome out of The Church for good.They have done enough damage.God Bless.

    • I agree with you in general.
      However, Francis keeps appointing young bishops. They’ll do damage for a long time.
      I think the tide will turn when the orthodox are the vast majority in the pews, but not before.
      However, in the end they won’t be able to fight biology.

  4. It reminds me of the description of non-left wing political parties in Europe, they are all ‘extreme right wing’ parties, they can’t just say ‘right wing’ it has to be overstated and so it is with our left-liberal-progressive-modernist Church leaders, we who believe what our grandfathers believed are now nasty, regressive, inhumane ‘ultra-conservatives’. Don’t expect the name calling to stop, it will get worse.

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