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I am veering toward Sixty, and the like of what I have seen happening in Cleveland I cannot remember. Not in Italy, not in Germany, not in the UK.

We are at the vigil of an extremely important US Presidential election, which – through the added problem of the nomination of at least one Supreme Court Justice in such a time, and with such a man to be replaced as Scalia – can shape the United States for decades, maybe forever. Seen the level of judicial activism of the last years, there can be no doubt the wrong majority within the Supreme Court can see pretty much everything up for grabs: any last trace of common sense concerning perversion, the second amendment, even the first amendment would come under massive attack.

It takes a prick of enormous proportions, or a baby of astonishing childishness – but hey: at that age if you are the second you are the first – to exhibit oneself in that kind of show Ted Cruz dished to an astonished Conservative Country in Cleveland. And frankly, it takes an uncommon amount of blind fanaticism to even think of approving of what he has done.

Ted Cruz had promised to endorse the winner. He has not kept his promise. He might say he felt not obliged to endorse him after unpleasant remarks about his wife, but then one must start drawing some conclusion: that the word of someone who reneges it because of extremely petty reasons (yes, children: compared to the fate of the Country what Trump has said or implied of Trump’s father or wife is not even in the radar screen) is not worth zippo; and that a man who makes such a promises and reneges for such a reason has no idea at all of what politics is, and should go back to kindergarten, where he can go away with the ball if he doesn’t like the game. You might say at some point Trump also hinted he would not keep his promise. But there is a huge difference between the things one says during a heated campaign, and how one behaves after the end of it. 

What astonishes most is the unbelievable selfishness of wanting the stage to promote his own (dreamed of, at this point) 2020 campaign. The man truly is so deluded that he thinks he will save the US from 4 years of Hillary, and we only need to wait four years to undo all the untold damage  four years of Hillary & a liberal-dominated Supreme Court can make. This is selfishness bordering on high treason; and I am very sorry, if you don’t get this you are just as childish as the man is.

Rome is burning, and the man is fiddling a whining song about his wife and father; actually, he even dares to candidate for the reconstruction after all has been destroyed.




Cruz could have easily made a speech in which he once again rebukes Trump for offences to his family (I don’t want to get on the controversies here; the (independent; formally at least) Super PAC which published the semi-naked photos of Trump’s wife did it in the very spirit of damaging Trump to favour Cruz, and Cruz never distances himself from it) and then declares to the nation that he will vote, and invites everyone to vote, for Trump, because this is the duty of every decent American now.  He would have showed that he puts Country before family, and would have showed himself as statesman rather than kindergarten material. Instead, he clearly showed to set the stage for his 2020 campaign, obviously not only wishing, but actively contributing to a possible Trump defeat even as he wishes it.




Mind, this isn’t a case of hypocrisy. I still do not doubt the fundamental morality or values of the man. But this is not enough if one is such a self-deluded child that thinks not only that his private grievances should come before avoiding Hillary at the White House, but even that he is the man to sort the mess to which he is just contributing.

Every other option (staying at home; refusing to speak; choosing to complain but endorse) would have been infinitely better than what he did, out of sheer deluded selfishness and dreams of grandeur.

I don’t know if the man will now be completely destroyed politically, but I can’t see him going anywhere when he candidates for the White House, either in 2020 or later. Whisper “Sandy” in the ear of Chris Christie and he will painfully recognise that Judas don’t fare well as candidates. Whisper “Jenner” in the ear or Rick Santorum, and he will know what finished killing his already wacky candidature.  The word “Cleveland” will be the same for this stupid, selfish child.

Apparently, Cruz was even kept out of the suite of a Billionaire GOP supporter in Cleveland, having walked there probably expecting to be told what an upright man he is. A public humiliation fitting for a piece of shit, and I can’t say undeserved.

This is no time for distinguos. This is no time for petty recrimination. This is the time for deciding whether Hillary will be president, or not. If you don’t see this, you are the enemy just as much as Hillary is.  

Ted “Judas” Cruz deserves all the shit he will be made to eat. And I hope it will be abundant, and extremely smelly.


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  1. Mundabor, NO one could’ve said it better than you!

  2. If Hillary Clinton wins the election, I am holding Cruz and the rest of these Judas priests, that are the ‘#Never Trump idiots, personally responsible for the downfall of this country. The BLOOD is on their hands.

  3. Brilliant as usual. Glen Beck is a fanatic Ted Cruz campaign donor who for months lied on facts about Trump, and lost his credibility with me. He hurt his company which already lost money in this adventure, and Beck had to fire many employees. Truly, Ted Cruz’s cult is now a Death cult.

    On Thursday morning, 22 July, I listened Glen Beck during his radio program, hoping he would be truthful.

    This was not to be. Glen Beck who is an catholic apostate, said that Trump and Ivanka were plagiarizing the Bible and Jesus, because Trump said “I am your voice”, and Ivanka said “With my father, everything is possible”.

  4. Correction: the radio program I listened to had to be on Friday morning, 23 July, after Mr. Trump’s acceptance speech on Thursday evening, one day after Cruz was exposed has a Judas, as you well explained. P.S. I do not think, you Mundabor, has plagiarized the Bible.

  5. I don’t think I have ever disagreed with you more completely than today. There is no fully functioning man who would react differently from Cruz to Trump’s attacks on his wife and father. The fundamental problem is that Trump has poisoned the well here, and continues to do so. The man is such a complete narcissist that he can not stop picking at this scab, even in victory. If Trump had any concern for the country (or the Republican party), HE would put the attacks on Cruz aside. But he can’t. That’s how desperate the political situation in this country has become – that our “best hope” is such a man. You seem to believe there is hope for this country. There is none, at least not politically. This is the country that RE-elected Obama-the-clown. Politically, this country was dead at that point, although it had been dying for quite some time before that, thanks to both Democrats and Republicans. To paraphrase Patrick Archbold, supporting Stalin to thwart Trotsky is not a moral position.

  6. Pope Francis would like you to apologize to Judas for comparing him to Senator Cruz.

  7. ilovevictoriasbows

    Agreed. And I voted for Cruz. O/T, it will be interesting to see whether the Catholic vote swings, once more, to the majority pro-death/homosexual marriage party as in 2008 (54%). Watch for Judas bishops, if not the Vatican, to photo op with and verbally defend Tim Kaine, regardless of his positions on abortion and same sex ‘marriage’ as there are now not Five, but 50 non-negotiables, including global warming, illegal immigration, electric cars, muslim outreach, etc.

    • To see Kaine depicted as Catholic would have caused huge outrage in at least 1970 of the last 2016 years.
      I think Hillary shot herself in the foot with him, though.
      The Sanderistas are all angry now, and she has lost an awful lot of them. How many centrists she will get is questionable, but if she can’t mobilise the Democratic left she is screwed (not with a cigar, mind).

  8. Bravo. Exactly on point.

  9. It is excellent time for democrats to get rid of trouble makers (Hillary and Bill) who committed too many crimes that if they were made public D. party could be collapsed for covering up for them. In bipartisan system (collaborating each other) no party can have 3 presidential terms so next turn must be republican’s as they usually arranged. Clinton’s criminal acts will be revealed little by little just enough for Donal Trump to win. And that is. Hillary and Bill will be vanished forever. That’s politic: lie, cheat and betray. God save America.

    • Nonsense.
      The Republicans won three times between 1980 and 1988.
      You must wean yourself from these conspiracy theories.
      Republicans and Democrats both want to win: too many jobs, money, power at stake.
      However, they fight out of a position of cultural uniformity and shared cowardice, born of mediocrity and lack of values.
      God willing, this is about to end.

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