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Creepy Clowns

creepy clown

Creepy Clown, for a change…


One read rubbish like this, and struggles to remain calm. 

One of the most abused tricks of Francis is to make a false parallelism between perceived sinners (who aren’t such in reality) and real ones. 

The bleeding woman wasn’t sinning because she was bleeding, nor was her bleeding indication that God despised her. This is what the Jews believed, but we aren’t Jews. For us Christians bleeding is not a sin, period.

Adultery, however, is another cup of tea entirely. The adulterers are gravely sinning, and that’s that.

To extend unconditional acceptance (without repentance even) to public sinners because Jesus destroyed a Jewish prejudice is to make a stupid argument. And Christianity does not know this unconditional acceptance the man goes preaching around. This is below Dalai Lama level. 

But then again Francis never goes for the argument. He always goes for the easy emotions. He has the argumentative cogency of a child of six claiming that as kitten are sweet, they will go to heaven because hey, God is mercy.

Disgusting, old, lewd man. It creeps me that he embraces children. 

Pray for the end of this pontificate and the election of Pope Pius XIII. 



The (Slow) Awakening



Yours truly remembers those times when his calling the Evil Clown, erm, Evil Clown caused scandal among those readers who were somewhat persuaded that Francis’ excrement must – as absolutely willed by the Holy Ghost. Absolutely! – somewhat be parfumed, and were therefore in utter shock at reading a blogger calling them, well, exactly that: stinking excrement.

However, slowly things are changing to the point that strong expressions against the Betrayer of Peter are now becoming more common. I read them more and more around, though I do not make note of all of them. 

Here, I would like to mention the Bear, who called Francis (in the same post!) both stupid and a liar.  

He is exactly that, of course. Therefore, for your benefit I will say it again: Pope Francis is both stupid and a liar. There. No effort at all.  

Too many people think that in order to be evil, a person must have Dr Moriarty’s intelligence. This is not the case. Even children of seven can go to hell. Francis’ intelligence isn’t so much above theirs (not saying he is mentally retarded; merely of slow thinking), but the evil he does vastly exceeds any of them.

Stupid, evil, and liar. Yep, I think that’s a fair assessment.

Remember this: the most effective way for you to do your part in countering this satanic attack on the Church is to shred the man and his papacy to pieces with mockery and ridicule. Short of the bazooka (which isn’t allowed anyway) nothing is more effective.

It will be very difficult for anyone outside (the uninformed, weak, impressionable crowd) who knows you as a good Catholic, and hears you firing with all your cannons at the man, not to think of your opinion of him every time the man makes headlines.  

Shock a CINO today. Instructing the ignorant is a work of mercy. 


Cardinal Burke: Don’t Be A Sanctimonious Judas


Meowing in the right direction…


Cardinal Burke has sunk many orders of magnitude in my personal esteem (not that he cares, anyway) when he has publicly refused to denounce Amoris Laetitia, and has slapped in the face those Catholics who are rightly scandalised. Far from me, therefore, praising this man as an example. 

However, every little help; and if those Sanctimonious Judases  who would give the United States and the West to the worst heathens for the sake of feeling oh so pure don’t listen to me, they might listen to him.   

There is some sense remained in this man. He makes very plain that there are two real candidates, and the fantasies of Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck becoming President are not worthy of adult consideration (“have you googled Mickey Mouse? Check it out! He is my candidate! Strongly pro-life, and almost as good as I am!”).

Let us say it with the Cardinal’s words. Emphases mine:

“I  think that what we have to do in this time is to look at both candidates to see if one of them will not, at least in some way, advance the common good, both with respect to the good of human life, the good of the family, the freedom of conscience, the care of the poor, and to look at that very carefully,”

“More than likely the judgment will be that neither candidates ideally answers these questions all in the way that we want. But given the nature of our government, can we in conscience support one of the candidates, at least, who, while maybe [he or she] doesn’t support everything that we believe and know is important, will at least support it to a certain extent with the hope that that candidate can be convinced to embrace evermore fully the common good,”

One must have an IQ south of 60 in order not to get what the man is saying. It isn’t even anything particularly brilliant, or new. It’s the simple common sense of anyone who hasn’t been completely blinded by his own arrogance and sanctimoniousness. 

Let me repeat again what I have written about those dark souls who refuse to do their duty (and in the worst cases even encourage others to do the same): they betray Christ out of their own love of self, their presumption, their supposed moral superiority that is cowardice and betrayal.

Reblog this post here, or the original article about the Cardinal. Spread the word until there is not one idiot nevertrumper left, that is not red in the face.


Uplifting Video


Courtesy of S. Armaticus, a beautiful video about the growing “industry” of not only restoration of old church buildings, but building from scratch of beautiful ones.

i have not seen all yet because I am about to go to sleep, but I liked what I saw. The example of the place that looked like a cinema and was transformed in something very reverent (in New Canaan CT, no less; one of those wealthy places considered too well off for simple, orthodox faith; Pope Francis must be horrified!), the project shown to you, the anticipation of several beautifully restored churches in the following episode (with Archbishop Cordileone), and the beautiful affirmation that will be a growth industy in the next 50 years or so are a good encouragement in times like these.

It is consoling to know all these beautiful buildings will be standing when Pope Francis is six feet under.

Do not despair, and be in good spirits. We may well have horrible years in front of us; but the Church who buried all her enemies will bury Francis too, and all those among his successors who should be as evil as he is.  


The Pope’s Friends



Imagine an old witch (and bitch), so hateful, that she expressed herself about JP II with the following words: 

We want him to burn alive in hell. He’s a swine. Even though a priest told me that a swine is to be eaten, this Pope is uneatable.”

Imagine the same woman occupying the cathedral of Buenos Aires, and relieving herself behind the altar. A profanation so grave, that an act of reparation was held as a consequence.

Imagine the same woman publicly rejoicing after the 9/11 attacks.

I hear you: satanic, old witch.

Her name is Hebe de Bonafini. I am glad i did not know of the existence of such scum until today. 

Well then, it makes sense that Pope Francis asks to see her, and receives her in a private audience in the Vatican.

This man is so toxic, we will soon need to be exorcised just for writing his name on a blog post. 

