It’s OK To Boo The Pope

A short message to all Catholics in Poland and elsewhere:

It's OK to boo the Pope.

Kraków would have been a wonderful occasion, seen that the man had the effrontery of pushing the secular agenda in a Country where very many still remember all too well where secularism and social justice madness à la Francis lead you.

To my knowledge, this occasion was lost.

Imagine the media echo of a Pooe booed by Catholics! This man has gone on for too long with his satanic agenda, safe in the knowledge that the crowds will be awed by the presence of a Pope. This must stop.

It is OK to boo the Pope, and the time to do it is now.



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  1. From what I see in Poland, the Francis messege does not get through the language filter to the population at large.

    This is good in that anyone who critisizes the Church (ex communists and post communists) are ridiculed. Therefore, any of the Francis heresies are looked upon as “disinformation” of the two above mentioned groups.

    On an aside, Francis said something truely radical yesterday: life begins at conception and ends at natural death. And should be protected. The femi-nazi’s freaked….

    Just maybe, there might be hope for the boy yet…

  2. I hope the Polish are reading you now.

  3. Calling our dear Armaticus to translate this post into Polish!

  4. Breaking News:

    Having been moved by Pope Francis’ words, Islamists now accept their war is not religious but economic. From henceforth their henchmen will shout “Keynes Akbar” as they murder and maim.

  5. Polish Catholics Pooe booed Frankie and God had taught him, “Every knee should bend.”

  6. Maybe Poles are just too polite to boo a pope 🙂 No worries thought. They are not buying Francis’ hidden political agenda about accepting muslim migrants.

    The theme of the Nov 2015 March of Independence was an upraising against the islamisation of Poland.

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