Homo Suicide: Myth Of “Homophobia” Debunked

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Bad day for the Gaystapo


Pretty bad news (for the Gaystapo) from Sweden, where an extensive research has showed homo “couples” are three times more likely to have one committing suicide than normal couples.

Sweden is a country where it is not reasonable to assume that homos are the object of any kind of I do not say discrimination, but even the lightest reproach. Unless, that is, from the growing number of Arabs; but they are very welcome, so it does not count. 

The same article states the same is happening in the Netherlands, for many decades now at the very forefront of sexual perversion movement. Quoting from the article: 

Studies done of homosexuals in the Netherlands, which is the country most accepting of homosexual behavior in the world, have found that homosexuals suffer from significantly higher rates of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse disorders, suicide attempts, eating disorders, and panic attacks.

The conclusions are not difficult to draw. However, since the article quoted does not go as far as that, yours truly will allow himself to connect the dots for you at no charge. 

Homosexuality is a repulsive, destructive sexual perversion. The person who has fallen prey of this perversion (better: who has consented to falling prey of this perversion: no one is “born that way”, and a perversion can only fester in one person’s consciousness through his repeated, willed assent to it) is already a wreck. It is, therefore, not surprising that this very grave disorder will show itself together with all kind of other disorders: then the homosexual is not normal, he is gravely damaged at the very root of his consciousness. 

Or you can observe exactly the same phenomenon from the other side of the coin. Satan corrupts a soul through this soul’s attachment to a perversion. Once in, Satan will ravage this soul destroying as much as he can, eating this soul alive from inside, devastating it like a fox devastates the hen house. The ultimate aim of Satan is not, in itself, to make of this person an homosexual, but to gain his soul. Homosexuality is purely an extremely efficient way to achieve the objective. But for Satan, victory is not achieved until the soul has died in mortal sin. Hence, the ravaging must be continued in order to either speed the achievement of the desired outcome, or to make the path to hell safer and more assured. And this ravaging will be so much easier, because the soul is an awful mess already.

Depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, the daily madness of a homosexual’s world (extreme hate for self, the properly called “homophobia”; extreme hate for other perverts, to the point of killing dozen of them in one go; extreme hate for all the others, who “reject” him) follow. 

Whenever you meet a pervert (in the office, or the “friend of the friend”) know that he might not show it, but his life is hell. And this hell is there to make him wish the end of it, and speed him towards the real hell. Disgust of self, and hate of sacredness and purity, cannot but ravage one soul. 

There is always hope, of course. Even Elton John has a guardian angel trying his best even as I write this. But realistically, many of those who have sunk so deep will never recover, and will one day be in the company of Satan. Some will get there faster, and some slower; some after an obviously tormented life, some after an apparently successful life; but they will, bar repentance, all end there in the end.

In the matter of homo suicide, “Homophobia” (aka “Christianity”) is neither here nor there. Homos kill themselves not because Christians hate them (Christians are disgusted from them, but they pray for them and wish them salvation), but because Satan has ravaged their soul to the point of definitive victory. 







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  1. As one who suffers from the cross of same sex attraction your blog post could not have hit the nail more on the head.
    A raving faggot asked me why I no longer go to homo bars ect. I told him it was because I had decided to take my faith seriously and such behaviour goes against my faith. He accused me of being a homophobe and that he was considering reporting to our boss. They are total drama queens that are self absorbed and crave attention. Sure sign of spotting a fag? They never greet other men by shaking hands ect it’s always a “hay” or wave. Shaking hands is a masculine act and many homos find it threatening

    • Best wishes to you, and congratulation for taking your faith seriously. Prayer and fasting will do a lot. Desire for purity must chase away filth just as the light chases away the shadows.

      Your colleague shows the Gaystapo at work, threatening the livelihood of everyone who does not bow to their satanic depravity.

      Then they complain when they get the baseball bat.


  2. This is an excellent article which is direct hit at the deep core of this mental disorder illness. Man, you have a vast knowledge on this subject! Thanks a trillion for bravely exposing the truth of the most nastiest, sickest, intrinsic evil life style of the faggots and theologically clear explaining why those fags have self-destruction behaviors (Satan behinds).
    I have read that since God grants humankind the gift of co-creation, only humans have the power of create other humans and Satan don’t have that wonderful power so he become jealous and hateful to God beloved creatures. That’s the reason why he seduces and turns people to homosexuals and make them throwing the gift back to God’s face.
    I also remembered reading from New Oxford Review sometimes ago from someone wrote that Gay people are “vampires” and whoever get seduced will become a “Vampire”. One “Homophobia” kid on the beach has words on the back of his swim short, “Exit only!” Some priests also believe that they’re possessed. Are we all homophobia? Saint Michael, the Archangel protect us and our children from this evil.

  3. An intrinsically disordered person can not possibly lead a life of virtue and integrity. Cultivating disorder doesn’t bring about peace, harmony and discernment. In case of active homosexuals, many (if not most) proudly parade their disorder in the streets, showing no signs of inhibition of any sort, as though they were beasts, and they demand that we pay them homage. This intrinsically disordered state is announced as the core of their person, basis for identity. Should we refuse to comply with this anti-human idiocy and madness, we are treated as criminals.
    When an opportunity presents itself, I make a statement: Semen is to be used for procreation, it is irrational and disgusting to release it into rectum. (I am not sorry, if this basic truth offends someone. I am not making apologies to evil and stupid deviants – I don’t mean persons fighting unnatural proclivities, but I mean all people who defend the practice and elevation of deviance – for making it necessary to talk about their vulgar, irrational, evil ways. Stay out of churches, streets and schools with your propaganda!) When I do, I cause shock and disbelief. It can be said that a complete separation of physical intimacy and procreation in the minds of most has been accomplished, If I don’t stop speaking up, I might end up in jail for inciting hate. I am already shunned like a leper.

    • Oh, I do the same.

      I ask every one talking of their “gay friends” whether they ever depicted the willie of one man painfully penetrating the anus of another man, and go on until they say “stop, it’s disgusting!”.
      Then I say “oh, it’s disgusting? I think it was “gay”?”
      Makes people think.

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