The Homophobia Reblog

The Homophobia Reblog

If We Want To Defeat Islamism, We Must Recover Christianity


Forbidden. Ten years in jail. Brutal enforcement. See Islam start to recede fast in a matter of one or two decades.


I will leave the duckduckgo-ing to you, but in the last days three news have emerged: the French justice system has rejected the ban on the “burkini”. In Britain, a proposed ban on Friday prayer in jails has been abandoned. Lastly, in Germany it has been pointed out that a ban on full-face cover might trigger a ban on Father Christmas costumes (the extreme ones, which cover all the face behind a very thick fake beard). 

The reasons for this are all too obvious: taken in isolation, the Western system of freedoms opens the door very wide to an – ultimately always – aggressive Muslim invasion. Our Western democracies have no legal antibodies protecting them from the infection of Islam. The bacteria are actually invited to enter the body, in the name of freedom. 

Mind, I do think that, at some point, the body will react. When the fever breaks out in earnest, the body of Western democracies will, in fact, start to produce the necessary antibodies all right. This must be so because – as we have seen all too clearly in the past in Germany, in Spain, and in Italy with the RAF, the ETA and the Brigate Rosse respectively – European democracies have a successful record of “bending the freedoms” with overt or covert operations meant to – not to put too fine a point on it – “do what you gotta do”. I have read of these “adaptations” concerning Germany (Stammheim anyone?) and Spain (with the covert ETA killings). I have lived them directly, concerning Italy, in many ways. 

However, I do not think that this reaction will happen until a point has been reached where the pain is substantial and widespread. A pity, because there is a much simpler way to stop this cancer from exploding.

The way is to recognise the special place owned by Christianity in the West. Nay, the acknowledgment of Christianity as not only religious, but cultural matrix of the West. This special role would, without a doubt, justify a special treatment without this causing the cherished principles of freedom of expression, freedom of religion etc being imperiled.

The realm of applications would be vast: for example, it is allowed to dress as Father Christmas (thus completing covering one’s face in public) but not to wear a burka. It is allowed to wear a catholic veil on one’s head, but not a chador. It is allowed to build monumental churches,  but it is not allowed to build purpose-built mosques. It is allowed to have Sunday laws, but it is not allowed to have “Friday laws”. There are Christian public holidays, but no Muslim ones. There is no right to interrupt work for Muslim prayer times. Halal meat is forbidden because of the cruelty to the slaughtered animal.

The list is very, very long.

All this would stem, in a perfectly reasonable way, from a fundamental principle: the West recognises traditional Christian customs as its cultural blueprint, and protects them accordingly. This is what many Countries did in the past both when they had Catholicism as State Religion (Italy) or they hadn’t (the German Halal ban in the Nineties). They did this without anyone questioning their democratic credentials. They did this following one of those thinking principles which might be unspoken, but are deeply felt; that are, in fact, unspoken exactly because they are deeply felt.       

There would be no need to kick out anyone per se. But there would be need to enforce these rules whatever the noise – or worse – made by the Muslims. When enough perverts and atheists have been massacred, I think there would be a number of them actually ready to embrace this thinking without hesitation.

Also, the same rules would have to apply to every non-Christian religion: Hindu, Sikh, the whole lot.

The West is Christian. Get on with it, or leave. 

Will it happen? Again, at some point the pain will be acute enough to cause something of the sort to happen. The “cultural heritage way” would be the easiest, most peaceful, most efficient way to deal with the cancer of Islam. 

The sooner atheists understand this, the better for all of us. 




If Sodomites have “Human Rights”, Why Should Incestuous Couple Not Have Them?



It had to happen at some point. 

An incestuous “couple” (mother and son; just so you know why you are vomiting) have just started their very public “human rights battle”. 

Can’t say they are wrong. 

They are both adult, and willing. Thinking with the stupid XXI century, they are “not doing harm to anyone”. Actually, they are not causing any physical harm, whilst sodomy causes a lot of physical harm (ask any sodomite on the receiving side. Thankfully, I can’t say anything about the other one). So, let me ask stupid England once again: why should they not be allowed to live like Elton? 

The truth is this: people have Truth inscribed in their hearts. As they get perverted by strange religions (like the religion of peace, and the church of niceness) they forget the truth inscribed in their hearts, or better said these truths become so faint that they are easily overridden by the prevalent religion of tolerance. 

But this does not happen all at the same time, or in one generation. It happens gradually. One generation is “pitiful” of the fags they despise. Their sons think the fags should be able to “marry”, because they “lurv”. Their nephews will think it “lovephobic” than people do not want that a man screws his own mother.

It’s all in these little words, “not doing harm to anyone”, you see. Those who think that way have forgotten what a sin is, what fear of the Lord is, what decency and purity are. They have been so brainwashed by the “lurv” society, that they drift one sin at a time; and every time, they cannot understands why they were resisting that particular sin in the first way.

The next generation might call you “lovephobic” like this one calls you “homophobic”. The following one will cal you “dogphobic” or “sheepphobic”, and you know why…

The worst thing is that they might dare to call themselves Catholic.

They might  even have a Pope, Francis III, who encourages them in this thinking via ambiguous apostolic exhortations and extremely verbous and just as stupid encyclicals.

The good news is: Truth can never change. Unless they repent, those who scream “homophobia” in this generation, “lovephobia” in the next and “dogphobia” in the following one will at death go there, where they get an awful lot of time to reflect about their rebellion.  

We keep praying our Rosary, like our grandfathers. Keep believing what our Grandfathers believed. Keep praying, and waiting that this punishment goes to an end.



The Gun Reblog

The Gun Reblog

The Smoke Of George Soros Has Entered The Church


Francis is breathing with gusto…



I am pretty sure you already know about the scandal first unveiled by LifeSiteNews (actually, by Wikileaks). However, I think I might add a reflection or two of my own.

