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Creepy Clowns

creepy clown

Creepy Clown, for a change…


One read rubbish like this, and struggles to remain calm. 

One of the most abused tricks of Francis is to make a false parallelism between perceived sinners (who aren’t such in reality) and real ones. 

The bleeding woman wasn’t sinning because she was bleeding, nor was her bleeding indication that God despised her. This is what the Jews believed, but we aren’t Jews. For us Christians bleeding is not a sin, period.

Adultery, however, is another cup of tea entirely. The adulterers are gravely sinning, and that’s that.

To extend unconditional acceptance (without repentance even) to public sinners because Jesus destroyed a Jewish prejudice is to make a stupid argument. And Christianity does not know this unconditional acceptance the man goes preaching around. This is below Dalai Lama level. 

But then again Francis never goes for the argument. He always goes for the easy emotions. He has the argumentative cogency of a child of six claiming that as kitten are sweet, they will go to heaven because hey, God is mercy.

Disgusting, old, lewd man. It creeps me that he embraces children. 

Pray for the end of this pontificate and the election of Pope Pius XIII. 



The (Slow) Awakening



Yours truly remembers those times when his calling the Evil Clown, erm, Evil Clown caused scandal among those readers who were somewhat persuaded that Francis’ excrement must – as absolutely willed by the Holy Ghost. Absolutely! – somewhat be parfumed, and were therefore in utter shock at reading a blogger calling them, well, exactly that: stinking excrement.

However, slowly things are changing to the point that strong expressions against the Betrayer of Peter are now becoming more common. I read them more and more around, though I do not make note of all of them. 

Here, I would like to mention the Bear, who called Francis (in the same post!) both stupid and a liar.  

He is exactly that, of course. Therefore, for your benefit I will say it again: Pope Francis is both stupid and a liar. There. No effort at all.  

Too many people think that in order to be evil, a person must have Dr Moriarty’s intelligence. This is not the case. Even children of seven can go to hell. Francis’ intelligence isn’t so much above theirs (not saying he is mentally retarded; merely of slow thinking), but the evil he does vastly exceeds any of them.

Stupid, evil, and liar. Yep, I think that’s a fair assessment.

Remember this: the most effective way for you to do your part in countering this satanic attack on the Church is to shred the man and his papacy to pieces with mockery and ridicule. Short of the bazooka (which isn’t allowed anyway) nothing is more effective.

It will be very difficult for anyone outside (the uninformed, weak, impressionable crowd) who knows you as a good Catholic, and hears you firing with all your cannons at the man, not to think of your opinion of him every time the man makes headlines.  

Shock a CINO today. Instructing the ignorant is a work of mercy. 


Cardinal Burke: Don’t Be A Sanctimonious Judas


Meowing in the right direction…


Cardinal Burke has sunk many orders of magnitude in my personal esteem (not that he cares, anyway) when he has publicly refused to denounce Amoris Laetitia, and has slapped in the face those Catholics who are rightly scandalised. Far from me, therefore, praising this man as an example. 

However, every little help; and if those Sanctimonious Judases  who would give the United States and the West to the worst heathens for the sake of feeling oh so pure don’t listen to me, they might listen to him.   

There is some sense remained in this man. He makes very plain that there are two real candidates, and the fantasies of Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck becoming President are not worthy of adult consideration (“have you googled Mickey Mouse? Check it out! He is my candidate! Strongly pro-life, and almost as good as I am!”).

Let us say it with the Cardinal’s words. Emphases mine:

“I  think that what we have to do in this time is to look at both candidates to see if one of them will not, at least in some way, advance the common good, both with respect to the good of human life, the good of the family, the freedom of conscience, the care of the poor, and to look at that very carefully,”

“More than likely the judgment will be that neither candidates ideally answers these questions all in the way that we want. But given the nature of our government, can we in conscience support one of the candidates, at least, who, while maybe [he or she] doesn’t support everything that we believe and know is important, will at least support it to a certain extent with the hope that that candidate can be convinced to embrace evermore fully the common good,”

One must have an IQ south of 60 in order not to get what the man is saying. It isn’t even anything particularly brilliant, or new. It’s the simple common sense of anyone who hasn’t been completely blinded by his own arrogance and sanctimoniousness. 

Let me repeat again what I have written about those dark souls who refuse to do their duty (and in the worst cases even encourage others to do the same): they betray Christ out of their own love of self, their presumption, their supposed moral superiority that is cowardice and betrayal.

Reblog this post here, or the original article about the Cardinal. Spread the word until there is not one idiot nevertrumper left, that is not red in the face.


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