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“Not My Pope”: #PasMonPape Going Strong

Hhhmmm... This is not good, no?

The hashtag #PasMonPape is going so strong on Twitter, that even the Buggers Broadcasting Communism feel obliged to report about it.

Read behind the usual PC cut of the article, and stop one moment to reflect on the phenomenon: the mass rejection of Francis' madness from (largely) the same secularised people he is always so eager to please.

For too long, Francis has relied on the white cassock to get away with pretty much everything: the (tepid) Catholic troops would shut up because, in their dismal ignorance p, they thought the Holy Ghost must have seen something good in the man, and the non-Catholic troops enjoyed the work of subversion and were therefore ready to overlook the increasingly more outlandish things the man was saying.

This exercise will not pay for long; actually, it has probably already stopped paying. When a hashtag against you become the best trending one in a 60 million Country within hours, there is clearly something very wrong with the “Dalai Lama Project”.

Francis has now broken the barriers of leftist stupidity, and has clearly reached the stinking realm of pro-Islamic, fifth-columns treason. It could not go unnoticed. It has awoken the rage of those very secular minds ready to ditch Catholicism on every other occasion. He is so far out on the side of the enemy, that even our enemies see him as an enemy.

We live in an absurd time, a time of unprecedented confusion: a Pope causing mass protests for clearly being the fifth column of the March Of The Mohammedans is beyond what was considered thinkable only a few years ago. It is the very definition of an upside down world. It is the ominous messenger of even dire times to comes, if the Lord keeps punishing us with this tool.

Be prepared for pretty much everything, but never let your faith waiver.

There is glory to be gained in heaven for keeping your faith, and for protecting your religion, against a Pope doing his (stupid) best to destroy both.





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