Francis The Crusader (No, I Am Talking About The Other One)

The American Thinker has an excellent article about Pope Francis' abuse and shameless distortion of what the great saint whose name he had the insolence to chose stood for.

At the same time, the article is a good occasion to remind ourselves of how mainstream V II priests and prelates have deviated from sound Catholic teaching and have adapted to the very stupid world around them.

“Hold on to your Korans”, and the shameful addresses to the Muslims for the beginning of Ramadan – encouraging them to be good Muslims – weren't born overnight. They are the bastard child of a church hierarchy sailing very close to the wind for a long time, and dabbing with heresy for too long under the pretence of some excuse or other. Remember JP II saying that the principle concerning capital punishment remains, but in the modern world it is difficult to find ways for its concrete application? What is this if not unofficial, covert heresy? Are you aware that messages to Mohammedans for the beginning of Ramadan have been sent by Popes for some time now, though in the past they used to be less FrancisChurch like? How is it reasonable to expect that fifty years of interfaith rubbish do not generate, one day, a Francis?

Saint Francis would have been horrified of a Pope like the Evil Clown. He would have considered such a one a heretic and a fifth column of our own enemies. He would, if necessary, have risked his life to convert such a Pope to Catholicism.

But you see, those were Christian times. Times of capital punishment. Times of Crusades.

Times extremely unlikely to produce an obvious enemy of the Church as Pope.



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  1. Has Pope Francis ever seen a religion he doesn’t like? Yes, Catholicism!

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