The Pope’s Friends



Imagine an old witch (and bitch), so hateful, that she expressed herself about JP II with the following words: 

We want him to burn alive in hell. He’s a swine. Even though a priest told me that a swine is to be eaten, this Pope is uneatable.”

Imagine the same woman occupying the cathedral of Buenos Aires, and relieving herself behind the altar. A profanation so grave, that an act of reparation was held as a consequence.

Imagine the same woman publicly rejoicing after the 9/11 attacks.

I hear you: satanic, old witch.

Her name is Hebe de Bonafini. I am glad i did not know of the existence of such scum until today. 

Well then, it makes sense that Pope Francis asks to see her, and receives her in a private audience in the Vatican.

This man is so toxic, we will soon need to be exorcised just for writing his name on a blog post. 

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  1. Strange that a woman who loathes the Catholic Church ,would travel to Rome to meet the Pope.Do not be be surprised if there is a sudden miraculous conversion ,on the realisation that Pope Francis is for the poor ,as she said she did not know that.The question is will she be a Catholic Convert or a Francis convert .

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