“I long for the day that Roe v. Wade is sent to the ash heap of history.”

Yes, people: Mike Pence is “divisive”.

Thank God he is! More like him! 

And note how Crooked Hillary attacks him, shooting on him with the usual cannons of the libtard, and calling him “incredibly divisive and unpopular”.

 I know, the man is very confused about his religious identity: what the heck is an “evangelical Catholic?” You either are a Catholic or you are a heretic. However, I suspect Pence’s situation isn’t so rare in a Country where, apparently, an awful lot of cradle Catholics leave the Catholic Church (more or less openly) because they yearn for a Christian message they do not get from their Catholic priests; and, being very poorly catechised by those same people, struggle to understand the gravity of what they are doing. 

Mike Pence will probably have to answer some very unpleasant questions about his own religious affiliation, because now that he is running for such a high office every weak point will be exploited by Crooked Hillary’s camp. However, I think – not without some dread – that our view might be skewed here, and perhaps whether the man is a Catholic or not might be considered too irrelevant by most Americans to even appear on the radar screen (boy, what times do we live in!).

If the matters comes out, I hope he will profit from it and start a serious process of re-discovery of the beauty and righteousness of the Only Church. But honestly, from what I can see up to now it seems this here is a truly good one: strongly against environ-mentalism, sexual perversion (also in the form of “civil partnerships”) and abortion, I think every serious Catholic should be seriously happy with this flawed half-Catholic. The ways of the Lord, and all that.

I am very excited about this Trump-Pence ticket. It is as if Trump had taken care to reassure his potential voters that he is really committed to, in a way, become what he is not, and go on a process of discovery of the Conservative identity. This is not only a big check drawn in our favour; it is a big commitment concerning his future actions. 

I have no doubts that more negatives (besides his extremely confused religious identity) will come out in time. But frankly, I never thought the alternative would have been Padre Pio. This was a good choice. A very good one. 

This Trump is one smart guy. 




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  1. “This Trump is one smart guy.” Ditto. Yes, having God on your side is always smart.

  2. Mr. Trump has strong familial values, also shared by his children, who also value children and correct education. Both President and Vice-President will be good family models and it will have an effect on the nation too, and even on foreign nations. God loves good fathers and husbands.

    • I trust the prospective VP for more concerning values.
      But hey, if you think wife number 3 means “strong familial values”…

  3. what the heck is an “evangelical Catholic?”

    Why Mundabor, I’m surprised at you! Haven’t heard of “evangelical Catholicism?” It is George Weigel’s latest crackpot attempt to remake Catholicism into a way cool religion that is like totally awesome. It’s cheesy as it is stupid. Like all novusordom, it is just a new deformity of Catholicism. Not sure if Pence was referring to this though. He might have had no idea it was actually a thing.

    • Pence appears to attend “non-mass” in a Protestant setting. Therefore, he might have meant something like “A cultural Catholic following Protestantism”.

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