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A New Level Of Ridicule: Suggestions For FrancisChurch



The Evil Clown has today reached a new level of ridicule by suggesting that to the clearly imperfect, incomplete, not at all environmental and peaceful Works of Mercy further two should be added: the first one (that would be the spiritual one)consists in thinking like an enviro pacifist fag, and the second (that would be the corporal one) in behaving like an enviro pacifist fag.

Congratulations to the Evil Clown. This was an excellent way to show to everyone with a brain which one his religion is (hint: #neverCatholicism).

I now proceed to some hypotheses concerning how the new religion of enviro fag peace might be developed, and what the next moves of the new FrancisChurch might be. You read it here first, folks!

An addition to the “Our Father”, with words like “and let us not offend the common home”. I know, the words of the Our Father come from Our Lord himself. But hey, in those times we just weren’t ready for the whole message.

A new decade of the Rosary, the “green peace mysteries”. They would show how merciful, peaceful and environmentally conscious Jesus was. For example when he killed the fig tree, whipped the merchants in the temple, or threatened the lukewarm with hell.

An addition to the Hail Mary, with words like “Dominus Orbisque Tecum”, in FrancisSpeak “the Lord and the common home are with thee”. Will be taught to children of three to make sure they get FrancisChurch early.

There might be further moves, but I think these ones here are the most probable.

As I have said many times, this man is just plain stupid. He is so stupid, that he never got what Catholicism is, and what a clown he makes of himself by trying to remake it in his own image. We must thank God that as He allows us to be punished by such a bad Pope, He gives us ample way to understand what an enemy of the Church he is.

Pray for the poor deluded idiot. It is terrifying only to think what pit of hell awaits him if he dies unrepentant.



Enough With The Applause In The Church

The priest was being promoted elsewhere. Big, roaring applause.

The priest who had been substituting for holiday was going back. Another wild applause.

The children were about to make First Communion. Big applause for them, too.

The village church is becoming the village hall. If not even the sacredness of the church is respected, how will the people understand the much harder – and difficult to follow – rules about the sacredness of the Sacraments?

What concept of “sacred” has the person – and the priest! – who is fine with an applause in the Church? Why not play Bingo in it on a Friday night? Hey, there is not even a Mass going on!

The loss of the sense of sacred is at the root of the applause, the flip-flops, the shorts in the church; and then in time the divorce and the adultery, the fornication, and the contraception.

The recovery of the sense of the sacred must start from the basics: the sacred space of the Church.

It is astonishing that even priests who would, otherwise, seem sound tolerate such things. I wonder if it is only because they are fearful to interrupt the praxis of their (oh so nice!) predecessors and attract the ire of some bitter old woman, or because even the apparently otherwise sound priests… have lost the sense of the sacred himself; in which case, I would not say they are sound in the first place.

A church officially fighting for the end of abortion and contraception can't even manage to make his pewsitter behave in church, forget not contracepting.

Or perhaps it's the other way round: a church who does not care a straw – setting aside official ideology – to fight against abortion and contraception will clearly not care for disrespectful behaviour in church.

They don't want to encourage these things, you see. It could “radicalise” people and make sound Catholics of them.

Enough with the applause in the church. Let's start to behave like real Catholics instead.



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