Time To End World Youth Day

A circus-like spectacle that is nothing to do with Catholic devotion.

An occasion of sin – and possibly of very grave sin – for a multitude of hormone-laden teenagers.

A media event never ever used to promote sound Catholicism.

An attempt at mimicking wordly secular events that reinforces instead of stifling the stupidity of our time.

An occasion of scandal due to the inevitable rock bands faking some sorts of Catholicism, with the assorted accompaniment of friars and nuns behaving like drugged Teenagers.

An occasion of even greater scandal and sacrilege caused, and many times documented, by these mega-masses that are, once again, the contrary of sound Catholic devotion.

Last but not least, an occasion for the Evil Clown to jump on an aeroplane, and we all know what this means.

Pray for Pius XIII.

He will put an end to this madness all right.


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  1. I am praying with you for Pius XIII and an end to the madness.

  2. I just read Malcolm Muggeridge “Christ and the Media” . I Recommend.

  3. catholicstrongblog

    Have you heard about the ”sex ed” program introduced to our young Catholics at WYD?

    The Pontifical Council For the Family has decided that certain secular movies are super cool to educate our children. Educate them in filth that will SHOCK YOU, I guarantee it.
    Here is one of the movies recommended by Rome, with a run-down of the smut provided by the excellent Kids In Mind site. I warn you, it is SCANDALOUS AND PORNOGRAPHIC.


    And here is Rome’s official lessons in smut:

    Can we ever recover from the madness?


  4. I saw Gloria TV’s video this week of a ‘catholic’ ‘metal’ ‘concert’, and it was vulgarly pathetic. I lived through the 70s in the home of ‘rock festivals’ and this was a scandalous near-representation. Why in the world were the young women wearing bikini tops for a ‘catholic’ function??!!!? (That photo was from canon212.com) And then Francis tells them God prefers them to be a bit sinful.
    So, shall we expect a Sodom & Gomorrah moment? (I’m not hoping for one BTW…)

    And Priscilla’s comment about the ‘sex-ed’ program…. Our Church is being run by old perverts!!!

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