Three Cheers For The British Trannies!

Life Site News (Google the link) has the story about the two male British athletes who appear on course to qualify to compete as females in the coming Olympics games.

How entertaining.

The Brits seem to take the rules seriously: a man (means: willie, marbles, and the rest) can be admitted to compete among women if his testosterone level has been below the norm for one year. No need for zip-zipping, because to force a “woman” to mutilate “herself” would be against her “human rights”.

In a predictably hypocritical manner, the female apostles of the gender revolution are now very angry. Gender theory cannot apply when it deprives real women of medals! “Biology is biology!”

Tsk, tsk….

I am astonished at the hate and transphobia shown by these feminists: the athletes in questions are women trapped in the body of a man! Why would they not be allowed to compete among their fellow women in the same way as they can, erm, use their bathrooms? Again: hate and transphobia is all this is.

Can't wait for the trannies to win their first gold medals: the cameras slowly closing on the massive jaw, the Adam's apple prominently on display, the masculine figure towering between two real women (if there are no other trannies around, of course).

Will this be a moment of awakening for the gender crazed? I doubt; but one should never lose hope.


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  1. The thought crossed my mind that when the female football, rugby, tennis etc are filled with trannies how much more riveting the game will become. Obviously women will not want to participate against such strength. We stand back and watch!

  2. In 1979, Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” made a joke about a man who wanted to have his rights to be recognized as a woman. Back then it was a joke (gender theory was only beginning to appear among a very small academic “elite”), nowadays it is reality that most take seriously. If you watch from a distance, it is so absurdly ridiculous that it is fun to live at this time. Post-modernism has been taken to such extremes that the world nowadays is a huge Monty Python sketch.
    Also, after about two centuries of being brainwashed about the wonderful democracy and popular sovereignty, all of a sudden we are seeing all over the press the inconveniences of vote, how people shouldn’t be allowed to decide on some subjects, whenever they talk of Brexit or Trump. When they can’t manipulate it, democracy is a very bad thing. Also very fun to watch.

  3. By the way, I’ve just seen in “related” a link to a previous article on “Life of Brian” which I hadn’t read.

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