Reading Francis Through Satan: God Prefers Us Weak And Sinful


God prefers you weak and sinful! 


I kid you not. 

This is what the Evil Clown declared in Poland, and I think an exorcism for this old fool is now fully in order. 

What kind of evil man is the one who suggests to a multitude of young people gathered in front of him that God prefers for them to be weak and sinful!? How can anyone imagine a worst, more disgusting way of encouraging the youth to sin than by telling them that God prefers them weak and sinful? If an old neighbour of yours were to say the same to your daughter, would you not consider him an old, lewd bastard? 

This old, lewd man has such amounts of dirt in himself, that he is unable to even remember what purity is; and clearly, he has forgotten his own religion for so long – provided he ever bothered to learn it – that he can’t avoid twisting it to make it conform to his dirty, dirty mind. 

I thought we were called to be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect. Francis clearly thinks God must consider these “perfect” people very boring and somewhat unpleasant. 

But then again this is the man who mocked the Mass as an altar boy. And as I wrote on that occasion, I would like to repeat today: 

Do you understand, now, why this man puts beach balls and football shirts on the altar of Santa Maria Maggiore? Do you get why he forcibly separated the hands of the poor, devoted altar boy? Do you  realise why the man never genuflects in front of the Blessed sacrament, but says we should kneel in front of the poor? Do you understand why he thinks an atheist can save himself by following his atheist conscience, but the planet God made is too fragile to survive without the humble help of Francis himself? 

Pray that the Lord frees us soon from this evil clown. 




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  1. It just never stops with this evil little man.

  2. Believe it or not, some of the local media have picked up on these ambiguities and talk about the Polish Catholicism vs the Catholicism of Pope Francis, whatever that means… I’ll stick with my grandparents’ faith, thank you very much.

  3. I pray daily for either this man’s conversion or removal

  4. What a disgusting old man to tell impressionable Catholic youth, who look up to him as the highest spiritual advisor on earth, to sin! As if the little hormone factories, also known as teenagers, need encouragement? It’s past time for Pope Evita to crawl back under his rock in Argentina.

    It seems the Evil Clown is just getting warmed up for his upcoming “I Love Luther” road show. He and his mentor share the same philosophy. Luther couldn’t stop sinning so rather than change his life with God’s grace and the sacraments, he changed the rules to fit himself. And the devil working through him was able to lead millions of souls astray by depriving them of the sacraments. I see this same concept in parts of Amoris Laetitia wherein allowances have to be made for man’s failure to attain the “ideal” due to “concrete situations”. Francis’ religion is man-centered, not God-centered. I pray to the Lord to put an end to our punishment and give us a Catholic pope again.

  5. If God prefers us weak and sinful then why give us the gift of the Holy Spirit i.e. fortitude? Doesn’t Scripture tell us what we are not given a spirit of fear but of “power, love and self control”? (2 Timothy 1:7) Why bother becoming holy and a saint if God prefers us sinful and weak?

    He doesn’t know the religion he is supposed to be promoting. Lord have mercy on him and all of us. God bless~

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