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Francis Is But A Blip In The Church’s Radar

He is so little I can't even see him...

It never ceases to amaze me how some Catholics, particularly Converts, stake so much on the holiness or the Pope. Where I come from, this is superstition for the uneducated.

Grow up in Italy and get a good education, and every illusion about the obligatory saintliness of the Pope will be taken away from you at a very young age. From the ferocious battles among Roman patrician families of, say, the X to XIII Century, to the Great Western Schism, to the plethora of, in some cases, astonishingly corrupted Popes (Benedict IX anyone?) there is little to corroborate the theory. Italian Catholics of the more educated sort know all that. To them, it is part of the complex fabric of human sinfulness. They understand the greatness and Indefectibility of the Church exactly when comparing it with the savagely bad leadership she got for such long periods of time.

There is nothing, in Italy, of this crawling Papolatry. Popes are called, without any evil intent, by their family names: Papa Pacelli, Papa Roncalli, Papa Montini…. Try that in England, and there is sure to be someone ready to attack you because you have “belittled the Pope”.

Then there are the sayings: “stare come un papa”, “dormire come un papa”, “mangiare come un papa” and the best of them all, “morto un papa se ne fa un altro”; all of the indicating a healthy, very Italian way of looking at the Papacy.

Therefore, an Italian Catholic will be saddened, and enraged, at the rapscallion we have currently in charge. However, he could never, ever lose his faith because the Pope of the day is an idiot, an evil man, or an outright bastard.

Francis happens. It has happened in the past, it will happen in the future. It happens, however, mostly in times of corruption, either within the Church or among Catholics at large.

We are living one of those period. Good. Let our faith be tested and found not wanting.

“But Mundabor, Mundabor! What happens now is unprecedented!”

Calm down.

Marcellinus' offence to the First Commandment was unprecedented. Liberius' cowardly siding with heresy and forbidding the Creed was unprecedented. The Synodus Horrenda and the ferocious controversies of the following years were unprecedented. John XXII's threat to proclaim a blasphemous “dogma” was unprecedented. The Schism in 1066 was unprecedented. The Western Schism was unprecedented. The Popes leaving Rome to go to a nicer place was unprecedented. The explosion of successful heresies in the XVI Century was unprecedented. WW I was unprecedented. Hiroshima was unprecedented. The factual wiping out of Christianity from half Europe was unprecedented. The life of Christians has often had these unprecedented events. Well, you know what? Add to the list the stupid, lewd, Socialist, Atheist Pope, and you have just another episode in the history of Fallen Man.

You don't like Francis? How would you like the state of utter confusion for several decades of two or three people claiming to be Pope, and with a claim strong enough that even Saints side with the Antipope? Did the Christians lose their faith? Well not those faithful, for sure!

“But Mundabor, Mundabor! Now all the world listens to what the Pope says!”

Their fault if they listen and believe. Never has the quisque de populo been, on average, so literate and so able to inform himself about what is what, no matter what letters the Pope writes around. Therefore, no heretical Pope of the past has been, in fact, so impotent as the Evil Clown is now.

Francis cannot steal one single soul. Those who decide to get lost through him are Reprobates willingly refusing to accept the Truth, and using Francis only as a convenient excuse. Let them eat and drink their own damnation, together with their evil leader. Pray for the poor bastards, and pity them exceedingly. But never, ever lose your faith.

And in all you do, for Heaven's sake believe in One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church. Not in the homemade dogma of the saintly pope.

Francis is a blip in the Church's radar. Like Julian the Apostate or Diocletian, he will be remembered only to show the Indefectibility of the Church. And he will go one day, the old, lewd, lurid rapscallion. He will stretch his paws (another Italian expression for you, courtesy of your humble correspondent) and we will be in with another chance.

But we must pray, and do penance.



SSPX: Provisional All-Clear



You will remember my corruptio optimi pessima blog post of only some days ago. The main issues there were the following: 

  1. A bishop coming from outside and appointed from the Pope among a terna chosen by the SSPX
  2. The possibility of this bishop to have sweeping powers concerning, inter alia, new admissions, with a huge danger of infiltration of V II elements. 
  3. The ability of this bishop, which could be reasonably inferred from his extensive powers, to dispose of the assets as he sees fit, with the imaginable consequences. 

