Corruptio Optimi Pessima: Has The Smoke Of Satan Entered The SSPX?

Whoever trusts this man is an idiot, or much worse.

The details Bishop Fellay let transpire about the possible new agreement seem, for what we know, a trap only an idiot or a sellout could try to smuggle as anything approaching a satisfactory solution.

Go to Rorate Caeli and listen to the video.

The potential agreement in short:

– A bishop is appointed. This bishop will be picked by the Evil Clown among a terna chosen by the SSPX. As I understand it, we are not talking of existing SSPX bishops, but of people from outside, with the chosen ones becoming members of the SSPX before being made bishops.

– This bishop would then have sweeping, life-threatening powers. He could let in anyone he wants, thus rapidly infiltrating the Order. He could, very possibly, sell or donate or transfer assets. He could, in a way, let the Society live or die, remain orthodox or become FeancisChurch, at his pleasure.

– As the bishop is, so to speak, an “adopted son”, this guarantees his orthodoxy. Therefore, there is nothing to fear irrespective of how vast his power will be.

This. Is. Not. Acceptable.

First of all, a preliminary consideration, and one who requires some strong words. Francis is a slimy, godless rapscallion. No one with a brain trusts a slimy, godless rapscallion. Anyone who tells you – Fellay not excluded – that an agreement must be accepted which is depending in any measure on trusting a slimy, godless rapscallion is trying to sell you out.

Any agreement, any agreement at all, can only work if FrancisChurch has no power and no influence whatsoever on the Society. If you say it's unrealistic, I say “who cares”. No doctor has prescribed this medicine. The SSPX will keep thriving without any agreement and without any reconciliation.

Reconciliation can wait. Truth must never be abandoned.

The agreement is fundamentally flawed because of the Trojan Horse it introduces within the Society: a man factually from outside, on whom the destiny of the Order depends. A man who can, alone, make or destroy the Society. The SSPX is too valuable to all of us for a risk like that. This risk would be unacceptable even if the bishop were Padre Pio, because you don't know what would happen after him. This would also be unacceptable because the destiny of the order cannot be put in the hands of one man. Even the saintliest man can be duped by evil Vatican schemers. As it is now, the way the SSPX trains and recruits his priests avoids this risk. Also, there are various safeguards meant to prevent a sellout (see below). But when people start coming from outside, invited by one who came from outside, without further checks and balances, all bets are off.

This solution, as it has been outlined, is not acceptable. It is the work of the devil. If Bishop Fellay dares to present something like that – and there are so further safeguards about the assets, the new admissions, the running of the seminaries, etc. – he has lost face, showed himself as a traitor and sellout, and must be made to go. I am saying here that if the proposal is the one outlined not only the measure should be rejected, but bishop Fellay should be made to renounce his position.

Huge caveat: this presupposes that there are no further guarantees and safeguards than the ones in the video. However, if there are, bishop Fellay should have talked at length about it – again: way of admission of new members; who controls the assets; how decisions are taken, etc. – instead of telling us that rubbish about the good pope Francis who wants the good of Traditionalism.

This little blog has always been extremely appreciative of both Fellay and the society. But not for one moment will I hesitate to attack this man with all the energy with which I attack the Evil Clown himself, if he is truly preparing to sell out in the manner described above.

Every agreement must keep the SSPX utterly and completely immune from every germ coming from the Vatican. If Francis wants this in order to bolster his “diversity” credential, it's his choice. But no Fellay will let us believe that we must trust – let me say this again, because there is an awful lot at stake here – a slimy rapscallion like Francis.

The stakes are immense. The FSSP and the other traditional orders – nay: every Summorum Pontificum mass – exist merely because the SSPX is out there. Once the SSPX has been infiltrated and destroyed or made unrecognisable, all other congregations and simple TLM masses would fall like dominos. Too much is at stake for any idiot – much less a smart guy like Fellay – to bet the farm of Christ on Francis' utterly ridiculous supposed good faith.

