Reading Francis Through Satan: Extraordinary Deaconettes



“Let us ‘study’ the bloody obvious and confuse the faithful as much as we can!”


And it came to pass the Evil Clown appointed a “commission” to study the bloody obvious, and debate about heresy. 

Predictably, he included the open dissenter Phyllis Zagano. Equally as predictably, the usual stupid feminist “I want a prick, or at least to be a priest” organisation

“praised the commission’s “gender-balanced” and “lay-inclusive” appointments and mentioned Zagano by name”. 

Therefore, yours truly poses himself two questions: why the Evil Clown does this, and what will come out of it.

The first question has an easy answer: Francis does this in order to sow more confusion about the Priesthood, give some fodder to the feminist pigeons, and enhance his image as the Pope of dissenters, heretics, and perverts. He can’t change the priesthood more than he can change the rules of physics; but what damage he can do, he will. of course, the “commission” will end up stating the bloody obvious, but he will find the way to insert a foot note or two insinuating that maybe, just maybe, things aren’t so clear after all.

However, I think something more subversive than talk will come out of it.

Think of this: the V II church reacted to the Sixties and Seventies by parroting the Protestants with the new position of the “extraordinary minister for making oneself important”.  They are, by universal admission, not ordained. Yet, they parrot the priest as much as they can. A lot of small “c” catholics live with it perfectly well, feel like little priest as they stand there with the chalice like idiots, and do not see a problem at all. 

It stands to reason that this time the same will happen with the office of the Deacon: the Vatican will reaffirm that a Deacon is ordained, and can therefore only be male. However, it will waffle at length about “inclusion”, and end up with the institution of the equivalent of the “extraordinary minister” for the Diaconate. This office might be called the “extraordinary Deaconette”, for example, and be allowed to do as much of what the deacon does (which, I think, will be a lot. What does a lay deacon do? I think he visits the infirms, gives spiritual counsel to people, helps the priest in organising the work of the parish, things like that) and be called an “extraordinary Deaconette”, or some such like rubbish. The rabid feminists will condemn the “exclusion” but welcome the “step forward” (and demand a prick),  the Pollyannas will be all excited that (phew!) “doctrine hasn’t been changed”, and the secular press will praise the Pope who, though clearly uncomfortable with Catholicism, does all he can to demolish reform it. 

Outlandish, you say?

Ever read Amoris Laetitia?




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  1. Pope Francis is pushing this to give women the right to give homilies – the next step in their march to the priesthood. Currently there is the roadblock of Canon Law 767 which says that “the homily is reserved to a priest or deacon” as well as GIRM 66 which says, “The homily should ordinarily be given by the priest celebrant himself. He may entrust it to a celebrant priest or occasionally, according to circumstances, to the deacon, but never to a lay person.”

    Pope Francis knows this and – as he does with other issues – changes the underlying reality upon which doctrine is based to change the doctrine itself. A true revolutionary, PF sees liturgical abuses as a stage in the revolution that has passed its sell-by date. He is now on to the next stage of changing the meaning of the words that transmit the truths. So we will have deaconesses giving sermons – not occasionally but frequently, often, regularly – for what priest is going to stand up against their demands to give sermons on an on-going basis? At this point they’ll be only a half step to the priesthood, through their ordination as deacons. This must all seem very quaint to the”fluid gender” crowd but they’re stuck with the text and have to work around it. It will take time but with Satan’s help and a compliant priesthood they’ll succeed.

  2. Deacons may also witness marriages and are considered clerics. Thus, will we see deaconettes performing marriages as well as wearing clerical attire (including the white collar) and the deacon’s stole across the chest?

    • However, a marriage does not, strictly speaking, need the cooperation of any priest, as the readers of “I Promessi Sposi” know.

      I also feel uncomfortable with having written “lay deacon”, as the deacon is clearly a cleric; I meant by this a deacon that is not open route to becoming priest.

      Yep, I think the “extraordinary bitch” will want as much of the signs of the priesthood as she can get.

  3. This satanic pope promotes feminism which targets to replace priesthood. Another attack to Jesus’ teachings and purposely turn Christ’s Church into New Age Pagan Wiccan church. Pray that Jesus coming soon.

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