The first reflection is that when an openly evil man like Soros, who is against everything the Church stands for, thinks he can influence Vatican prelates through financial support it is obvious that something very, very wrong is going on within the Vatican walls. This would be true even if neither Cardinal Maradiaga nor Pope Francis were open to such kind of influence. It would be true because of the very fact that the like of George Soros think that they could influence the Vatican.  Put in another way, the leaks show how corrupt Francis is even if he does not willingly accept the help of the likes of Soros. He is morally corrupt exactly because he thinks like them without need of monetary corruption.  

The second reflection concerns, more directly, Cardinal Maradiaga. In his case the corruption is, more likely than not, monetary besides being moral. This does not mean, of course, that Maradiaga uses such donations to put money in his own pocket (though I want to go on record and say I would not be surprised at all if this were the case: one who thinks so evil can do a lot of evil). Still, it seems to me impossible that Cardinal Maradiaga does not know about such donations, and does not consider them an easy way to maintain a net of people through whom he can distribute favours and exercise influence. 

The third and last reflection is, I am sure, in the mind of many: is this not the tip of the iceberg? How many “catholic” organisations are funded, directly or indirectly, by the open, public enemies of the Church? Should not Pope Francis, who always has such a big mouth about transparency, order an impartial review about such “donations”, and force all his bishops to answer about what happens in their own dioceses as well? Not holding my breath… 

The smoke of George Soros has entered the Church. 

Francis doesn’t seem fazed at all.  



Ratzingergate. Part III: The Consequences.



I have published parts one and two already.

Now, I would like to spend three words about what we learn from this embarrassing episode. I for myself have drawn the following conclusions:

  • Ratzinger has become a mini-me Bergoglio. On the issues he has touched the crap was largely the same.  Only the syntax was different. Ratzinger can actually think, and talk. But he has lost face, big time.
  • Ratzinger does so because he is, in his deepest soul, a supporting rider, a follower, an order taker. He will bat with the Vatican side. That’s it.
  • Ratzinger has become so embarrassing that even the “Frankie ain’t Pope, Benny is” fraction will now be in severe shock. And I don’t think most of them considered him a saint, either. And I still don’t know what their plan is for when Benedict dies, btw.
  • Ratzinger was an astonishingly superficial man in his way of seeing the Pontificate. It is now more clear why he got rid of it. A Pope who thinks that being able to fly to Brazil belongs to being Pope should be invited to resign anyway.  

A tragic figure. A man who could have done so much, and has ended up doing worse and worse. A man, as it appears clear now, able to equate the Papacy with the ability of clowning around. 

What a sad, tragic figure. 




Ratzingergate. Part II: More Downfall, And Some Background



The first part of this embarrassed analysis is here. 

The horror shows continues: 

The moment he was elected I felt, as many others did, a spontaneous sense of gratitude towards Providence. After two Pontiffs from Central Europe, the Lord set his eyes as it were on the universal Church and invited us towards a broader, more Catholic communion.

The “spontaneous sense of gratitude” wasn’t shared by many. The man does not say a word indicating he knew Bergoglio before. It appears to him he was a perfect nobody, known mainly for coming from Argentina. But in the age of Francis a Pope Emeritus is probably expected to say how delighted he is that a flaming heretic was made Pope.

Note, here, that at this point Benedict starts a long encomium of Francis as a nice guy, and does not spend a word about his Pontificate. Methinks, our Ratzi doesn’t think Bergo a great blessing after all. But hey, he will tow the line anyway. That’s what yes-men are for.


Let me now come to the unavoidable reaction of the pro-Ratzingerian conservatives to this, well, downfall.

Unable to see reality for what it is, they will claim one or more of the following:

  • The Pontiff Emeritus has not pronounced the words.
  • The Pontiff Emeritus never gave the interview 
  • The Pontiff Emeritus knows nothing about the book. 
  • The Pontiff Emeritus has been told not to buy “La Repubblica”, because it’s a bad, bad newspaper beloved by his successor.
  • The Pontiff Emeritus was in the bathroom when the words were added to the minutes.
  • The Pontiff Emeritus has been threatened with, oh I don’t know, being left without the piano if he says those were not his words.
  • The Pontiff Emeritus is tied in the basement of Castel Gandolfo 
  • The Pontiff Emeritus has died years ago. A Duracell-battery-powered mechanical bunny has taken his place since.
  • The Pontiff Emeritus is playing a very refined game: around 2026 he will come out and say it was all a joke, and everyone will recognise his genius and great political and spiritual game.

You see, there is a problem with all this: the man has not denied the words. Therefore, he owns them. That’s it [and no, you don’t think he is tied in the basement of Castel Gandolfo, either]. 

We must treat responsible adults like responsible adults. Ratzinger can dictate interview-books. Therefore, he can answer for what is in them. That he really pronounced those literal words is very hard to believe. That he is OK with having them attributed to himself is obvious. As they say, scripta manent.

The man has nowhere to hide. He is clearly practising mini-me Francis. Can’t imagine it’s because of personal vanity. I think it’s for love of being aligned with the Obrigkeit, and because of the fear of being seen as the difficult one, the party pooper, the “rebel”, the one that does not play for the team. Jesus’ team is irrelevant, of course. What count is to be on the side of the (earthly) authority.   

Depressing, I know.

But so freakin’ German. 





Twitter News



As of today, I have two twitter accounts (assuming such a thing is allowed in the first place. However, I was not stopped from doing it): @mundabor (the old one, I can’t retrieve the password anymore) and @RealMundabor (the new one, for which I still remember the password because I have set it up just now).

The old account will remain in place, and it will continue to (again, as long as I am allowed to)  automatically post all my blog posts. However, there is no chance (unless I should remember the password by some miracle) that I will ever post a tweet on the old account again, whilst I might do it on the new one.

I suggest everyone who is interested to follow my new account, @RealMundabor together with, or instead of, the old one. The way I understand these things, WordPress should now publish every post of mine on both accounts. However, the new account will allow me to follow new people (e.g. The Donald) and add new news outlets (e.g. the excellent @GuidoFawkes). I might post some tweets now and then, but I must say after trying I am not a great fan of the format, which encourages short-term emotional bickering and wastes time I can better employ writing for the blog. 

Let’s hope it works. 

Apologies for the short disruption. Catholic service will be resumed shortly.


Ratzingergate. Part I: The Downfall

downfall 1

The downfall is coming. 