— ——-

We were informed years ago that the members of the SSPX will have to approve with absolute majority any agreement. This is, therefore, not in the hands of Fellay and a few others.

It is now time to sound the alarm on the blogosphere, in newspapers, on Internet fora, in every Catholic outlet. Please contact any SSPX member you know and express your concerns. Please make the ordinary SSPX members know that this is – if no further safeguards are there – an extremely dangerous situation, in no way corresponding to the bishop's very naive – or disingenuous – words.

There should never be any agreement that allow the Vatican any measure of influence or control of the Society. Not until the Vatican keeps resembling a homosexual brothel. Until the situation improves, the only acceptable “reconciliation” is the one by which the SSPX continues exactly as it is now, with no possibility whatsoever of infiltration, and Pope Francis may in return brag about how “diverse” he is. You don't open yourself to even the risk of infiltration, is all.

Pray for the society, that they may not be devoured by the wolves.

And remember the saying: corruptio optimi pessima.



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  1. As I understand it, the SSPX bishop is picked by pope from 3 candidates presented from the SSPX. This is strictly an internal matter for the SSPX. Nobody from the outside will be coming in.

    I have been following this over the last few days. Have the transcripts up on my site from the relevent part.

    No sell out is immanant. Full stop.

    What is interesting though is that the CDF appears to be siding with the SSPX. At last plenary session, only ONE cardinal was for SSPX agreeing to VII. All else were for the Pozzo option, i.e. VII is not dogma, does not need to be accepted.

    Listen to the tape closely. It is very good for our side.

    • I disagree. Fellay says they would become SSPX members before ordination (can’t watch the video now). The three won’t be the three bishops.

      Even so, this is too much power in the hands of one man. One mistake, and we’re all screwed. Now they need a majority even to approve any agreement with the Vatican.

      They would be one nincompoop (or sellout) away from self-destruction.


  2. Here is the transcript:

    “And in fact, Rome is offering us a new body. At the head, a bishop. This bishop, chosen by the pope, with (from) three names, which a presented by the Society and taken in the Society. This bishop will have authority above (over) the priests. Above the religious who want to be members. And above the Faithful. All Sacraments, (to) the Faithful (who) will belong to this body, will have the strict right to receive all the Sacraments from priests of the Society. All Sacraments, Marriage included. The bishop will have the right to have schools, seminaries, ordinations. Even to make new religious congregations. And accept inside, other who would like to join. It is something like a super diocese. Autonomous from the local bishops. In other words, for you, no change to what you have now. The only thing, it will be with the recognition that you are Catholics.”

  3. Here is the part about the CDF plenaria:

    “We’ve been told that at the last meeting of the Congregation of the Faith, where they all meet together, all the cardinals and bishops which are members, we call that a plenaria, this is the full meeting, there was only one cardinal who said, ‘no, no. no, the Society must absolutely accept the whole council’. And other voices who said ‘these people do only one thing, (that is) to repeat what the Church has always taught’. So you see, there is something on the move…”

    • Encouraging, but it does not mean much. These are the same cardinals who are silent in front of AL. They would be silent if the SSPX were dismantled.

    • My last words until you watch 5/6 and 6/6 videos is this: +Fellay has played it very well up to now. The pressure to sign was much greater at end of BXVI pontificate than it is now. I personally think that Francis will recognize them unilaterally anyways. And as long as they don’t give up the title to their property, no sweat. As to infiltration, that would take years. By that time, we will be living in a different “space/time”. (That’s FrancisSpeak if you didn’t notice 😉 )

    • If they allow a bishop to take new people in, it is very probable that they will give him control over the assets. A catastrophe in the making.

      If they don’t want to give him control over the assets, it is reasonable that they would not give him control over “new entries” either: that is, that such decisions would be left to either a qualified committee above suspicion, or to the members at large. Not dissimilarly to an English club, where every prospective member can be – anonymously – “blackballed”.

      Everything else smells of treason.

