Sanctimonious Judases




With sadness (and some anger) I have discovered that even my blog is (was) infested with that pernicious (and perfidious) weed that destroys Christianity whilst it claims to protect it. 

The very idea of thinking of not voting Trump in November shows a total contempt for Christian civilisation in the West. It is a self-pleased complaining about the candidate not complying with one’s lofty standards, without giving a damn if after November everything will be under attack, starting from the First and Second Amendment.

The Christian Weed is so pleased with itself, that it revels in its rejection of Trump and even in the contemplation of worse times to come. Hey, who cares if Hillary becomes President . Deus vult! But look at me, I am so good that I will never stop complaining as I help Christianity to crumble!

This is the very definition of “sanctimonious”. 

No, you idiot.

God does not want.

You do.

You are the one who makes it happen, not God. You are the one who delivers the Country in the hands of the enemies of Christ, not God. You are the one who cowardly refuses to – which is necessary at times – hold his nose if needs be and give the only possible vote, because it would not make it possible for you to feel so holy by proclaiming your moral superiority to Trump.

Weed like this is as much our enemy as our open opponents. And I despise these people even more than the open leftists, because they really should know better. They betray Christ out of their own love of self, their presumption, their supposed moral superiority that is cowardice and betrayal.

Shame on you, Priscilla and Phlogiston. Your children and spouse (if any) should be ashamed of you. You are everything that is wrong with your Country. I have banned you and will pay much attention that you don’t come back with other names and email addresses, because the likes of you haven’t deserved I do not say to comment here, but to scrounge on my time by reading what I write.

I will do this from now on with every comment. This blog will not be sullied by the excrements of these sanctimonious Judases. Every comment even vaguely or indirectly indicating that his author does not support Trump will lead to its author being made persona non grata.

If you don’t side with Trump you side with the devil, and I am the one to tell you.  

You should be ashamed of yourselves, Priscilla and Phlogiston. You have been scrounging on the resources of this blog for too long. You are invited to go away and never again come here. You are enemies of Christ, traitors, fifth columns of the enemy.  

Sanctimonious Judases. 




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  1. Their choice is to be above it all while fully emerged in it – children and grandchildren sacrificed at the altar of own holiness.

  2. Happens every election. On the Catholic right there is a a group of puritanical minds that persists in confusing the electoral process with the canonization process. No one is good enough for them, they cannot understand that voting for any candidate does not somehow taint you with the candidate’s faults and weaknesses, real or imagined. Thus they hardly ever vote and, as you note,, they spread gloom and hopelessness in the midst of the great political battles. This election is clearly a struggle between something foul, evil and inhuman and something very human and one must vote and influence others in favor of the human side.

  3. “No one is good enough for them, they cannot understand that voting for any candidate does not somehow taint you with the candidate’s faults and weaknesses, real or imagined”.

    Very true.
    And then this unbearable “oh, but I am better!” attitude, as they allow our enemies to advance and conquer the entire West.

  4. It is such a pleasure to read a MAN speaking his mind unambiguously! And you are also quite right. God bless you, Mundabor and, as your name is ever more the mark of a man, may you have the beatitude of seeing the face of God in eternity.

  5. Good for you. Let them follow their pure consciences and leave the rest of us unholy and unwashed alone. I am so sick of hearing that Trump is just as bad a Clinton and would be just as bad on abortion. How do they know since he has never been in the position to influence legislation like Hillary has. I’m pretty sick of it all too and I’m disgusted with Mike Voris giving Hillary the election already. As Reagan said, the only poll that matters is the one taken on election day. It ain’t over til it’s over!

  6. Look at Bishop Chaput’s message in his editorial a couple weeks ago. He equates Trump to Hillary. He is supposed to be a relatively “conservative” bishop. It irritates me. What’s worse, it also gives a cop out for the “catholics” who refuse to vote Trump. God help us. Thank you for saying this. Someone had to, even if that someone was from outside the U.S.

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  8. I’m Facebook friends with some clown that says he can’t vote in good conscience for Trump because he would have to account before God on judgement day for doing so. Instead he will be voting for some nobody named Hoefling who will be lucky to get a thousand votes. This same “friend” keeps writing how much he hates Trump. Not very Christian of this guy and he would have to account for this hatred on judgement day. I don’t even hate Hillary, I just recognize she is an evil woman who must be defeated. Trump is the only once who can defeat her, not a guy named Hoefling who no one even knows exists.

  9. Yes- I’m with you Mundabor! Months ago- especially once Trump secured the nomination – I unsubscribed every org sending me emails denouncing Trump. Many of them Catholic orgs! I don’t need them telling me who to vote for or not to vote for. And ganging up with signatories- people and groups I formerly respected! Some Catholic blogs I still visit are anti-Trump, like American Catholic, but expresses it as his personal choice.

  10. I read on a Catholic blog this specimen of total dementia:

    It is intrinsically wrong to vote for Trump. One may never do anything intrinsically wrong, no matter the desirable consequences. Therefore, I cannot vote for Trump, even to keep Hillary out of the White House.

    Actually, this is exactly the same argument Archbishop Chaput made!

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