Five Million Pageviews


Some of you might remember the recent post about the Blessed Virgin’s Warrior Ants.

Today, as I noticed this blog has reached the rather “more than insignificant” milestone of Five Million Pageviews, I was reminded of that post, and of the motivations that prompted me to start this blog pretty much exactly six years ago.

I am proud of being a warrior ant. I understand that everyone of us is less than a drop in the sea compared to the vast scale of Catholicism’s challenges, intended as both “how many we are” and “how much there is to do”. 

I am proud of being a warrior ant. But I don’t think that this blog – or the countless others doing the same job – is insignificant, and I would dare to say that the stats are evidence of it. I am proud of all those who comment here, those who do not scare from a fight with their relatives, those who are perfectly happy with – to say it with the song – a walk on part in the war. 

I have nothing to add here to what I have written on occasions of the other milestones.

We are all – I certainly am – wretched sinners striving to remain on the straight and narrow.

May the Blessed Virgin, the day we die, tell Her Son that by all our shortcomings, we also tried to be among her warrior ants. 



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  1. Congratulations our dear Mundabor! May your readership grow ever more exponentially, and may your SAGE writing be known to every corner of the earth! God bless you, front-line warrior.


    • Thanks, John/Susan (I wonder which toilet you use;)? )
      My readership has been constant for a while now, firstly because I write less than i used to and secondly because there is a limit to growth when you are a “niche product” as I am.
      However, around 1,500 unique users a year are above my wildest dreams when I started.

  2. Mundy, you’re no warrior ant at 3000+ pageviews a day. When all indications suggest the entire english speaking tradsphere numbers about 5000, I’d say you’re a warrior general. And thank you for all of it.

    • Oh, I know sites making a big multiple of what I do. I am sure their total count goes in the millions. However, I do not know *many* one-man bands like myself who have a multiple of the readers I have. And I brutally censor comments, which does not help to drive up the stats.. 😉

  3. Congratulations, and thank you for all your reflections.

  4. That is an awesome achievement, Mr. M! I thank God for the internet and all the traditional bloggers who are keeping the faithful (the ones who care, that is) informed and aware of the state of the Church today. May God bless you and keep you safe!

  5. Can this small ant congratulate you on the pageviews being ten times the ones at my place. Keep on preaching the faith.

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