      Frankly, I smell treason.


  4. Franciscus has stated that he is to institute decentralisation/devolution of The Church, such could be construed as the creation of ‘national churches’ – with only tenuous ties to Rome. Where and how would SSPX exist in that format?

    The appointment of an independent bishop, if my memory serves me correctly, was done with FFI or at least certainly something similar.

    SSPX should wait until Franciscus has departed and then assess his successor. If we have another rigged papal election forget it. The other Traditional Orders, clergy, religious and laity should now be considering their own situations viz a vis Franciscus’ building framework of power.

    • If I were Fellay I would say this:

      “We get all control, all the money, all the possible autonomy.

      You get to say you are the one who reconciled the SSPX”

      Every “trust”, particularly if involving FrancisChurch, is presenting your throat to a robber trusting he will not slit it at some point.


  5. While I can’t say I’m any kind of Fellaytio devotee, it does seem Fellay has been playing both sides against the middle in this concern. And for some time now.

    I believe that all Catholics have a vested interest in requiring a successful outcome as it pertains to the SSPX. For all the right reasons you’ve outlined, Sir Mundy.

    Unfortunately, and if need be, Fellay will have to be tossed under the double-decker bus should he get too cute by half and decides to toss his anchor in Lake Bergie (a cesspool of rubbish, human waste and sordid vanities).

  6. ilovevictoriasbows

    Hasn’t Bishop Fellay, following Lefebvre’s lead, stated that SSPX must be accepted “as is”? As is, doesn’t include a Trojan horse.

    • The bishop coming from outside and doing whatever he pleases is the very definition of Trojan Horse.

      What Fellay said yesterday is irrelevant today. Reality consists of actual facts, not past declarations.

  7. Actually he said “… at the head, a bishop. This bishop choosing.. choosed.. by the pope, with three names, which are presented by the Society, and taken IN Society.

    See Go to the 3:00 mark to listen to it in context. The sentence I quoted starts at 3:13.

    Accounting for the fact that his first language is not English, I think it is clear that he’s saying that the bishop would come from within the Society. So I don’t see this as a danger. If, on the other hand, you are correct about the bishop possibly being from outside the Society, then I agree with you. I just don’t think Fellay is that naive.

    Also, he said he’s waiting to accept the proposal to make sure it’s sincere. He said it may be several years before they accept it. Perhaps he’s waiting for the next pope.

    • But no.
      You can’t be taken in unless you come from outside. That’s exactly the point.

      Fellay knows English well enough to know the difference between “taken from within” and “taken in”, which means exactly its contrary. .

      If the bishop were to be chosen strictly within the society this would be much better, but it would still be fraught with big risks, as this man could be bought, cajoled, or deceived into some sort of surrender because “Francis wants the good of Trafitionalism”.


  8. Why would a lifeboat full of people want to get back *on* the Titanic? Why would it not make sure that those on the lifeboat are safe, and as far as possible help the other lifeboats and passengers who may have jumped off the sinking ship into the cold water? Why the rush to “reconcile” at all?

    The Modernist Church is the Titanic. Its only purpose is to serve as a convenient structure to build up the masonic one-world religion. Either it will be successful (for the moment), which would ensure a long period of persecution for all genuine Christians, or it will fail, in which case it will wither and die, to be replaced by the remnants of the True Church, some of which are currently under the protection of the SSPX.

    In either case, it is better to remain at arm’s length. By all means, have discussions, take the temperature in Rome from time to time, get in touch and work with traditional Catholics inside the institutional Catholic Church. If the Pope wants to talk to you, go to Rome and try to convert him to Catholicism. There is an outside chance, God being all-powerful, that you might even succeed. If he wants to declare publicly that you are “in full communion” or “have hobbit hair under your feet” or whatever, he is within his rights to do so, and you will see no need to contradict him.