The Pontiff Emeritus is about to release another book, and Repubblica (yes, that one) has some tasty bits of it, meant to awaken the reader’s appetite and to open their wallet.

However, these is not the usual pre-publication snippets. These declaration equate to a complete loss of face for the – we can now safely say – tragic and pathetic figure of the Emeritus.

Let us see the downfall in detail. Emphases are mine, and not made without pain. 

“There were numerous commitments which I felt I was no longer able to carry through,” Ratzinger explained. “Notably, the World Youth Day which had been scheduled to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the summer of 2013. I was very certain of two things. After the experience of the trip to Mexico and Cuba, I no longer felt able to embark on another very demanding visit. Furthermore, according to the format of these gatherings, which had been established by John Paul II, the Pope’s physical presence there was paramount. A television link or any other such technological solution was out of the question. This was another reason why I saw it as my duty to resign.” 

  What an embarrassing statement to read. 

I had always thought that Pope Benedict had decided to resign because he felt unable to gather the strength necessary to fight the long and brutal fight that announced itself after the famous report about sodomy within the Vatican. I can still understand he might have decided to be too weak for the job tout court (remember he was very frail at the time). But to read from a Pope that he decided to resign because he felt he was now unable to be the main attraction, the chief clown of a worldwide travelling circus is truly beyond the pale. Even more stupid, if possible, is the linked assertion that, since JP II had started the circus, Ratzinger felt it could not be stopped, and he the Pope. What a total lack of leadership. What a total lack of… manliness. 

Embarrassing. I am ashamed for him. I am literally red in the face thinking of the way he has put shame on himself. 

It goes to show: you scratch the V II Pope and what comes out can only be pus. 

Alas, it goes on. Let us see what a Pope Emeritus has to say about an extremely cruel Communist bastard, a prime candidate for Hell and decades long friend of all the wrong causes: 

I need scarcely remind you of how impressed I was in Cuba to see the way in which Raul Castro wishes to lead his country onto a new path, without breaking with the immediate past.

 Seriously, what is this? A Pope (emeritus) lauding one of the Castro brothers for trying to keep Communism alive for as long as he can? Is this man on drugs? Drunken? Gaga? He can give interviews that become books, so one must infer he is decidedly “there” with his head.

I think the reality is far simpler: Ratzinger is, and always was, a gregarious type; an order-taker; one always ready to fall in line.

This interview will certainly mark the lowest point of Ratzinger’s public career. It is a complete denouement of a little yes-man. It is the embarrassing spectacle of a former Pope now towing the Francis line in a way inconceivable only a few years ago.

I never thought Benedict a hero of orthodoxy. I always thought Benedict was always V II, and Francis is V II on steroids. But this interview here is tantamount to Benedict taking the first dose of steroids himself, and saying to the world how much he likes it.

Let me say it again: a supporting rider, not a leader; an order-taker, not an order-giver.

What a tragic figure.


Fifty Shades Of Evil


“You confessors, you lack understanding for adulterers!”


The Evil Clown has thrown another bomb; and whilst I try not to write only about him, this time it can’t be avoided. 

The subversive content of his words spoken in Poland cannot be underestimated. This is man who, not happy with his priests giving sacrilegious communions to adulterers, wants them to betray Christ also in the confessional! 

The evil is breathtaking. 

The confessional is the place where the priest stages the last line of defence from Satan’s attacks. The poor serious sinner coming to the confessional is – one must suppose – at least fighting a battle and try to extricate himself from his serious sins (I remind you that these sins cannot be cohabitation, much less an adulterous one: the priest would not be allowed to listen to their confession, much less absolve them, until the scandal has ceased). You would think a Pope would want his priests to speak very clearly about the danger of hell, and use the short moments in the confessional to change lives.

No. Of course not. In Francis’ atheist, Christ-hating world such a behaviour only has one effect: the sinner “leaves the confessional disappointed”.

You disappointed the fornicator! How dare you? Don’t you know about the many shades of grey?

Boy: this one is a drunkard, an idiot, or a first-class enemy of Christ.


Sanctimonious Judases




With sadness (and some anger) I have discovered that even my blog is (was) infested with that pernicious (and perfidious) weed that destroys Christianity whilst it claims to protect it. 

The very idea of thinking of not voting Trump in November shows a total contempt for Christian civilisation in the West. It is a self-pleased complaining about the candidate not complying with one’s lofty standards, without giving a damn if after November everything will be under attack, starting from the First and Second Amendment.

The Christian Weed is so pleased with itself, that it revels in its rejection of Trump and even in the contemplation of worse times to come. Hey, who cares if Hillary becomes President . Deus vult! But look at me, I am so good that I will never stop complaining as I help Christianity to crumble!

This is the very definition of “sanctimonious”. 

No, you idiot.

God does not want.

You do.

You are the one who makes it happen, not God. You are the one who delivers the Country in the hands of the enemies of Christ, not God. You are the one who cowardly refuses to – which is necessary at times – hold his nose if needs be and give the only possible vote, because it would not make it possible for you to feel so holy by proclaiming your moral superiority to Trump.

Weed like this is as much our enemy as our open opponents. And I despise these people even more than the open leftists, because they really should know better. They betray Christ out of their own love of self, their presumption, their supposed moral superiority that is cowardice and betrayal.

Shame on you, Priscilla and Phlogiston. Your children and spouse (if any) should be ashamed of you. You are everything that is wrong with your Country. I have banned you and will pay much attention that you don’t come back with other names and email addresses, because the likes of you haven’t deserved I do not say to comment here, but to scrounge on my time by reading what I write.

I will do this from now on with every comment. This blog will not be sullied by the excrements of these sanctimonious Judases. Every comment even vaguely or indirectly indicating that his author does not support Trump will lead to its author being made persona non grata.

If you don’t side with Trump you side with the devil, and I am the one to tell you.  

You should be ashamed of yourselves, Priscilla and Phlogiston. You have been scrounging on the resources of this blog for too long. You are invited to go away and never again come here. You are enemies of Christ, traitors, fifth columns of the enemy.  

Sanctimonious Judases. 




