Church In Germany In Full Denial Mode



The numbers are shocking: the Church in Germany has gone from 500 ordination a year in 1965 to merely 58 in 2015

It’s an epochal collapse, a declaration of bankruptcy. The Church in Germany is on the precipice of a decimation of Presbyterian proportions. It is truly consigning itself to extinction and irrelevance, thanks to no other enemies but her own clergy.

Unsurprisingly, the only ones who seem not to see the scale of the tragedy are the German prelates, who continue to pander to the secularised masses offering more of the world the masses already know (and don’t really like). It is like having an alcoholic in the family, who is the only one failing to recognise he has a big problem.

This is the product of an explosive mixture of huge financial resources and almost complete loss of faith. Not believing in hell or heaven, and provided with a comfortable existence he does not want to give away, the German priest has transformed himself in a secular social worker. Worse than this, he has transformed himself into the agent of a “change” which he perceives as either a way to correct the ways of a clearly “unjust” God, or the only way to continue in his comfortable, largely adultery-paid existence. The first attitude is a clear sign of loss of faith, the second can only be called prostitution.

Like the social worker, the German catholic priests thinks that he is entitled to the money of the faithful exactly in the same way as the Government is entitled to the money to pay for the army. When he says Kirchensteuer, he means exactly that: a tax; a tax which you cannot refute to pay, lest he refuses to – as it is obvious at this point it is obvious – sell you his sacrament.      

Faithless, prostituted, and simoniacal. This is the best description of the clergy in Germany as we write the Year of False Mercy. 

Is it any surprise that they are disappearing so fast? 


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  1. Good riddance to the church of heretics, won’t shed a tear for the whore of Germany .
    The book in the picture: “How to Disappear” that was written by a ghostwriter – no?

  2. You are correct.

    The state of the German clergy/episcopate is a direct function of their funding model.

    To understand why the German prelates are in denial, one needs to understand that they are just one part of the Germany’s AG post war realpolitik. It is as if after the War, the Germans were forced to abandon National Socialism, which this left a large void in their collective conscience. So they decided to adopt the ideology provided by the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory. It is this new ideology along with German industrial/economic power that actually defines post war Germany. But like all ideologies, there is one problem. It doesn’t work.

    So what is left is that through gov funding and the EU project, the Germans are corrupting every sector that they touch with either direct funding or soft money politics. Whether it is the South American Church or the economies of Greece/Spain/Portugal/Italy/France/Ireland/Finland or the gender sect that they are promoting through their Goethe Institutes world wide, it’s one big disaster. And now they got themselves entangled into opening their borders and letting millions of invaders… ahemm refugees in.

    So is it any wonder why the Germans would want to “reform” the clerical class into social workers? That way, they are much easier to control.

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