    But there is no reason, none at all, to get any closer than that. Anything more would endanger the essential mission of the SSPX which is to guard and preserve the Faith, the Sacraments, the Apostolic Succession of bishops, against any possible corruption by modernism (past, present and future), so that, whether in ten years or in a thousand generations, the Faith, the Sacraments and the Hierarchy (bishops) will be available, whole and inviolate, for the restoration. Other traditional groups and individuals may need to take the fight to the inside of Modernism Inc., but the SSPX needs to guard with holy zeal what has been providentially entrusted to her.

    • You write “But there is no reason, none at all, to get any closer than that.” In general, I agree with you, except for this: Ultimately, the essential mission of the SSPX is the salvation of souls. This may be best accomplished by, as you say, preserving the faith and sacraments, etc. But there are many souls who would approach the SSPX if it weren’t for their doubts about the liceity of the sacraments administered by SSPX priests.

      I, too, am supremely suspicious of the current pontiff, and would want it clearly spelled out in the statutes that either 1) the SSPX gets to choose their own bishop, subject to the pope’s approval (much like the other personal prelature, Opus Dei, does), or 2) the pope can choose the bishop only from among the SSPX’s priests. Preferably the first option. Fellay should hold out for that clarity, at least.

      But should the SSPX be offered a personal prelature with true autonomy of leadership, true ownership of property and real estate, true freedom to continue to offer the sacraments according to the 1962 missal, and true freedom to choose who to admit to the prelature, all of this IN PERPETUITY, then I think they will have guaranteed the preservation of the faith and sacraments as much as they will ever be able to do, and should consider accepting the offer.

    • The fact is, it does not seem (for all we know) that such guarantees are offered.
      A man 1) guaranteed from inside, who 2) cannot dispose of the assets or accept new members alone would certainly do the trick. But it does not seem the agreement has the one or the other provision.

      As for the lukewarm sympathisers, though luck.
      Live by V II, die by V II.


    • @Matt Collins,
      you write: ” Ultimately, the essential mission of the SSPX is the salvation of souls. This may be best accomplished by, as you say, preserving the faith and sacraments, etc. But there are many souls who would approach the SSPX if it weren’t for their doubts about the liceity of the sacraments administered by SSPX priests.”

      While I also agree in general with your reply, please allow me to offer two points in response:

      1) Of course, the essential mission of the SSPX is the salvation of souls, but that is true both of the Church as a whole and of every single part of it. Nevertheless, there is a reasonable division of labor in regard to the common goal. The specific mission of the SSPX from its inception (as articulated by its saintly founder) has been firstly, to safeguard the traditional formation of priests, and secondly, to preserve the Traditional Mass and sacraments. Because some sacraments need to be administered by a bishop (most importantly, the sacrament of ordination, which is central to the specific mission of the SSPX), the SSPX also needs a line of Apostolic Succession that is independent of all modernist admixture.

      2) While it would be great if those doubting souls were to approach the SSPX, there are other traditional societies allowing them access to the Traditional Mass, the Faith and everything that goes with it. I do not believe that the SSPX is necessary for salvation. Because of that, the SSPX does not necessarily need to attract all traditional Catholics; it is sufficient that the society exists as a safe repository, which by its mere existence also protects the other traditional societies.

      In my view, every part of the wide range of traditionalism – the diocesan TLM of a faithful priest, the Ecclesia Dei societies, the SSPX, independent chapels, the so-called “Resistance”, Bishop Williamson, and their supporters, and whatever other traditionalist splinter groups there might be – serves its own specific purpose, has its own little part to play in the divine business of saving souls as well as combating modernism. I believe in big-tent Traditionalism. Let those who doubt the liceity of SSPX sacraments attend diocesan or Ecclesia Dei TLMs. I do not see why the SSPX should risk its own safety (and accordingly the safety of the whole Traditional Remnant which would be pulverized if the SSPX were to fall, however unlikely you may think it to be), in order to attract souls that are, as evidenced by their very care and worry about “liceity” and following the rules of the Church, and their healthy scrupulosity about their spiritual and moral lives, not especially likely to be led to damnation in any case.

