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It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Cardinal Sarah has asked how many will have to die before Europe opens its eyes to reality. My answer to this is: very many, but Europe will most certainly open its eyes in time to avoid the worst.

We see here two forces at work: on the one hand, the desire to go on with the effeminate “peace and love” ideology with which one and a half generation of Europeans has been indoctrinated and which is so dear, warm and comfortable to them. On the other hand, reality.

The cognitive dissonance is making itself heard here and there, but still there is enough stupidity around for the majority of people to make excuses. Unavoidably, this will cause a worsening of the situation, until the high water of reality overcomes the dams of easy rhetoric and dear illusions of indefinite peace, without ever having to defend it.

We have a great advantage in the upcoming fight: that Islam is too savage a religion to allow for coordinated, disciplined mass deception. The scenario in which 100,000 Islamists behave like perfect citizens and patiently, orderly, silently wait for the day they start terrorising a Country all together is not realistic. Rather, the radicalisation will always lead to a number of uncoordinated, more or less spontaneous attacks. I doubt the ISIS could stop a 21 years old idiot lusting after his alleged 72 virgins. I even doubt they would want to. This is a religion of bloody savages, not of Machiavellian strategists. They will always prefer a massacre today to an attempted coup d'état in twenty years' time.

Every one who is slaughtered opens the eyes of one thousand who weren't. The process will be slow, but unstoppable. And as more and more gets slaughtered, more and more will open their eyes to reality and start voting accordingly. Slaughtered priests (and in time, unavoidably, bishops and cardinals) will cause an even greater awakening. There is no way anyone can stop this.

There there is the other aspect of uncoordinated, soontaneous attacks: they go against the wrong crowd. If the Islamists would decide to only massacre Christians, this would allow the army of atheists to keep deluding themselves. But they don't. They massacre perverts fifty at a time. They attack people in casual situations, like in a train. They attack masses celebrating purely secular feasts like Bastille Day in France. Soon, atheists and perverts will discover that Islamists attack them, too. Watch the rhetoric of “tolerance” whither and die, then.

Of course, this is not going to happen overnight. A huge wheel must be put in motion here, and an enormous inertia will have to be overcome. But once it has taken some speed, this is a wheel no Merkel, no Hollande and no Francis will be able to stop.

One can avoid getting to terms with reality only for so long. When the danger starts becoming acute, instinct will demand that once cheered fable are abandoned and reality embraced.


Going Around The Truth

And it came to pass the First Reading at the Novus Ordo Mass was about… the destruction of Sodom. You see, the compilers of the NO readings were certainly lousy Catholics, but they were still recognisably Catholics. Therefore, here and there you would still find the occasional, brutal reminder that God isn't the Great Smiling Aunt In The Sky.

I was listening to the reading (read by the usual layman; albeit the man was extremely slow and emphatic, either in order to stress the point or because he had the stage all for himself) and started wondering whether the homily would mention the (cough…) episode.



Instead, we got a potpourri of such insipid tofu platitudes, that I wondered whether the man had been trained in some, probably Jesuit, seminary in the dark art of blabbering ten minutes without saying absolutely anything.

I got a glimpse of the real situation in the Church today: your garden variety priest is embarrassed by the same Catholicism he has sworn to defend with his life.

You might say, it was a coincidence. No it wasn't. I can't remember an occasion where the first reading is about a convenient issue (poverty, cruelty, respect of women and children, love of neighbour, stuff like that) and the priest has not referred to it in his homily. In those cases, the reference to Scripture is always eagerly, avidly made.

I don't know about you, but in my neck of the wood it seems most priest are all too ready to dish you an orthodox homily, provided it remains strictly within the boundary of the uncontroversial.

Imagine an inner circle, with the easy topics, and an outer circle, with the difficult ones. The priests I notice in your normal parish remain rigidly within the inner circle, and never venture into the outer one unless by the vaguest hints. When a reading at Mass challenges them to get into that outer circle, and say things that will sound unpleasant to the self-righteous audience, they avoid it altogether.

This is why our religion is dying in Europe. Catholicism must be a challenge, because the Church must be the enemy of the world.

If the Church in Europe preaches the same uncontroversial preaching of the world, it will wither and die.

Unless, that is, it does not have its throat slit first.



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