Reaping What One Sows


A time for reaping.


France is having a number of summer festivals cancelled. The decision is taken by the relevant mayor, but Paris has made clear there should be no hesitation whenever there is a security concern/not enough police. Clearly, not many mayors will be willing to take responsibility. 

One notices here the different approach to England. In England, days after the bombs of the 7th July 2005 there was a mass gathering (it had to do with the Queen, if memory serves) that saw millions on the streets. The message was clear: “we shall not be intimidated”. Meanwhile, newspaper enjoyed the macabre, but necessary game of the statistical probability of being killed by a terrorist on the underground. As a foreigner, it gave me a very clear message about why some people build Empires, and other don’t. 

The French are sending a message that is just as clear: “we shall be intimidated”.  Even if one suspects that the French government issues such guidelines both for fear of criticism in case of further attacks and in order to facilitate a tightening of screws on security , it remains clear the French at large can be far more easily intimidated than the Brits.  

Good, says yours truly. Enjoy the fruits of decades of madness. Savour multiculturalism. Appreciate the vast spectrum of cultural behaviour you insisted to import in your once fairly solidly Catholic Country. 

When not only Christians, but the average Frenchie (who apparently isn’t) becomes seriously angered at the advance of Islam in his Country, things will begin to change.


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  1. The English “keep calm and carry on”. The French “panic and hide”

  2. An official in Belgium is on record as stating nothing should be done to upset the Muslim populace – a lot of good it has done them

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