The Hitchens Reblog

The Hitchens Reblog 

Earthquake: What Nobody Says



The sad news about the earthquake in and around Amatrice leaves me with the same feelings I have every time I hear news of this sort. 

It seems to me that we do not go at the root of the issue. It seems to me that the well justified desire to pray and to mourn stops short of the most important considerations. It seems to me that everything is very superficial, emotional, filled with feel-goodism.

The secular press is all over it. Death sells.  

Certainly, we pray for the dead. But we pray for the dead not because it’s the right thing to do to feel good with ourselves on social network sites. This is something the atheists do. We pray for the dead not because they have been deprived, by some Cosmic Injustice, of some Slice Of Cosmic Cake Due To Them. We pray for the dead exactly because they have gone to their judgment. We pray for the dead because we know that their souls live. 

We know that no one really dies. The most important part of him, his soul, will live forever. Therefore, we do not think of their dead in term of loss, though it is certainly such for those they have left behind. We think of the dead in terms of their trial, examination, supreme test. They were tested without warning. Were they found wanting? Would I be found wanting? 

Sadly, in days like this one it is very seldom to read such thoughts. From the Pope down, almost everyone drowns in the usual, facile ocean of emotionalism. Francis leads a rosary for people of whom he obviously has no fear that anyone might have been at risk of hell, no matter whether they were, say, living in adultery and unworthily, sacrilegiously receiving communion. It’s completely illogical, it just does not make sense. It’s emotionalism without logic. It’s “je suis Amatrice” (or rather Io sono Amatrice)  tosh. It’s all the self-pleasing, feel-good platitudes without any of the real religion.

Earthquakes aren’t there to let us compete to see who writes the most sugary platitude on his facebook wall. Sure, they certainly motivate us to pray for the soul of the dead. But they are also there to remind us that this is a vale of tears, bearing in it all the time the tragic reality of the Fall; and to warn us that even in this very clean, safe, aseptic world of ours, death can knock at anyone’s door at one moment’s notice.

Literally, like a thief in the night. This is how the day of the Lord came for all the poor victims. We, who have not died, should not only pray for the dead, but wonder what would have become of us, if dead had knocked at our door in the very same hour.

Pray for the poor dead. Pray that they may have been prepared when their hour came so unexpectedly. Pray that they may have their purgatory shortened a bit through their prayer, as you hope other people’s prayers will shorten yours. Pray that, through providential help and by fully unmerited grace, God may have disposed that they were prepared when the hour came. But please also reflect on this: that earthquakes and natural catastrophes are there to remind us of the imperfect world following the Fall, and that every story of sudden death is there to make us shudder at the consequences of not being prepared. 

The Master came back home unexpected. Were the servants prepared? Would I be prepared? Would you, and those you love? 

These are the thoughts that should also – besides praying – occupy us on days like this.

I must say, I struggle to find much of that.

So there, you have it in the blog of the things that few people say. 




The Religion Of Social Justice Is Not Catholicism



I have read with some satisfaction that the National Catholic Register has fired two of his worst bloggers/journalists. This is not officially confirmed, but factually sure. 

Well done. 

What I dislike in the particular brand of writing of the two (particularly one) is the all-pervasive bending of their (particularly his) own particular brand of leftism until the simple believe that it resembles Catholicism. 

Mind, I am not angry at the emotional tone. I am an emotional one myself, though I do not react directly to those who insult and mock me on the blogosphere.

What makes me angry is the utter perversion of Catholicism, in a relentless Jihad against every form of social conservatism under the thinnest of varnish of a pretence of Catholicism. A Jihad made most clear by the insults thrown at conservative Catholicism – and at the very pro-life movement – as a whole.

This is the tone – and the thinking – of those who hate every form of social conservatism first, and try to hide behind the finger of a very stupid, deformed wannabe Catholicism second.  Social justice, anti-Conservative Jihad that can’t even see the yearly holocaust of unborn children because hey, all is preferable to Trump becoming President. 

The other one – another leftist, for what I can see, and a very vulgar one at that; but I read her even less than the first one – is probably more the victim of her interactive intemperance (and vulgarity) than of a relentless will to wage Jihad on those who fear the Lord and happen not to be SJWs. But when you start cleaning the home, it’s better to do it well. 

The Jihad will continue, and it will continue with the same tones. Even after the famous public apologies for the vitriolic style the vitriol kept flowing, so this gives you a good indication of the future. 

The best thing to do is, as before, to ignore these people. No links to them, no mention of them on your blog (brings traffic, and makes their name go higher in internet researches), no traffic sent their way in any way whatsoever. 

The religion of Social Justice is not Catholicism, even when it camouflages that way. 



Dereliction Of Duty

The Archbishop of Philadelphia is the one on the left.


I have just read a good answer to Archbishop Chaput’s half-hearted blog post about how oh so pretty much the same Hillary and The Donald are. If you follow the link, you will find there the link to the original interview.

In the interview, Chaput showed everything that is wrong with modern, wannabe orthodox, pale V II pretended Conservatism. He throws a sprinkling of pro-life mentality, but he is unable to follow his thinking where it is about what a man (or woman) is born to do in times like these: to make a damn choice.

No, someone who thinks that Trump is “clearly not better than Hillary” is clearly one who either has no idea of what Catholicism is, or knows it all too well but doesn’t want you to realise it for yourself, or would like for you to know but is too afraid of the consequences for himself if he does. I leave it to you which is which.

Mind, in pure clerical style Chaput does throw some snippets indicating to his readership, in a rather oblique way, how they are supposed to vote ( “The right to life undergirds all other rights”). However, this is said en passant, and only after the man has proceeded to undermine his own argument with words he very well know will make the headlines.

This is so V II, so half-assed, so dangerously ambiguous that the man cannot hide behind a finger and claim before God to have done his right by way of mere indirect suggestions. Bishops are there to speak, not to suggest.

The problem with Chaput is that before being a Bishop, he is a careerist. When Benedict was Pope he loved to be considered at the forefront of the (moderate, for us) conservative Catholicism. But now that Francis is in power, the man avoids everything that would make him lean too much out of the window, and is content with a snippet here, a half-suggestion there, and towing the Vatican line on pretty much everything. He has, by the way, done the same with Amoris Laetitia, selling the absurd and, frankly, clearly stupid tale of the orthodox heretical text; just like Burke, but without the snipe at orthodox Catholics.

