“Hide Or Run”. Say Hello To The Age Of The Lamb

Better than every motorcyclist policeman...

The Metropolitan Police (also familiarly known as “Scotland Yard”) today revealed a new, in time 600-strong “rapid deployment force” created to deal with what we all know (but the Met won't say) is the threat posed by Muslim terrorists.

Well-armed, trained for urban warfare, and motorcycle mounted, the 600 are supposed to be there very rapidly after a terror attack has been launched.

Alas, at that point you and many others will be dead already.

In line with the slightly surreal exercise of training 600 to protect 7 million, the police has suggested that, in case of attack, we should firstly “hide”; and, if it does not work, “run”.

What a continent of pussycats we have become.

This would be the time for the British Government to make new laws making it far easier for the sound population to get a permit to carry, obviously looking closely into the background of the applicant. This would be the time to say to the people of London that in the same way they reacted to the threat of the Blitz all together, they should now all together react to the new Muslim threat and protect each other. The new enemy does not come from the sky, but from the nearest train station, the underground carriage, the double decker bus. It is necessary that the defence is as diffused as the threat is. The best and most immediate defence is always the one put in place by the people who are there, not the largely psychological measure of a motorcycle policeman arriving after you have been executed.

Nor can one say that this is too dangerous, London having too many Muslims. I can't imagine a single Muslim terrorist stopped in his tracks by the fact of not having a gun permit; but I can imagine a huge number of decent citizen prevented from defending themselves for the same reason.

A Country whose police force suggests to grown men to hide and run (I am sorry, dear wife and child; you are clearly not fast enough; but I will remember you fondly…) instead of arming, training and preparing themselves is a Country that emasculates his own people, reducing them to sheep to whom it is told the biker-mounted shepherd dog should arrive fast enough to save, hopefully, some of them.

A man has not only the right, but the duty to protect himself and those he loves. A government that does not allow him to do is a government that conculcates a basic human right of his citizen.

But hey, we will soon have 600 needles in a 7 million haystack.

How reassuring.



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  1. Having lived in three southern states, I had many friends with conceal carry permits, and I never gave it a thought. I think the gun culture is more ingrained in Southerners than in other states, although every state has second amendment rights. Target shooting, skeet shooting, going to gun shows, (and even the ritual gun cleaning!) is a way of life there. It is definitely a deterrent to criminals if they don’t know who is armed. Criminals being criminals will always find ways to get guns. It’s the law abiding citizens who won’t get them if they are prohibited.

    You are right about the aftermath of a terrorist attack. All the police can do is pick up the scattered remains of the defenseless victims. I hope the UK’s laws will change to reflect the increased threat of terrorism. I read somewhere that Muslims are terrified of being killed by women (who they consider lower than dogs) because according to their religion, they would go to hell. YES!! Do not pass go. Do not collect 72 virgins. So there’s the solution. Arm all the women (after being trained, of course) and publicize the fact. I know, I know, not gonna happen.

  2. A joke I heard long ago…perhaps not appropriate given the context…but…here it is…

    In New York, a policeman yells “Stop, or I’ll shoot”; In London, the policeman shouts “Stop, or I’ll toot”

    At that time, London Police did not carry guns. Has that changed?

  3. I’m going to agree with you about the ridiculous notion that these few armed men are going to make a difference in the defense of the defenseless. A devout muslim has no concern for your laws. As long as they are not Mohammad’s laws, they are useless to them. As you have stated, what stops a criminal from violating the law?

    As a young woman from the northern States, I am going to put my two cents into the gun argument. I hail from Pennsylvania, the state described by head muslim Obama as the “bitter clinger state”. He chastises us for “clinging to our guns and our Bibles”. There is a reason we cling to our guns and our Bibles. I have a concealed carry permit, and I’m a good shot. The thing is, I’m a little woman. If someone attacks me, it’s going to take a while for police to come and save me. I don’t have 10-20 minutes. If I’m going to ensure my own safety, I need the great equalizer at my side.

    God bless you over there. The vermin seem to be crawling through the cracks. Your government has its collective eyes and ears covered. They may be able to sit around singing kumbaya for now, but Merkel’s nightmare is looming not so far off.

  4. catholicstrongblog

    Bleating and baa’ing are not in a traditional Catholic’s vocabulary!

    Islam isn’t a new enemy, they’ve just regrouped. And in this regrouping and raining of terror over the globe, they’ve embraced Western weapons, our vehicles, our cell phones, our cameras, our jeans, our Nikes, our Pepsi.
    So yeah. They hate us. Just not our stuff.

    Today, I visited my father at a U.S. military installation. (His state honors my carry permit, as many do.) I had to leave my weapon at his apartment because of the visit on post, and we ran some other errands along the way. I never felt so vulnerable and a little panicky, to be honest. My heart aches for my European brothers and sisters who must live like this all day, every day. Your governments are pathetic. Please tell them we said so.


  5. I wonder if these 600 in the rapid deployment force are armed? It would be a good sign if they were. Cops on the streets in London are not armed.

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