It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Cardinal Sarah has asked how many will have to die before Europe opens its eyes to reality. My answer to this is: very many, but Europe will most certainly open its eyes in time to avoid the worst.

We see here two forces at work: on the one hand, the desire to go on with the effeminate “peace and love” ideology with which one and a half generation of Europeans has been indoctrinated and which is so dear, warm and comfortable to them. On the other hand, reality.

The cognitive dissonance is making itself heard here and there, but still there is enough stupidity around for the majority of people to make excuses. Unavoidably, this will cause a worsening of the situation, until the high water of reality overcomes the dams of easy rhetoric and dear illusions of indefinite peace, without ever having to defend it.

We have a great advantage in the upcoming fight: that Islam is too savage a religion to allow for coordinated, disciplined mass deception. The scenario in which 100,000 Islamists behave like perfect citizens and patiently, orderly, silently wait for the day they start terrorising a Country all together is not realistic. Rather, the radicalisation will always lead to a number of uncoordinated, more or less spontaneous attacks. I doubt the ISIS could stop a 21 years old idiot lusting after his alleged 72 virgins. I even doubt they would want to. This is a religion of bloody savages, not of Machiavellian strategists. They will always prefer a massacre today to an attempted coup d'état in twenty years' time.

Every one who is slaughtered opens the eyes of one thousand who weren't. The process will be slow, but unstoppable. And as more and more gets slaughtered, more and more will open their eyes to reality and start voting accordingly. Slaughtered priests (and in time, unavoidably, bishops and cardinals) will cause an even greater awakening. There is no way anyone can stop this.

There there is the other aspect of uncoordinated, soontaneous attacks: they go against the wrong crowd. If the Islamists would decide to only massacre Christians, this would allow the army of atheists to keep deluding themselves. But they don't. They massacre perverts fifty at a time. They attack people in casual situations, like in a train. They attack masses celebrating purely secular feasts like Bastille Day in France. Soon, atheists and perverts will discover that Islamists attack them, too. Watch the rhetoric of “tolerance” whither and die, then.

Of course, this is not going to happen overnight. A huge wheel must be put in motion here, and an enormous inertia will have to be overcome. But once it has taken some speed, this is a wheel no Merkel, no Hollande and no Francis will be able to stop.

One can avoid getting to terms with reality only for so long. When the danger starts becoming acute, instinct will demand that once cheered fable are abandoned and reality embraced.


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  1. “My answer to this is: very many, but Europe will most certainly open its eyes in time to avoid the worst.”
    I am well aware of Our Lord’s words “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father”, but I would like to ask your personal opinion: do you think a restoration of the Church and faith in the West is still possible, or will things only get worse and lead us directly to the end of times and the Parousia? My personal opinion (and I stress that it is “personal” and “opinion”, I am no prophet) leads me to believe more in the second option.

    • I think it will get worst, then it will get better.
      I have seen many of these processes during my life (take communism, for example), and it seems to me that in the historical perspective Europe has been often worse than today (Muslim territorial invasions, plague, famine, horrible wars like the 30 years war). In all these times, there was no scarcity of people thinking such calamities were the indication of an end soon to come.

    • The problem is that I am yet to see people realizing where they can find the true cure. Pure nationalistic or conservative government, if they come to power, won’t solve the problem. Usually everyone opposes Islamic fanatism to revolutionary ideals of tolerance, laicism and individual freedom, and not the true values of Christendom. For almost everyone, the heros against Islam are not the extremely small number of remaining faithful Christians, but Charlie Hebdo. That is why I can’t see how a restoration of faith is possible. But I admit I can be wrong in my estimations.

  2. I hope that we as Catholics stay united in prayer, and that no *supposed^ Catholics decide to take revenge in our name, or else we will appear as fundamentalists too, thus, sending the wrong message and continuing to pave the way for a One World Religion through tolerance and ecumenism.

    • Not sure about that.
      In my experience, when the popular violence erupts (in Italy I have seen this happening against Trannies, Romanians, Albanians, and Gipsies) the official reaction may be one of condemnation, but the politicians listen and learn.
      They have big antennas. They know that when the common man loses patience, their own end is near.
      Other cultures might react differently. But mind, even in order-loving Germany it was widespread resistence to the police in Rostock which led to the progressive end of the “Asylanten”-Madness at the beginning of the Nineties.

  3. thomascordatus

    What will it look like when Europe opens its eyes? What will be done?

    • There will be a progressive sharpening of tones against Islam as a religion. Immigration from Muslim countries will be discouraged overtly or covertly. There will be no new mosques (to my knowledge, already happening in Switzerland). There will be an end to halal meat, and covered heads.
      In time, this plant will wither and die.
      It is enough to create an environment that is hostile to the spreading of the disease to make the disease recede.

  4. As a long time follower, I just wanted to share that Regina Magazine shared this post on Facebook for hundreds to see. I know people who follow Regina also follow you from time to time.

  5. Agreed.

    And when the People of the nations of Europe fight back, many in the elite will tell them not to.

    I need to pray more for my European and Middle East Brethren. There are too many people on my little rock in the South Pacific who cannot believe this: they have blindfolded their eyes and stuffed their ears full of wax. They want to be seen my men to have virtue.

    But it is God whom we need to serve, and that generally leads to the elite cursing us.

  6. thomascordatus

    As far as I am aware, once Islam has established a foot-hold in a country, history so far shows only two alternatives: either it gradually increases until it becomes the dominant force in that country, or else it is driven out by force of arms.

  7. “This is a religion of bloody savages, not of Machiavellian strategists.”

    True, but those controlling them and orchestrating all of this are Machiavellian strategists (and they are not Muslims). All part of the old and well known plan towards a one world rule of the Antichrist. Muslims are being used, much the same as our treacherous Western elites. (Not that this changes the fact that Islam is a false, satanic religion.)

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