I wouldn’t call Chaput’s blog entry a betrayal. But it is certainly a dereliction of duty, and I wouldn’t want to be a bishop and go to my judgment with this kind of pussyfooting and meowing on my conscience.

If we want to change things in the West, we need for our archbishops to stop pussyfooting around and grow a pair.

I doubt we will begin with this one.




Immense Stupidity



The Islamic massacre of the week is in Turkey; and it has targeted, without exception, Muslims. 

Obviously, we know that it targeted these particular Muslims because they were Kurds. However, the simple fact remains killing Muslim is the favourite sport of Islamists; in part because they are more readily available, in part because of a tradition that started when the corpse of the Child Rapist was, metaphorically speaking, not even entirely cold.

A religion almost started with massacres and divisions of the most brutal sort seems to want to keep the massacre ongoing. One cannot avoid to think that if they managed to conquer Europe, they would then start to ceaselessly massacre each other: Shia against Sunni, and both against the Ismaili. Then the endless tribal wars, the corruption, the avidity, the sheer cruelty. Boy, they could end up extinguishing themselves without any help from the Christians! If the rumor is confirmed that the (physical) perpetrator of this attack was a boy in his early teens, it seems they start pretty early, too.  

It has been noted elsewhere (I wish I could remember where) that besides notable exceptions like boxing champions who don’t want to be drafted and famous singers annoyed with pretty much everything, Islam isn’t notable for any success in (pacific, of course) mass proselytism. Breeding seems to be the main motor of expansion, and radicalisation of tepid members of their religion an important propeller of the Jihad in Europe. Islam is made to conquer people with violence, not persuade them with the supposed holiness of their religion. Violent goat rapists following a child rapist aren’t really the best business card for the non-Muslim world. 

This makes even more apparent the immense stupidity, shared by the Evil Clown as well as the Culona inchiavabile*, of letting these people among us by the millions. 


*This is Angela Merkel for you. And you can trust Berlusconi on this. 


Proof Environmentalists Are Stupid


This is not a joke


Meet the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.

 This appears to be a group of uncoordinated, or rather disorganised extremists (but you can recognise some of this in every enviro-bitch you have met, I am sure) advocating no less than the destruction of the human race in order to avoid suffering to humans and – which seems to be more important – our oh so beautiful planet. 

I had to read for a long time into this before convincing myself that this is not a long, sophisticated joke. There are really people who think humans must extinct themselves in order to be friends of the planet and, in some way, humanitarian.  In these people’s Hall of Fame Hitler, Lenin and Stalin can’t be very far away from the top.

The site contains snippets of involuntary humour like:

When every human chooses to stop breeding, Earth’s biosphere will be allowed to return to its former glory

Great progress will be made toward improving the quality of life on Earth by countering greed with responsibility, ignorance with education, and oppression with freedom

Making babies seems to be a blind spot in our outlooks on life.

We call The Movement VHEMT, but it’s undoubtedly been given other names throughout history. None have been recorded, as far as we know.

We know we’ll never see the day there are no human beings on the planet 

and the winner of the biscuit:

we should voluntarily phase ourselves out for the good of humanity

The madness of all this beggars belief. It is not only that only the gloomiest atheist can even conceive a “solution” like this one. It is the idea of the destruction of the human race being “humanitarian” that makes one laugh out loud.

Alas, whilst I do believe that your average environ-mentalist is stupid, what is behind this thinking is very probably simple egoism.

Nowadays that everyone has an ersatz-religion in his pocket, not reproducing out of simple desire to have a bigger car, bigger house, better holidays and no fuss isn’t really uncommon. But you see, it sounds just as selfish as it is. 

Therefore, it is necessary to flip this selfishness into something noble, to throw around in parties and offices. I am sure the “members” of this “movement” think it works. Alas, there is a problem with that. 

They will be considered mad. 

And selfish anyway. 



Church In Germany In Full Denial Mode



The numbers are shocking: the Church in Germany has gone from 500 ordination a year in 1965 to merely 58 in 2015

It’s an epochal collapse, a declaration of bankruptcy. The Church in Germany is on the precipice of a decimation of Presbyterian proportions. It is truly consigning itself to extinction and irrelevance, thanks to no other enemies but her own clergy.

Unsurprisingly, the only ones who seem not to see the scale of the tragedy are the German prelates, who continue to pander to the secularised masses offering more of the world the masses already know (and don’t really like). It is like having an alcoholic in the family, who is the only one failing to recognise he has a big problem.

This is the product of an explosive mixture of huge financial resources and almost complete loss of faith. Not believing in hell or heaven, and provided with a comfortable existence he does not want to give away, the German priest has transformed himself in a secular social worker. Worse than this, he has transformed himself into the agent of a “change” which he perceives as either a way to correct the ways of a clearly “unjust” God, or the only way to continue in his comfortable, largely adultery-paid existence. The first attitude is a clear sign of loss of faith, the second can only be called prostitution.

Like the social worker, the German catholic priests thinks that he is entitled to the money of the faithful exactly in the same way as the Government is entitled to the money to pay for the army. When he says Kirchensteuer, he means exactly that: a tax; a tax which you cannot refute to pay, lest he refuses to – as it is obvious at this point it is obvious – sell you his sacrament.      

Faithless, prostituted, and simoniacal. This is the best description of the clergy in Germany as we write the Year of False Mercy. 

Is it any surprise that they are disappearing so fast? 


Please Pray For John Vennari



Well, there is no good way to convey this. 

The terrible news is here. 

Vennari is (with Ferrara, Matt and Verrecchio), one of my Four Musketeers. One had a selfish hope he would stay with us for many years more.

It was a selfish hope. It appears the Lord has sent the message, that He wants Vennari with him at some point in the, alas, not too distant future.

Sad as the news is, one tries to see it from a broader perspective. A life of such beauty that goes now slowly towards its end should fill our hearts with consolation, not sadness. We will all be called one day, and I wish so ardently I could, if it came for me today, take the call with the serenity Mr Vennari shows in his post, and with the same quiet assurance of a life well spent.

