The (Slow) Awakening



Yours truly remembers those times when his calling the Evil Clown, erm, Evil Clown caused scandal among those readers who were somewhat persuaded that Francis’ excrement must – as absolutely willed by the Holy Ghost. Absolutely! – somewhat be parfumed, and were therefore in utter shock at reading a blogger calling them, well, exactly that: stinking excrement.

However, slowly things are changing to the point that strong expressions against the Betrayer of Peter are now becoming more common. I read them more and more around, though I do not make note of all of them. 

Here, I would like to mention the Bear, who called Francis (in the same post!) both stupid and a liar.  

He is exactly that, of course. Therefore, for your benefit I will say it again: Pope Francis is both stupid and a liar. There. No effort at all.  

Too many people think that in order to be evil, a person must have Dr Moriarty’s intelligence. This is not the case. Even children of seven can go to hell. Francis’ intelligence isn’t so much above theirs (not saying he is mentally retarded; merely of slow thinking), but the evil he does vastly exceeds any of them.

Stupid, evil, and liar. Yep, I think that’s a fair assessment.

Remember this: the most effective way for you to do your part in countering this satanic attack on the Church is to shred the man and his papacy to pieces with mockery and ridicule. Short of the bazooka (which isn’t allowed anyway) nothing is more effective.

It will be very difficult for anyone outside (the uninformed, weak, impressionable crowd) who knows you as a good Catholic, and hears you firing with all your cannons at the man, not to think of your opinion of him every time the man makes headlines.  

Shock a CINO today. Instructing the ignorant is a work of mercy. 


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  1. Yes sir Mundabor, we need to stir the pot. Another way is to make appropriate comments to newspaper columnists who write about the Pope. I do this in the New York Times when opportune.

  2. Bergoglio calls himself a shrewd Jesuit. He is evil, dishonest, duplicitous, shrewd, a fool who despises truth and clarity, but not unintelligent.

    From the blog “From Rome”

    An Interview with Señor Jack Tollers

    “And yes, lots of people think he’s in some way or another a deranged person. But I’m not so sure. For instance, what we take to be a “confused” manner of speaking is no such thing for him. In Bergoglio it’s deliberate, it’s a way of going forward, it’s an agenda. No “whims” here. His “confused” speak responds to a “confused” faith, which in turn only echoes a very, very, confused character whose name I will not mention here. But who is out to confuse us all.


    Q.12 Is it possible that Pope Francis is consciously and deliberating trying to transform the Church into something more compliant with the New World Order?

    Of course. If not something worse (but that defies description).”

    • I agree on the second point, less on the first.
      If he were smarter, he would be able to do what he does in a much smarter way.

    • I would not underestimate his effectiveness with the ignorant, the naive, the gullible, the chronically under-informed, the brainwashed. It is the so called useful idiot who constitutes the majority, who embrace sodomy, divorce, islamization of the West (including own children), redistribution of their “wealth”, as they are drowning in debt, Agenda 21 (or 2030) – all out of goodness and trust in those who allegedly know better.

      Mundabor, don’t you know you are above average in intelligence and discernment?

      Bergoglio simply couldn’t care less about you. Or rather – he takes care of you, as he (very successfully) presents you as a legalist and dangerous fundamentalist to the masses. You are no different from an ISIS fighter. The masses know they are being used, abused, and deceived. What they don’t know is that their plight is not your fault. They will come after you, when Bergoglio decides that it is time. Many like you have already lost livelihoods, many lost lives.

      Why doesn’t Bergoglio come to the rescue? Because the many are still a small minority, successfully vilified, because this minority is exactly where he wants them to be – about to go extinct (or underground).

      Good news for me? – it seems that by God’s mercy and despite my stupidity I might be able to win back my child from the grip of these psychopaths, who “educated” her in a renown university.

    • Congratulations and best wishes for your good battle!

      I thankfully accept the charge of intelligence;) However, I notice that outside of, say, South America, this kind of politics seldom wins, and is therefore not an intelligent course to pursue. look at how irrelevant this Pope has made himself even for the secular press, who are now pretty tired of his antics. The novelty has grown old.
      Here in England there is a chap (Mr Jeremy Corbyn, the head of Labour) who is basically Francis without the pretense of Christianity. He is very liked by a closed group of activists, but he is going nowhere (actually, possibly toward extinction) in the country at large. Even most of his MPs despise him.

      Most people won’t be inordinately intelligent, but at some point they get the charlatan. Those who don’t are those who have an interest in consciously fooling themselves (the adulterers, the perverts, their relatives, and the assorted appeasers).


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