  9. Let me post a different question. What tangible material benefits do Fellay, SSPX, et al receive through such an agreement? The biggest benefit for the Vatican would be to co-opt SSPX, thereby removing another in-house critic. But what does SSPX get in return?

    • Fellay become Cardinal, that much is sure.

      As for the others, it depends of how gullible they are.

      This, of course, if no new information comes out.


    • There seems to be people who think it is so important to be “recognised” by a bunch of perverts.
      I would prefer to die in the uncompromising decision to be recognised by two thousand years of Christianity.

  10. The SSPX have bishops with undoubtedly valid rites of consecration, outside not so much. A sedevacantist/sededeprivationist would hardly be used, whether due to their dogmatic position on the Papacy, or simply because they like the formation of an SSPX bishop (eg Bp Daniel Dolan has barely any Latin, leaving aside the issue of his problematic one handed ordination). There are Traditional minded bishops in the Conciliar Church, but all were consecrated with the highly doubtful Paul VI Rite. Mundabor is right to wonder what ‘taken in the society’ means, as it’s poor English. We are in this crisis because of the ‘pastoral’ Vatican II, a master class of ambiguous language.

    • To me “taken in” can only mean that someone who was out is then in. I really can’t see any other interpretation.

      But even if they were taken *from*, it would still be too dangerous. The Vatican woul dhave to corrupt of cajole or threaten one man only, and Bob’s your uncle..

    • i doubt money per se is a big factor.
      The Church can still mobilise unlimited amounts of money. The 1,2 or 3 billion (if so much) the SSPX might have would be little more than a drop in the ocean.

  11. My whole adult life has been as a supporter/attendee of the SSPX and their Masses, raising my children there, and now seeing my little grandchildren baptized at their chapels. I worked hard to establish the first SSPX chapel in my part of the US. That said, if Bishop Fellay, whom I have always respected, does not safeguard the Society he has inherited, I will move on to an allowed diocesan Tridentine Mass, even though I will not like to do so. Still, I hope to think the good Bishop has better sense than that, and will continue the fine work his predecessor did. He will not live it down if he abandons the work of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Those faithful Catholics remaining will be left to pick up the pieces, and that can happen, but slowly…it will set the movement back many years. I watch and pray.

  12. I agree, English is not +Fellay’s first language. To me his English is very choppy. I think further clarification needs to come forth before we all jump off the cliff on this one. I attend a SSPX chapel…I have not heard a peep about this “proposal.

    From my perspective, I see this as a big chess game between the Society and the Vatican. If the SSPX says “no” then they are schismatics….not in “partial communion” anymore. If they say “yes” then they run the risk of the unthinkable if they do not have an iron clad “agreement”

    • English isn’t my first language either, but then again if I say something people believe me for what I say until I correct myself.

      Note that there was no explanation of the SSPX stating that Bishop Fellay expressed himself in the wrong way, and now several days have passed.


  13. As I read through these comments, I cannot help but think of the cloistered nuns who are now under the Pope’s radar. He wants them to become more Vatican II sensitive & will check on them to make sure they are following through with their new mission. Heaven only knows what will happen to them if they do not change with the times!
    While at the same time, the “nuns on the bus” & other pantsuit wearing sisters are free to frolic around & celebrate the new earth mercy talk emanating from the Vatican.
    It makes one wonder what’s next!?!

  14. I agree with you, M. No need now for SSPX to join PF and his gang who have done a lot of lying, cheating and betraying already. They will stab on your back just as they decimated FFI. Their promotion of modernism (rattle snake doctrines) have wounded badly the RCC. Remember PF and the gang’s first priority is to eliminate all traditional priests in order to have total control of the Church. Please be wise and have no deal with them. May Holy Spirit show SSPX especially bishop Fellay the truth.

  15. M, I think you will find this very interesting. Perhaps you will wish to comment on it in a separate blog post?

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