God calls the good and faithful servants to him, that he may have them near. We, wretched sinners, will have to fight for who knows how long still, and I doubt we will go to our judgment with the same confident serenity of this good man.

John Vennari requests our prayers. Let us do for him a tiny fraction of the good he has done to all of us. 

And let us pray that, one day, we may go to our Lord with the same strong faith he has graced us with, with the same serenity he shows in this hour, and with the same chances of salvation with which he will present himself to His Judge.

Please pray for John Vennari.



The Boris Bus And Us: Two Words About Salvation

Boris Bus

Fear not the Boris Bus…


And it came to pass yours truly had to decide whether to dedicate the evening to blogging about the usual inane bishop (Chaput) giving the usual inane interview (“I know you should vote Trump, but I haven’t the gut to even suggest it”), or get away from all this squalor and spend an evening browsing my beloved Garrigou-Lagrange. Guess who won. 

I re-read a passage in “Providence” that I thought I would share with you. Garrigou-Lagrange is expanding on the theme of “seek ye therefore first the Kingdom of God and His justice: all these things shall be added unto you”. He writes: 

 Those who make it their principal aim to pursue their final destiny (God the sovereign good who should be loved above all things), will be given whatever is necessary to attain their end, not only what is necessary for the life of their body, but also the graces to obtain life eternal.  

(Chapter XVII, pag. 193)

 If you one of those who have a lingering fear that they might slip in mortal sin, and “happen” (in a way) to die in that state, deserving to to go to hell because you have died in mortal sin, these words should be very consoling to you.

Yes, it is true that if we die in mortal sin we will go to hell. But the healthier (and traditionally Catholic) thinking is that a life spent sincerely aspiring to the final destiny is a good indication that God, in His mercy, will providentially care that – wretched sinners as we are – we will not die in mortal sin.

Now, this does not mean that one can now “relax” and look upon sin with a less alarmed attitude, because he thinks that he carries in himself the antidote to whatever poison he might willingly ingest. In fact, such an attitude would, in case, cause every sound thinking person to openly question whether the pursuit of the final destiny is really the principal aim of such a man. If I fear I am in mortal sin, I run to confession and recite an act of (perfect) contrition on the way there; I do not lull myself into the feeling that God has chosen me because I am oh so good, and will take care that I do not die in mortal sin.   

However, the quote above certainly means this: that the fear lingering every now and then in the mind of many a Catholic (“what happens if I am in mortal sin and the Boris Bus suddenly puts an end to my existence”) and often used by those who don’t like Catholicism and probably every other religion (“you have a religion in which the circumstances of one instant determine your alleged eternal destiny”) is a moot point.

God in His Goodness has ordained from all eternity that, at the moment of my impact with the Boris Bus, the state of my soul will be the one that he, in His Goodness, has ordained from all eternity that it should be, rewarding – or punishing – not the behaviour of an instant, but the state of his soul as the result not of a moment, but as the terminal point of one entire existence. I do not, therefore, have to fear that I might die in the, so to speak, casually wrong moment, or in the wrong state of my soul.

If salvation is my constant care, and I sincerely desire to live in a way that merits me heaven one day, I can have a solid hope that a merciful Lord will (from my perspective at least) arrange things so, that the Boris Bus does not knock me out of this world in a state of mortal sin.

Fear not the Boris Bus.

Fear the culture of abortion, euthanasia and sodomy instead.

They can knock your soul to hell more slowly, but more safely than every Boris Bus. 



Godspeed, Mr Bolt!

Just when countless millions are watching...

Just when countless millions are watching…


I know, I know… “Godspeed is nothing to do with “speed” (it is, in fact, middle age English for “may God let you prosper”), but I couldn’t resist the word game… 

The fact is, before the 100 meter race Usain Bolt showed the Miraculous Medal – and his apparently solid Catholic faith – to, I don’t know, one billion people?  This, by the way, on the eve of the Feast of the Assumption. Nice. 

I am not a great fan of Bolt, not only because I do not follow athletics but because I do not like the kind of histrionics and, at times, utter lack of modesty he shows. But hey, everyone is made his own way, and there is much worse than imitating bolts in pathetic, childish gestures or bragging around more than it is appropriate. 

In a time of retreating Christianity and withering Catholicism, it is good to see that someone taken as an example by countless young people is open about his faith and not ashamed of our beautiful, traditional Catholic symbolism; and as we all know, many will be those who have such an admiration for the man that they will, immediately on in tim,e be led to serious reflections by their knowledge that the man is a solid Catholic. 

Godspeed, Mr Bolt.

On Sunday evening, you may well have converted someone, and perhaps more than someone.




Ora Pro Nobis, Sancta Dei Genitrix!

El Greco


As Catholics, it is a great consolation to know that we have a second mother in heaven, to whom we can entrust our tears. The sweetness of this is something I don’t think any Protestant can ever have.

We have a mother in heaven. We can – and should – run to her like little children, and confidently trust in her love for us and her intercession for our prayers.

But we should also ask our sweet mother in heaven that she helps us not only individually, but collectively; crushing heresy – now so widespread even within the Church – and helping us push back and defeat the horde of infidels now slowly but surely attacking our religion, our very civilisation with the active help not only of too many politicians and professional bleeding hearts, but of the very man who should be at the head of our army.

In times in which Popes talks like atheists, cardinals like muezzins and bishops like politicians, it is the greatest relief to know that our religion is based on immutable, rock-solid beliefs; and that even if our clergy has abandoned us, our sweet mother in heaven is on our side not only in our daily tribulations, but in our fights against the enemies of truth and the enemies of Christ.

I suggest once again that my reader take the habit to recite the rosary every day. And I suggest that they make the small effort of learning by heart the Hail, Holy Queen (everywhere on the Internet) and recite it every now and then during the day; perhaps when our fears and sorrow try to take our serenity away from us; and perhaps, also, whenever we hear news about the now ongoing attempt to completely destroy our once so Christian West.  

Ora pro nobis, sancta Dei Genitrix!



SSPX: Reconciliation Is Nothing Without Control.

