The Smoke Of George Soros Has Entered The Church


Francis is breathing with gusto…



I am pretty sure you already know about the scandal first unveiled by LifeSiteNews (actually, by Wikileaks). However, I think I might add a reflection or two of my own.

The first reflection is that when an openly evil man like Soros, who is against everything the Church stands for, thinks he can influence Vatican prelates through financial support it is obvious that something very, very wrong is going on within the Vatican walls. This would be true even if neither Cardinal Maradiaga nor Pope Francis were open to such kind of influence. It would be true because of the very fact that the like of George Soros think that they could influence the Vatican.  Put in another way, the leaks show how corrupt Francis is even if he does not willingly accept the help of the likes of Soros. He is morally corrupt exactly because he thinks like them without need of monetary corruption.  

The second reflection concerns, more directly, Cardinal Maradiaga. In his case the corruption is, more likely than not, monetary besides being moral. This does not mean, of course, that Maradiaga uses such donations to put money in his own pocket (though I want to go on record and say I would not be surprised at all if this were the case: one who thinks so evil can do a lot of evil). Still, it seems to me impossible that Cardinal Maradiaga does not know about such donations, and does not consider them an easy way to maintain a net of people through whom he can distribute favours and exercise influence. 

The third and last reflection is, I am sure, in the mind of many: is this not the tip of the iceberg? How many “catholic” organisations are funded, directly or indirectly, by the open, public enemies of the Church? Should not Pope Francis, who always has such a big mouth about transparency, order an impartial review about such “donations”, and force all his bishops to answer about what happens in their own dioceses as well? Not holding my breath… 

The smoke of George Soros has entered the Church. 

Francis doesn’t seem fazed at all.  



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  1. I just read someplace today that Soros said that he was the Pope’s boss. At any rate they are together on public policy and economic doctrine, i.e., Marxist. And I would guess they are also together on the importance of faith in God.

  2. My reflection is this: in 50 years, the Catholic Church’s doctrine and teaching office, one that has not changed and is going on 1989 years, has been replaced (reduced) to a “fabrication, a banal product of the moment.” And a FAILED one at that.

    Simply amazing.

    • Well the teaching itself hasn’t changed, of course.
      The problem is that we got a counterfeit instead of the real thing.

    • You see, the teaching can NEVER change. And that is what we all need to cognizant of.

      Hope you are following the Denzinger-Bergoglio Blog. They are keeping a running count, one can say running indictment of the Bergoglio mess.

    • They are faster than I ever could!
      God bless them!

    • This just came across FB. I thought of you and am sending the link. The good part is at the end when the architect starts talking about the new projects that they are doing.


  3. I was wondering what made the old monster [Soros] tick – what his motivation was.

    I think it is probably the love of money, since this is the root of all evil, so for him it probably works most efficiently like this:

    It is easier to destroy than to create, therefore, taking long positions and encouraging innovation is more costly than encouraging chaos and taking short positions.

    Hence – for the sake of efficiency – the latter is how he chooses to make his money.

    He’s a bear terrorist.

    • He hates Christian morality in all its forms.
      Having more money, he can go after his desires with more efficiency than most.

    • Soros, who has practiced pride and rebellion against God most of his long life, is sincerely convinced of his moral superiority. He wants to use his wealth to destroy the last remnants of Christian morality. These satanists love humanity so much, they won’t stop until humans are either indistinguishable from beasts (their idea of natural law is being unrestrained by moral considerations, like a beast) or genetically enhanced and god-like. Soros is obviously and consistently considering himself the latter kind. Bergoglio is his natural ally, as one who hates Christian morality. He is different from Soros, as a true Jesuit would be, by covering his grandiose plan for humanity (peace, justice and equality in the name of man-beast, not Son of God, Jesus Christ) with a thin, cheap veneer of humility.

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