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Dereliction Of Duty

The Archbishop of Philadelphia is the one on the left.


I have just read a good answer to Archbishop Chaput’s half-hearted blog post about how oh so pretty much the same Hillary and The Donald are. If you follow the link, you will find there the link to the original interview.

In the interview, Chaput showed everything that is wrong with modern, wannabe orthodox, pale V II pretended Conservatism. He throws a sprinkling of pro-life mentality, but he is unable to follow his thinking where it is about what a man (or woman) is born to do in times like these: to make a damn choice.

No, someone who thinks that Trump is “clearly not better than Hillary” is clearly one who either has no idea of what Catholicism is, or knows it all too well but doesn’t want you to realise it for yourself, or would like for you to know but is too afraid of the consequences for himself if he does. I leave it to you which is which.

Mind, in pure clerical style Chaput does throw some snippets indicating to his readership, in a rather oblique way, how they are supposed to vote ( “The right to life undergirds all other rights”). However, this is said en passant, and only after the man has proceeded to undermine his own argument with words he very well know will make the headlines.

This is so V II, so half-assed, so dangerously ambiguous that the man cannot hide behind a finger and claim before God to have done his right by way of mere indirect suggestions. Bishops are there to speak, not to suggest.

The problem with Chaput is that before being a Bishop, he is a careerist. When Benedict was Pope he loved to be considered at the forefront of the (moderate, for us) conservative Catholicism. But now that Francis is in power, the man avoids everything that would make him lean too much out of the window, and is content with a snippet here, a half-suggestion there, and towing the Vatican line on pretty much everything. He has, by the way, done the same with Amoris Laetitia, selling the absurd and, frankly, clearly stupid tale of the orthodox heretical text; just like Burke, but without the snipe at orthodox Catholics.

I wouldn’t call Chaput’s blog entry a betrayal. But it is certainly a dereliction of duty, and I wouldn’t want to be a bishop and go to my judgment with this kind of pussyfooting and meowing on my conscience.

If we want to change things in the West, we need for our archbishops to stop pussyfooting around and grow a pair.

I doubt we will begin with this one.




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