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The Petty Pope



As announced, my two words about the grave facts revealed by Father Hunwicke on his blog. Talking of the letter addressed to the Cardinals and signed by 45 personalities of the Catholic world concerning Fornicationis Dilectus, Father Hunwicke states:

Intimidation and cruel pressures have, it appears, been applied to persuade some of the signatories to the Letter to rescind their signatures.

The fact, as it is explicitly stated, does not apply to him. Therefore, some of the other signatories must have made him aware of it directly or indirectly, because I cannot imagine Father Hunwicke's relying on second hand information as the basis of such grave accusations.

This means that in this disgraceful first part of the XXI Century, simply putting your signature on a honest defence of Catholic Doctrine will put you in danger of persecution, and make of you a target of bullying, as a priest or a teacher or a scholar.

What strikes one most is that this letter is only one of the many reactions caused by the disgraceful document, and one or two or twenty signatories rescinding their signatures will merely be taken as evidence of massive Vatican bullying, whilst doing absolutely nothing to stop the criticism. Actually, the criticism will increase and extend to the bullying beside the heresy.

The Vatican Gaystapo is acting in full force here, with all the pettiness of the angry fag.

Father Hunwicke also writes, in his charity, the following:

I have not always agreed with everything this Holy Father has said and done. But I very much doubt whether he is complicit in this. There is such a pettiness about it.

Well, I must disagree. It's exactly the pettiness that makes it very probable that Francis is behind this; either as the longa manus behind the bullying, or as the one indirectly encouraging such a behaviour and sending clear messages that it's open season on Catholic priests who dare to raise their voice. Besides, the signatories appear to have all the traits of the “doctors of the law” the Unholy Father so obviously and so publicly hates. It makes sense that a person as childish and petty as this one would attack them, seen that he can't go against the army of bloggers and journalists whose livelihood he can neither threaten nor in any influence.

Francis is like a child, and an evil one at that, put in charge of the toy factory. Little and big have no meaning to him. He will persecute an entire order, or remove a single bishop, or refuse to show up at a concert, because he has some axe to grind, or feels like throwing some toys out of the pram.

Imagine how likely he is to take the moral high ground when Catholic personalities write to all Cardinals inviting them to put some Catholicism into him.


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