Going Around The Truth

And it came to pass the First Reading at the Novus Ordo Mass was about… the destruction of Sodom. You see, the compilers of the NO readings were certainly lousy Catholics, but they were still recognisably Catholics. Therefore, here and there you would still find the occasional, brutal reminder that God isn't the Great Smiling Aunt In The Sky.

I was listening to the reading (read by the usual layman; albeit the man was extremely slow and emphatic, either in order to stress the point or because he had the stage all for himself) and started wondering whether the homily would mention the (cough…) episode.



Instead, we got a potpourri of such insipid tofu platitudes, that I wondered whether the man had been trained in some, probably Jesuit, seminary in the dark art of blabbering ten minutes without saying absolutely anything.

I got a glimpse of the real situation in the Church today: your garden variety priest is embarrassed by the same Catholicism he has sworn to defend with his life.

You might say, it was a coincidence. No it wasn't. I can't remember an occasion where the first reading is about a convenient issue (poverty, cruelty, respect of women and children, love of neighbour, stuff like that) and the priest has not referred to it in his homily. In those cases, the reference to Scripture is always eagerly, avidly made.

I don't know about you, but in my neck of the wood it seems most priest are all too ready to dish you an orthodox homily, provided it remains strictly within the boundary of the uncontroversial.

Imagine an inner circle, with the easy topics, and an outer circle, with the difficult ones. The priests I notice in your normal parish remain rigidly within the inner circle, and never venture into the outer one unless by the vaguest hints. When a reading at Mass challenges them to get into that outer circle, and say things that will sound unpleasant to the self-righteous audience, they avoid it altogether.

This is why our religion is dying in Europe. Catholicism must be a challenge, because the Church must be the enemy of the world.

If the Church in Europe preaches the same uncontroversial preaching of the world, it will wither and die.

Unless, that is, it does not have its throat slit first.



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  1. The past few times that this reading has come around on the liturgical cycle I’ve noticed that they have a guest speaker at each of our Masses. This time it was an obstetrician who does work in Haiti and was asking for money. It reminded me of all of the money our country has sent to Haiti after each disaster and that the place is still a third world hell-hole. This led to a reflection on Hillary Clinton’s despicable intervention in Haiti’s 2010 election, along with the corrupt Clinton Foundation’s pocketing of most of its aid earmarked for Haiti. This, in turn, reinforced by decision to vote for Trump – the unintended result of the parish’s attempt to side-step the story of Sodom.

    • Ah, this is strange.
      Here in Europe I have assisted to such fundraising many times. But it was invariably for and from missionaries, never laymen.

  2. I read this stuff and I thank God over and over for my FSSP parish and the courage of our priests to spit out the no-nonsense teachings of our Lord and His Church, comfortable for us to hear or not….

    Hang in there Mundabor.

  3. Yesterday eve I attended mass (Novus Ordo, not other choice here). The Gospel was about hell. The priest, in a not-more-than-three-minutes homiliy, told that the “evil projects” will be “thrown into the fire”. Note: he said that evil projects, NOT PEOPLE, will be thrown into hell… More or less the same kind of priests.

  4. Could I suggest Fr Ignatius Manfredonia on YouTube who regularly wrestles with the more challenging topics…

  5. Maybe they get ready-to-go homilies written by a focus group to make sure they are morally neutral, aka politically correct and will not offend anyone.

    On a more serious note, the root of the problem is often the hierarchy that is rotten to the core. I can give you an example of a heroic priest addressing the participants of the March of Independence last year, urging the crowds to be proud of their heritage and to stand up for their homeland, not secular, not islamic but the Great Catholic Poland. This priest was subsequently transferred around from parish to parish by his superiors and finally disappeared, some say enclosed in a monastery. Someone had a problem with him not following the ready-to-go numbing PC correct homilies.

    • Also true.
      Woe some fag complains to the bishop.
      However, a solid priest lets a bishop deal with his problems. If we allow the minimum common heretic to dictate the homilies’ content, we are doomed.

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