Enough With The Applause In The Church

The priest was being promoted elsewhere. Big, roaring applause.

The priest who had been substituting for holiday was going back. Another wild applause.

The children were about to make First Communion. Big applause for them, too.

The village church is becoming the village hall. If not even the sacredness of the church is respected, how will the people understand the much harder – and difficult to follow – rules about the sacredness of the Sacraments?

What concept of “sacred” has the person – and the priest! – who is fine with an applause in the Church? Why not play Bingo in it on a Friday night? Hey, there is not even a Mass going on!

The loss of the sense of sacred is at the root of the applause, the flip-flops, the shorts in the church; and then in time the divorce and the adultery, the fornication, and the contraception.

The recovery of the sense of the sacred must start from the basics: the sacred space of the Church.

It is astonishing that even priests who would, otherwise, seem sound tolerate such things. I wonder if it is only because they are fearful to interrupt the praxis of their (oh so nice!) predecessors and attract the ire of some bitter old woman, or because even the apparently otherwise sound priests… have lost the sense of the sacred himself; in which case, I would not say they are sound in the first place.

A church officially fighting for the end of abortion and contraception can't even manage to make his pewsitter behave in church, forget not contracepting.

Or perhaps it's the other way round: a church who does not care a straw – setting aside official ideology – to fight against abortion and contraception will clearly not care for disrespectful behaviour in church.

They don't want to encourage these things, you see. It could “radicalise” people and make sound Catholics of them.

Enough with the applause in the church. Let's start to behave like real Catholics instead.



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  1. At our parish in Florida they clap for the things you mentioned and for really good, i.e., emotionally satisfying homilies. Our Bishop has warned against doing this but with little avail.

  2. Applause?

    Yes, in the Gospels I clearly remember the passage wherein applause thundered uproariously when Christ hung from His Cross, when the spear pierced His Sacred Heart, pouring forth a flood of sacrificial and sacramental forgiveness in a tidal wave of divine mercy. I believe The Beloved Apostle even danced a jig.

    Verily, at the moment of consecration of wine and bread and the miracle of transubstantiation, the congregation should applaud and hoot and holler like it’s New Years Eve in Harlem.

    God forbid that a soul should just bow one’s head in sorrow and compunction for one’s sins, and just beg for mercy and forgiveness…in silence.

    Save all that applause for Bingo Night.

  3. We experience this mainly toward the end of Mass. The priest feels the need to thank everyone from the “choir” to who ever is visiting this week from a different parish. This, inevitably, leads to applause. Very tiresome and makes the Mass seem more and more like just another power point presentation.

  4. At a local church I visited a while back, the priest began the Mass with the following: “How about a round of applause for Jesus?” As I looked around and noticed nearly everyone complying with the inane request, I wondered if I had come in late and just missed Our Lord singing a few of his greatest hits or conducting a stand-up routine. Not only is there a lack of reverence, there is the ongoing diminishing of our Lord’s divinity by treating him as some kind of a mundane celebrity to be merely applauded.

  5. The most irritating and makes me sick is that old, some so skinny and some fat women wearing very tight workout pants come up to tabernacle bringing Eucharists to the priest and delivering communion and male EMs with jean and T-shirts. It happens to my church and the pastor seems ignore it so I have no choice leaving to find another church. A lot of priests even bishops these days are modernists. PF is promoting modernism and many high ranks of priesthood who lacking love of the Church and firm protection of philosophy and theology (Dogma) jumped right in bed with PF’s poisonous doctrines, and lost all sense of modesty, proudly bragging out loud that they themselves are real reformers. The Church now has been robbed, gang raped, seized and polluted by the team of Bergie Jesus get insulted, blasphemed, crucified again and again every day by His own “Vicar of Christ” and bad priests even others act like onlookers. God have mercy.

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