Liberté, Égalité,…. Massacrés

It appears the “religion of peace” striked again. The radio this morning was still pathetically talking of “possible” terrorist motivation (perhaps the lorry driver was having a heart attack? We shouldn't be prejudiced, you know…), but reality is slowly setting in.

I am informed the French police is currently following 11,000 (you read it correctly: that's eleven thousand) terrorist suspects in France, and I don't think there is any of them who is not a Mohammedan.

Congratulations, France.

You have stupidly incubated a huge problem for decades, and the French poulets are now coming home to roost.

There must be consequences for folly; it is the way the Lord has organised the world. Individually, a life of drugs, alcoholism, gambling, or gluttony will make one's life miserable. Collectively, the immense folly of thinking that millions of Muslims can be peacefully “integrated” in a European Country will, in time, cause a tribute in blood and fear to be paid. God has organised the world so, that this kind of folly is paid on this world before it is paid (possibly far more harshly) in the next.

France is paying now, and Britain will pay in time. The tribute of blood will rise until the pain of the massacres is bigger than the desire of the population at large to keep believing in the stupid tale of the integration. Only at that point measures will be taken, and political correctness be stuffed.

We are not there, by far. Many, many more will have to die. Pray for the dead, that they may rest in peace. Pray for the living, that they can see reason before this becomes outright carnage in 30-years-war style.

Keep paying the price of your folly, former douce France.

You have made this bed. Now you will have to lie in it.


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  1. Marie Julie Jahenny in her prophecies tells of the suffering that France will have to endure being invaded by the Mohamedan hoardes (Italy too) including the destruction of Paris which she calls Sodom, before the arrival of the Great Monarch. We are on the edge of it all happening. Even blighty will fall into a terrible civil war to be put down by the Monarch.

    • Can’t see any of the three now (Lizzy, Charles, and the other chap) doing anything else that kissing children.
      Proddies all of them, btw

  2. The French seem to believe their theories of reality more than reality itself. Strange.

  3. When I see these news from the other side of the ocean, the first things that come to my mind are: Reconquista, El Cid, matamoros. And it is almost unbelievable that now there are many people in Portugal and Spain who feel shame for that glorious period of their history, which should be an example for today’s Europe.

  4. This is an existential battle between Christ and Anti-Christ. Christ is the only answer. The people of Europe must turn to Christ–both those who are secularist and those who are Mohammadan. There is no other solution.

    The Catholic Church must reclaim her rightful liturgy with the Mass as re-inactment of Calvary which gives meaning to our existence and human suffering and is humanity’s central act. Only God can wipe away our tears when His Son breaks the chains of sin.

    We futility stack flowers in cellophane and pile teddy-bears on the blood stained pavement when we should be on our knees at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    Where is the Church? Under Francis and the post conciliar pope’s she too is bloodied and delusional. The tabernacles have been hidden and communion rails smashed. Her priests, for the most part, neutered. The embers of traditional Catholicism must be ignited.

    Martyrs of Córdoba, pray for us.

  5. The reality may be many Islam people who have been trained (or brainwashed?) in religion (fanaticism?) from young ages having big problem to adapt into different life style or too moral-decaying societies such as western countries. First they thought they could escape the economic hardship or be free, but later the culture of death clashing hard with their religious belief, then hatred busted out. They’re confused and angry. They’ve never considered the world even their religion being deceived and manipulated by the evil one. Only God has a saving power.

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