Selling Out To The Wolves.

Two of a (V II) kind.

The figure of Pope Ratzinger is becoming more tragic by the month. A man obviously still in full possession of his mental faculties, this man has sold out to FrancisChurch is such an obvious, pathetic, abject way that it is impossible not to feel profound pity, mixed with justified disgust, at his behaviour.

He reminds me of the main character of Giorgio Bassani's novel, Gli Occhiali d'Oro, in which the poor (homosexual) man loses every dignity and reserve, and just abandons himself to his own depravity, not caring for what the world thinks. Benedict is doing exactly the same: in his old age, he is abandoning himself to a shameless orgy of Modernism; shamelessly exhibiting himself in boundless praises of the man he must know is causing faithful – if weak – Catholics the world over sentiments of confusion, desperation, loss of faith, utter disorientation.

The leaking of the famous letter with which Francis has all but proclaimed formal heresy (I will write about it in due time) came only days after the publication of Ratzinger's demeaning licking of Francis' (black) boots. I don't think it was a coincidence. I think when Ratzinger publicly went to bed with Satan, Francis or someone in his entourage decided to have his letter “leaked”.

The spectacle is terrifying. It's like seeing an old man, known all his life for proper behaviour, squandering all his patrimony in a brothel in his last months of life, for everyone to see, without caring of the consequences; nay, telling everyone how fresh and savoury the prostitutes are. With the difference that Benedict is even worse than such a man, his deception far more subtle and diabolical, the confusion he engenders among the faithful much more terrible.

Benedict has demeaned himself to Francis' MiniMe. He gives the impression of someone – like the old man in the brothel – who feels finally free to abandon himself to a behaviour for which he never had the courage before; someone simply giving himself up to Satan, and savouring the moment, and enjoying the excitement of it all.

The man has not been living on Mars since 2013. He has less excuses than Stalin. He has just given way to heretical tendencies that must have been deep for a long time, and have been kept in check by the Church he still had around him. Until, as for the old man in the brothel, the floodgate of decency finally gave way.

The only good aspect of this is that after the pathetic spectacle of an ex pope licking the boots of his successor, not many will want to follow his example. We have had enough of old idiots who resign because they can't be the star of a lurid pop fest. Actually, we have had enough of old idiots, full stop.

What a sad, tragic spectacle. What a cautionary tale. What a pathetic old sellout.

Pray for the old, wretched man.

Not only did he flee from the wolves.

He now longs to be one of them himself.



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  1. Great post…..thank you and God bless!

  2. “It’s like seeing an old man, known all his life for proper behaviour, squandering all his patrimony in a brothel in his last months of life, for everyone to see, without caring of the consequences; nay, telling everyone how fresh and savoury the prostitutes are.”

    Fans of old movies know this story: it’s called “The Blue Angel”. And the ending is so depressing, I’ve only managed to watch it once all the way through. (The 1959 version might have been even worse. Great movies, but so depressing.)


    • Sorry to be picky, but “The Blue Angel” is taken from the excellent Novel from Heinrich Mann (the brother of the more famous, but in my eyes not more talented, Thomas Mann), called “Professor Unrat”. I have read the novel in German. First class.

      “Gli Occhiali d’ Oro”, however, is from our very own Giorgio Bassani, and if you read the novel in Italian you would understand what a giant of a writer this (alas, Jewish) man was. A movie was made many years ago, called in English “The Gold Rimmed glasses” (English for “gli occhiali d’oro”), with the always excellent Philippe Noiret but which I have never seen.

  3. He reminds me of the professor in the Blue Angel. Of course there is the theory that he was blackmailed into renouncing the active papacy and now he’s being blackmailed into doing this. A lousy theory true, but I can’t think of anything else that would explain the things he has done and what he has become.

    • An utterly absurd theory. Only an evil man would consent to such evil to save, what, three years of life?

      It’ s more believable that Stalin was forced to purge 90% of his generals by Cinderella.


  4. We only have hearsay information about this. Maybe he didn’t say it.

    • Another very stupid comment, indicating that there are people, presumably adult and with a functioning brain, who become utter idiots when P{ope Benedict is concerned.


      WAKE UP!

  5. Your pont is valid. But I can’t help leaving open the bare possibility that he is acting according to the express orders of our Lady– part of her plan to allow the church to be decimated and eclipsed so that her triumph will be attributed solely to her. You know, tied up with Fatima.

    I realize that humanly speaking thus chance is laughable. But I wish it to be so, for it is the only way to reconcile the pope of Summorum Pontificum with this sad and bizarre behavior.

    God have mercy on him, and us.

    • Get rid of this stupid, childish, blasphemous fantasies.

      The blessed Virgin would never order anyone to commit evil.

      How did you get to think this rubbish in the first place?


  6. The truth hurts. I always thought most highly of Pope Benedict and tried to read most of his books. Who would have thought?

    I will tell you who would have thought: Romano Amerio in his book ‘Iota Unum’–A study of changes in the Catholic Church in the XXth Century. Well worthwhile read.

    What are seeing from Pope Francis and his followers is the true game plan of Vatican II coming to light, i.e., pure humanistic secularized Modernism where Man is all.

  7. These prostitutes turned out to be… nice. They are just good people trying to make a good living, no need to judge… How silly he was, before Francis taught him to smell the sheep!

    God’s children were created capable of virtue, and I encourage them. This is perceived as a judgemental attitude, for we are perfect “just the way we are”. Now I see that base, animal behaviour is believed natural and innocent. Fornication in the streets is already happening. [I had two reports from family recently. There were bushes nearby, but they chose the middle of the street.]

    Is it possible that clergy men sincerely doubt their ability to properly judge regular people (those living the real, “messy” lives), once they lost faith in the wisdom of the Church and relativized truth? Now the Church allegedly needs discerning confessors, skilled at proper identification of shades of grey? Is there still black and white to discern? Each “discerner”, not guided by any objective standards, will do as he sincerely will, in a true satanic fashion.

    Is old Ratzinger falling for the lie of the innocence of man as species of ape?

    Each human life with its weaknesses and lies is very convincing. it can draw us in. Hollywood is perfect at crashing all our reservations about evil. It creates a fake reality, where a villain is really a hero worthy of admiration. When desensitized toward ugliness, toward sin, we begin to feel guilty for repulsion toward falsehood, lie and sin.

    Soon we overlook them on account of the good that can be found in each ape/clown.

  8. Life Site News reports that the Italian Supreme Court has decriminalized public masturbation. You can guess what will be next.

  9. Pope Benedict wrote a trilogy of books on Christ before he retired ,in book two he claimed that when Christ on the Cross said to His Mother “Woman behold thy Son “and to St John “Son behold Thy Mother” He was most likely simply committing His Mother to the care of St John.In that statement he was stripping the Virgin Mary of her title Spiritual Mother of all those redeemed by Christ .I never got to book three ,its these small statements that are slowly but surely chipping away at the Faith,and Pope Benedict has made quite a few of them.

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