The Other “N” Word

For those of you who haven’t followed, the British Labour party is now in the middle of a civil war that is a joy to watch for every sensible person.

As I write this, three candidates are running: the loony Commie Jeremy Corbyn (may he long reign, thus finishing to destroy the party), the dyke Angela Eagle and the former Blairite (now far more on the left, because it’s the fashion) Owen Smith.

Owen Smith gave yesterday an obvious slap to the dyke, proclaiming a self-evident truth: he is normal.

I was waiting for the usual shitstorm, which actually failed to materialise. Strange. If the same had been said by a conservative politician, the liberal outrage would have been heard on Mars.

Instead, there are rumours as I write this that the dyke might be persuaded to pull out of the race.

We shall see.

But heavens: in what world we live if one can call himself “normal” when compared to a dyke, and does not get shredded like pulled pork? Can’t think it’s normality. This is the Labour party after all.



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  1. I don’t know if you noticed, but doesn’t Corbyn remind you of another revolutionary that you come into contact with on a regular basis?

    (Hint: think Francis)

    • You can make a parallel, but I think Corbyn is far more “normal” as a Labour leader than Francis is as a Pope.

    • But that is just because the political environment in the UK has moved so much farther to the loony left than the post-conciliar church.

      On an aside, I find the video clip “AMAZING”. It is “opening the door”…

  2. Wow I missed this … well as you say it was buried. You’re so right when you hilariously said if it was a conservative who said that “it would be heard on Mars” Brilliant!

    I hate the left msm who have control of the state organs of propaganda and use it maliciously to crush all opposed to them.

    They have no interest in merely providing ‘news’. Instead they use their hegemony to manipulate and control by holding back information, gatekeeping what the public should be allowed to be aware of, and then twisting the truth when not giving us complete bollocks aka downright lies.

    The treatment Andrea Leadsom got was so deplorable when she was running for leader when she was trapped into making a non pc (therefore totally true) comment regarding being a mother.
    If she described herself as ‘normal’ over say Ruth Davidson that would have been enough to make sure she would not currently be serving in the cabinet.

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