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Godspeed, Mr Bolt!

Just when countless millions are watching...

Just when countless millions are watching…


I know, I know… “Godspeed is nothing to do with “speed” (it is, in fact, middle age English for “may God let you prosper”), but I couldn’t resist the word game… 

The fact is, before the 100 meter race Usain Bolt showed the Miraculous Medal – and his apparently solid Catholic faith – to, I don’t know, one billion people?  This, by the way, on the eve of the Feast of the Assumption. Nice. 

I am not a great fan of Bolt, not only because I do not follow athletics but because I do not like the kind of histrionics and, at times, utter lack of modesty he shows. But hey, everyone is made his own way, and there is much worse than imitating bolts in pathetic, childish gestures or bragging around more than it is appropriate. 

In a time of retreating Christianity and withering Catholicism, it is good to see that someone taken as an example by countless young people is open about his faith and not ashamed of our beautiful, traditional Catholic symbolism; and as we all know, many will be those who have such an admiration for the man that they will, immediately on in tim,e be led to serious reflections by their knowledge that the man is a solid Catholic. 

Godspeed, Mr Bolt.

On Sunday evening, you may well have converted someone, and perhaps more than someone.




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