Fifty Shades Of Evil


“You confessors, you lack understanding for adulterers!”


The Evil Clown has thrown another bomb; and whilst I try not to write only about him, this time it can’t be avoided. 

The subversive content of his words spoken in Poland cannot be underestimated. This is man who, not happy with his priests giving sacrilegious communions to adulterers, wants them to betray Christ also in the confessional! 

The evil is breathtaking. 

The confessional is the place where the priest stages the last line of defence from Satan’s attacks. The poor serious sinner coming to the confessional is – one must suppose – at least fighting a battle and try to extricate himself from his serious sins (I remind you that these sins cannot be cohabitation, much less an adulterous one: the priest would not be allowed to listen to their confession, much less absolve them, until the scandal has ceased). You would think a Pope would want his priests to speak very clearly about the danger of hell, and use the short moments in the confessional to change lives.

No. Of course not. In Francis’ atheist, Christ-hating world such a behaviour only has one effect: the sinner “leaves the confessional disappointed”.

You disappointed the fornicator! How dare you? Don’t you know about the many shades of grey?

Boy: this one is a drunkard, an idiot, or a first-class enemy of Christ.



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  1. Pope Francis seems more dedicated to the cult of moral relativism than in the truth of Scripture and the authentic teachings of the church. And yet, many Catholics laud him and his “progressive” stance.

  2. According to Francis, that is not what the confessional is for. To him, it appears that it’s a place to gather intelligence about the mood of the staff and plotters. And to catch up on the latest rumors…

    Besides, there is no more sin in FrancisChurch, so who needs confession…

  3. So, Pope Francis, what is the point of going to confession at all? Perhaps, you seem to suggest, what I’m doing is not a sin at all or, if it is, easily explained a way.

  4. The areas where Francis has chosen his battles are so revealing of his anti-Catholic war. He continually wages a three-pronged attack on the Sacraments of Marriage, Reconciliation, and the Eucharist. Concerning confession, here’s my translations for a few of the Franciscan shades of gray: “Discernment” – redefine a sin to being just a morally neutral act because of circumstances; “Concrete Situations” – FrancisSpeak for what used to be known as being in a state of mortal sin; “Mercy” – love means never having to say you’re sorry (oops, shades of “Love Story”); and the dreaded “Accompany” – delay, delay, delay Catholic teaching until the soul dies in their sins. This is the most satanic tactic of the Evil Clown.

    I don’t enjoy writing this. The only other explanation I can see is that he is a misguided Communist/humanist only concerned with the here and now of temporal life. Either way he is the most unworthy and unsuitable occupant ever of the Chair of Peter. Many thanks to you, Mundabor, and all the traditional bloggers, for giving us an alternative to the sickening writings of the mind-numbed robots and pope worshippers of neo-“c”atholicism. The powers that be would like nothing more than to outlaw free speech on the internet, which is one of the biggest threats to their diabolical plan.

    • “The only other explanation I can see is that he is a misguided Communist/humanist only concerned with the here and now of temporal life”.

      Yep, I think this says it all.

      Thank you for your kind words btw.


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