I had expressed, on that occasion, my hope that this turned out not to be so. Fortunately, it did turn out not to be so. 

Louie Verrecchio writes the following on his blog (emphasis mine): 

Just to make certain, I reached out to the District House of SSPX here in the U.S. for clarification and was informed that my understanding is correct; i.e., the terna – should it come to this – will not include anyone from outside of the Society.

Point 1. of the above is therefore out-of-the-way. There would be no infiltration even indirectly piloted from the Vatican. The breeze you’re noticing now is my sigh of relief. 

But what about points 2 and 3?

Here too, the excellent Mr Verrecchio comes to the rescue. 

I was cautioned to keep in mind that the proposed prelature, from the standpoint of the Society, is entirely contingent upon Rome accepting certain non-negotiable conditions; e.g., no doctrinal compromises will be made by the SSPX, and the Society must be entirely free to continue preaching and practicing as it always has.

Note the reference to “practicing”. If we read it together with the above we come back to what I touched upon in another post of mine, 

It appears the problem of who controls what, and what the powers of the Vatican after a possible “reconciliation” will be, has been recognised by the SSPX and is being dealt with accordingly: we do not trust you and we want to have total autonomy just as before, is the message. I read this yesterday, and it truly made my day.

In consideration of all this, I think it is fair to give a (provisional) all-clear. There will be other occasions to be worried, but sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Two (or four) words of conclusion. Why, some would ask, has your humble correspondent shot with the Great Bertha at the first sign of danger?

For the following reasons:

  1. The words in themselves were alarming. The fact that it turned out that the words were actually wrong does not mean the alarm was not justified. The very words were there. 
  2. This was compounded by other very alarming statements of the bishop: “[Francis] wants the good of tradition, he wants tradition to […] spread in the Church”. Really? This can be dismissed as some form of not very clever diplomacy now, but it could not be dismissed so easily then. It frankly had the smell of betrayal. 
  3. The SSPX is the greatest bastion of Catholic orthodoxy remained. It is the beacon that will – God willing – lead a perverted Vatican back to the path of virtue. And Satan is obviously working against it. Allow me to take every signal that the smoke of Satan might be entering it extremely seriously, and to sound the alarm as loud as I can.
  4. This blog has always believed reality must be seen as it is, instead of fabricating a parallel world to accommodate our illusions. If I see that the SSPX might be giving up, how many times I have said they will never do so it’s irrelevant. If I smell betrayal, I will tell you so. It does not matter how dear the SSPX is to me or to you. Truth first. 

Well, this is it then. You can sleep at night again.

For now. 




Meet The “Deplorables”





The video and excerpt is here

Still, I do not resist and have to put the most interesting part here below. The emphases are mine.  

“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?” she said to applause and laughter. “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.”

There is more than this. Already the fact that this woman already uses “marriage equality” for something she would not even dare to mention even a few years ago tells you she will treat you like you are the Ku Klux Klan. 

This is one of the rare moments in which Crooked Hillary shows her real face. Not the advisor-led platitudes, the trite slogans, the tired divisive propaganda. No. Here, Crooked Hillary showed her blank hatred for you. 

You must realise (I know you do; but this is indirectly addressed to your relatives, friends, and coworkers) that Hillary hates you like she hates Monica, more than she hates Monica. She hates you with a passion. She wants to destroy all you represent, all you believe in. She will not hesitate in going against you personally, against your freedom, against your livelihood.

This woman must be stopped. And the way to stop her is to refuse to be  a sanctimonious Judas   , hold your nose (if needs be) and

vote for Trump. 

You may not believe (as I do) that Trump really can “Make America Great Again”. But you are not allowed to be so blind that you do not see what a disaster America would become with 4 (or 8) years of this harridan in power.

You are a Deplorable.

She will crush you.

Don’t let her thread on you. 




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