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Time To End World Youth Day

A circus-like spectacle that is nothing to do with Catholic devotion.

An occasion of sin – and possibly of very grave sin – for a multitude of hormone-laden teenagers.

A media event never ever used to promote sound Catholicism.

An attempt at mimicking wordly secular events that reinforces instead of stifling the stupidity of our time.

An occasion of scandal due to the inevitable rock bands faking some sorts of Catholicism, with the assorted accompaniment of friars and nuns behaving like drugged Teenagers.

An occasion of even greater scandal and sacrilege caused, and many times documented, by these mega-masses that are, once again, the contrary of sound Catholic devotion.

Last but not least, an occasion for the Evil Clown to jump on an aeroplane, and we all know what this means.

Pray for Pius XIII.

He will put an end to this madness all right.


Catholics and ISIS: Why Pope Francis Is Right


“The ISIS is among us, my dear…”


I must say, for once Pope Francis is right. It is time for us to make an examination of conscience and look at the violence within our ranks.  

Who among us was not shocked at seeing Catholic Fundamentalists burn poor, defenceless Muslims by the dozen? 

Where are we, when fundamentalist Catholics behead poor Muslims, and put videos of it on Youtube? 

Why there is no condemnation every time fundamentalists Catholics jump on a truck and kill 80 innocent people, or attack people on a train with a machete shouting “Christ is great”, or blow themselves up in the air at a music festival?

Why there is never a march made by Catholics not against “all violence” (which is generic and too easy), but specifically against Catholic violence: the beheading, the burning, the mutilations, the beating to death with a metal Rosary, and all those horrible things Catholics do (as Pope Francis reminded us) and no one ever dares to criticise? 

Eh? Eh? No?

Now, you might say that Muslims kill people, too. I open my newspaper and read of the one or other Muslim who has, say, killed his wife, or girlfriend. But this is different.

These are people who commit a crime and happen to be Muslims; still, Islam is nothing to do with their crime. They were not motivated by their being Muslims. They did not commit their crime because they are Muslims, or to promote Islam! Islam is the religion of peace! 

 Instead, when Catholics keep beheading Muslims and shout “Christ is great”, they obviously do this just because they are Catholics! How can we not be appalled at all those beheadings, burning, throwing homos from roofs, mutilations, and all that stuff committed by Catholics, in the name of Christianity, every day?

Do the Hindus commit such acts? The Buddhists? The Shintoists? The Jews? The Muslims??


It’s only, and always, the Christians!

Pope Francis is right. We must stop being such terrorists!

Perhaps we should all convert to Islam?

If we did, then we would live in peace….

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