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As of today, I have two twitter accounts (assuming such a thing is allowed in the first place. However, I was not stopped from doing it): @mundabor (the old one, I can’t retrieve the password anymore) and @RealMundabor (the new one, for which I still remember the password because I have set it up just now).

The old account will remain in place, and it will continue to (again, as long as I am allowed to)  automatically post all my blog posts. However, there is no chance (unless I should remember the password by some miracle) that I will ever post a tweet on the old account again, whilst I might do it on the new one.

I suggest everyone who is interested to follow my new account, @RealMundabor together with, or instead of, the old one. The way I understand these things, WordPress should now publish every post of mine on both accounts. However, the new account will allow me to follow new people (e.g. The Donald) and add new news outlets (e.g. the excellent @GuidoFawkes). I might post some tweets now and then, but I must say after trying I am not a great fan of the format, which encourages short-term emotional bickering and wastes time I can better employ writing for the blog. 

Let’s hope it works. 

Apologies for the short disruption. Catholic service will be resumed shortly.


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  1. Good move, but I found Face Book a better medium. Your WP posts will appear there also.

    Great source for Restoration news too. You can really see the TLM explosion there pretty well. And it’s picking up speed. Aside, at Ft.Hood TX, a new TLM just came on line, and the schola is spectacular. This did not happen overnight. And without FB, I would have never known about it.

    Anyways, the reason that I bring it up is that after a long day of monitoring the heretic in white, seeing how Catholicism is spreading has a great calming effect. On this side of our fence, the news is actually very good and constantly getting better.

    As to adding Guido, definite yes. And since you are going down that road, you might as well add Zero Hedge. No better secular “Thomist” site around, using a wide definition of Thomism of course. One caveat, the TT avitar is rather “intrinsically disordered – esque.

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