Dereliction Of Duty

The Archbishop of Philadelphia is the one on the left.


I have just read a good answer to Archbishop Chaput’s half-hearted blog post about how oh so pretty much the same Hillary and The Donald are. If you follow the link, you will find there the link to the original interview.

In the interview, Chaput showed everything that is wrong with modern, wannabe orthodox, pale V II pretended Conservatism. He throws a sprinkling of pro-life mentality, but he is unable to follow his thinking where it is about what a man (or woman) is born to do in times like these: to make a damn choice.

No, someone who thinks that Trump is “clearly not better than Hillary” is clearly one who either has no idea of what Catholicism is, or knows it all too well but doesn’t want you to realise it for yourself, or would like for you to know but is too afraid of the consequences for himself if he does. I leave it to you which is which.

Mind, in pure clerical style Chaput does throw some snippets indicating to his readership, in a rather oblique way, how they are supposed to vote ( “The right to life undergirds all other rights”). However, this is said en passant, and only after the man has proceeded to undermine his own argument with words he very well know will make the headlines.

This is so V II, so half-assed, so dangerously ambiguous that the man cannot hide behind a finger and claim before God to have done his right by way of mere indirect suggestions. Bishops are there to speak, not to suggest.

The problem with Chaput is that before being a Bishop, he is a careerist. When Benedict was Pope he loved to be considered at the forefront of the (moderate, for us) conservative Catholicism. But now that Francis is in power, the man avoids everything that would make him lean too much out of the window, and is content with a snippet here, a half-suggestion there, and towing the Vatican line on pretty much everything. He has, by the way, done the same with Amoris Laetitia, selling the absurd and, frankly, clearly stupid tale of the orthodox heretical text; just like Burke, but without the snipe at orthodox Catholics.

I wouldn’t call Chaput’s blog entry a betrayal. But it is certainly a dereliction of duty, and I wouldn’t want to be a bishop and go to my judgment with this kind of pussyfooting and meowing on my conscience.

If we want to change things in the West, we need for our archbishops to stop pussyfooting around and grow a pair.

I doubt we will begin with this one.




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  1. Archbishop Chaput has changed his pattern of communication since he moved to Philadelphia from Denver. He is certainly muted on points where he voice was very clear previously, which has caused me to wonder. My guess? The Philadelphia assignment was a cess-pool when he arrived and I believe that the uphill battle may have been (and perhaps continues to be) unbearably exhausting.

  2. Did you have to use those sweet, darling little kittens? You couldn’t find a short, fat bulldog?

  3. I followed your link (unfortunately), and left him a message that I’m sure will not be answered. Sometimes I think it might be better for those of us with a certain temperament to resort to prayer. But it’s too late in this case….

  4. “I think the change of Pope has made another big difference.
    He raised one finger in the air and noticed where the wind was blowing…”

    Right you are, M. Then again, Chaput has been doing that for more than a decade. I never liked Chaput since he called the late Justice Scalia a “cafeteria Catholic” for even daring to question JPII’s arbitrary theological revisionism concerning capital punishment for murder in “First Things” magazine. He even equated Chaput to Frances Kissling, founder and president of the pro-abortion group, “Catholics For A Free Choice.” When I read Chaupt’s comments, I thought he either was a theological ignoramus or a careerist bucking for a red had and a bigger see. He was archbishop of Denver at the time, and this was during JPII’s papacy. Well, he got his bigger see.

    Chaput is like most of the hierarchy. They’ll talk out of both sides of their mouth to retain any semblance of political influence. I’m sure he doesn’t want to alienate whomever might be the new President five months before inauguration.

  5. Bishop Chaput is a disappointment. For a long time I thought he was a stand-up guy. He must be more fearful of Pope Francis than he is of God. Perhaps he thinks he is better being there doing what he’s doing than taking on Pope Francis and being removed. Bishops need lots of supporting prayer.

    • This fear of bishops being removed is vastly overrated. There are thousands of them. Francis has removed a handful. If he started to remove them by the hundreds for being catholic a council to depose him as heretic would become a real possibility very fast.
      He is not afraid of going down.
      He is thinking how he may go up.

  6. catholicstrongblog

    LDS aside, I’m with Glenn Beck on this one.

    Trump and Hillary are the same.

    Trump is just a sleazy used car salesman who is masterful at saying what folks want to hear in order to dupe them. Nothing he says has a shred of authenticity to it. His new-found conservatism and “prolife conversion” are about as authentic as Melania’s RNC speech.
    Any good ideas he has can be chalked up to a good sales pitch. And I’m not buying.
    He’s immoral. He’s reckless. He flip-flops. He promotes unconstitutional censorship. And when was the last (or first?!) time you heard The Donald exclaim, “God bless America!”?

    I’m voting for neither. They’re not the only candidates.
    “But! But! You’re throwing your vote away!”
    I’m voting my Catholic conscience, because I answer to God for this. How is doing the right thing a throw-away?
    Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party gets my vote. Ever heard of him?

    Folks get mad when I say this. Well I get mad when I see trad Catholics on the Trump Train.
    And if we do end up with a Prez Hillary or a Prez The Donald, Deus vult.
    We deserve the Chastisement.
    Pray for the return of the Social Kingship of Christ.


    • You are not merely “throwing your vote away”.
      You are making the work of the devil in an orgy of selfishness, because your vanity comes before the countless abortions, the assault on Christian morality, all the evil Hillary and his own are preparing for the entire West.
      You are a willing agent of all the evil to combat which this blog exists in the first place. The ones like you – the sanctimonious nincompoops preparing the end of the Christian world in order not to touch the vest they believe so white – are the worst enemy.
      I will wait for your answer before I annihilate you.
      And then you will be banned, because the likes of you shouldn’t dare to scrounge on my effort.

    • Catholicstrongblog: you sound like a prissy whitened sepulcher.

    • Well said.

      These people will be the first one to complain and write everywhere when Christianity is being demolished piece by piece.

      They will feel so righteous.


  7. The problem with those who say “Hillary and Trump are the same” is simply this:

    They compare Hillary’s policies with Trump’s personality and assume they are equal factors in governance.

    They utterly ignore the policy platform Trump is building AND the policy platform hillary has already built!

    The fact is, tho, that Trump even in his personal life shows elements of hope, while Hillary shows us a die-hard commitment to the destruction of anything remotely called virtue in American public life.

    Let us not forget that Hillary has declared war on the Catholic faith. DECLARED WAR ON THE CATHOLIC FAITH. Not only does the platform of the Democrat Party promote the murder of innocents, but she herself has said on a number of occasions that religious beliefs about abortion must change. Just who in the world do the Glen Beck followers of the world think she is talking about? This at a time when more and more people are coming to their senses about just what abortion IS in the USA.

    As for Bishops who can’t make a decision, I don’t know what to say. The effeminacy that permeates the culture of the Catholic prelates is really a fixture. I don’t think their is “hope” for change in that regard. The HOPE we have is grounded in the fact that they are not getting younger, and at some point they will all die in their spiritual deserts just like the faithless and cowardly Israelites of old. Truly this is a generation of faggots and liars and the utterly confused.

    • It’s ten thousand times better to have a Mussolini who has a *political interest* in fostering the interests of the Church, than a Stalin who wants to destroy it.
      The idea that Mussolini shouldn’t be supported because it does not comply with one’s lofty standards makes one 100% accomplice of Stalin. In a way, worse than him, because he can see what evil it’s coming, and revels in his own supposed purity.

      These are the useful idiots of the devil.


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