The news that a Personal Prelature in Opus Dei style would have been offered, and the Vatican's demand that the V II documents be considered intrinsically “dogmatic”, or in any way binding, to all Catholics in all their aspects now set aside, clearly show that the controversy – at least the official one – is not about doctrine anymore.

Here is a big Vatican spider, inviting the fly to take place in the inclusive, very merciful net prepared for it, and perhaps expecting the fly to make itself at home in the net in the name of, I don't know, “unity” or “reconciliation”, or however you want to call the fly's assured destruction.

Not going to happen, says the SSPX. We are going to talk to the spider, and all; we are going to even hover near the spider if the spider has this desire. But we are not going to fly in any net, thank you very much.

This is, put in rather blunt terms, the reason why the SSPX is now apparently working on the “clarification” of some points. Points which – you can bet your last shirt on it – pivot around who controls the order and its assets, and in which way.

As they (almost) say, reconciliation is nothing without control. No amount of pretended “autonomy” is worth anything, if this autonomy can be taken away at a moment's notice. No “guarantees” are worth anything, if the Pope retains the factual ability to renege on them. No terms of reconciliation can be accepted, which leave the SSPX in any way, shape or form unable to protect itself from, well, the spider.

The SSPX must keep control of its own hierarchy and of its own assets. It must keep self-regulation independently from a Pope's ukase. Most importantly, it must keep control of its assets in a way unassailable by the Vatican hierarchy.

If these conditions are met, of course the SSPX will obey the Pope. They already do, actually. They are already subject to the Pope in everything that does not undermine Catholicism or their own proper function. Therefore, if the SSPX would become “institutionally” subject to the Pope without losing control of their assets and chain of command, it would be impossible for Francis or any of his successors to subvert the organisation by, say, deposing their leaders, changing their statutes, and taking control of their assets.

Most people forget that the SSPX was, in fact, recognised and in perfect standing for several years, and became “rebellious” only when they were ordered to close their (at that time, only) seminary and – having control of their assets – plainly refused. This episode is far more enlightening than the more famous episode of “disobedience” with the appointment of the bishops, because it shows that if you have control over your chain of command and assets you have nothing to fear from the spider: you can walk away, intact, anytime.

This has happened once, and can happen again. Let the SSPX be formally subject to the Pope, and let them have the factual and legal ability to disobey if the Pope gives wrong orders; for example rescinding their organisational autonomy, ordering them to hand assets to the Vatican, deposing their leaders and so on.

Vatican saves face. SSPX saves autonomy and safety from the spider's net. Everyone is happy.

Or at least, they should be.



Trump Vs Crooked: Where We Stand


barking hillary

Shouldn’t be so terribly difficult…

Some short reflections on where (I think) we stand. 

Trump is constitutionally unable to avoid gaffes, politically incorrect statements, and fights he might have avoided. He is also, at times, petty in a way that does not do him any favour. 

Whenever Trump makes some mistake, the Mass media attack him like sharks sensing the blood. Unfit. Unstable. Panic among Republicans. The Ship is sinking. Oh why haven’t you heeded us…

The usual spate of biased polls, promoted and paid by notorious liberal magazines and newspapers, follow. They tell us Trump is toast. 

Amazingly, people take these fake polls seriously. They have already forgotten that these are the same pollster who have consistently underestimated Trump’s appeal. Embarrassingly so. But no, they keep trying to manipulate public opinon.

Of course, Trump cannot go on this way. Whilst his mistakes are certainly far less damaging than the polls would want you to believe, someone must  more or less symbolically slap the man in the face (Lewandowski is sadly away)  and tell him he must start behaving like a statesman. Unless he does, he will be probably defeated in the end, because there is a limit to what tepid voters can accept as colourful.

 Consolingly, Trump seems to realise this. He did endorse Ryan in the end, and one can hope whatever mistakes he makes in future will be mistakes caused by passion, not pettiness. I think he has understood by now that he needs a more finely tuned message to appeal to millions of tepid, undecided voters. He does not need to become a puppet, or the usual PC idiot. But he does need to be perceived as statesmanlike rather than capricious.

I do not believe the polls, which I think are all biased by the very mindset of those who make them; which is why they were so tragically wrong up to now. However, I do not doubt that Trump has put himself on a very dangerous path, and that he is doomed to fail unless he understands that he must now start to behave like a President.

I do not even mind so much the controversies with the Muslim parents of the dead soldier. What truly scared me was the initial refusal to endorse Ryan, the petty revenge against the man, using almost the same words Ryan had used. Heavens.

It would have been so easy to just be the better man, and let the entire Country see it. It would have been such a stark contrast to Ryan’s behaviour, and such a powerful business card. Behold Donald Trump, future President, strong in the fight and gracious in victory! Instead of this, we got a kindergarten squabble followed by a belated, forcibly weak endorsement. What a waste. One almost got the impression the man is in this merely for the fun.  

If you ask me, Trump can still win, and he can still win big. His opponent is as weak as can be wished, and she was almost knocked out by… a Socialist. He does not need to be Reagan to win. But as he manages to mobilise the disaffected white males damaged by Chinese imports and illegal immigrants (I think he will do it easily) and the Christian conservatives (I think he will make a good job of it, and Pence will help a lot), he must pay attention that he does not lose the millions of undecided who loathe Hillary, and must only be shown a measure of statesmanship to assuage the fears instilled in them by the media. Of this, I am less sure.     

Trump was born rich, and through his intelligence and ability became much richer. His showmanship also made him very proficient in dealing with the masses. He is not very accustomed to eat humble pie and to realise what he must really change. He must understand that at this point, showmanship isn’t enough anymore. 

The man is obviously far more intelligent than the stupid media want you to believe, so I am still hopeful.

 Let us pray God that the man does not disappoint.

He is the only candidate we have. 






The Barking Candidate

You should take this with a pinch of salt. However, it reminded me immediately of the same female barking in front of the camera some time ago. Hat tip to The American Catholic. 

I am not a doctor, but this makes for interesting viewing.

Particularly for those who question Trump’s fitness to be president because he is a blunt chap.

Can’t wait for the TV debates.  

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