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LetterGate: Francis, Like Honorius, Publicly Proclaims Heresy And Must Now Be Deposed

Louie Verrecchio explains the unfolding of the events so well, that I suggest you read it on his site directly.

I will, here, make some comment about the significance of the announcement made some days ago: that the letter is, in fact, from the Pope.

I do not care a straw whether this is material, or formal, or Argentinian, or (as it certainly is) satanical heresy. Every Catholic who is interested in avoiding hell must now see the the Pope goes around proclaiming, encouraging, and very soon enforcing heresy.

All those prelates who had thought they could avoid having to take a stance because in their (blinded, or worse) eyes the document was orthodox are now in front of the confirmation, from the very source, that this is not the case. The document is heretical, and the Pope himself states urbi et orbi that there is no other possible interpretation.

From Bishop Schneider (the only one among the Bishops who had the nerve to criticise the document and ask for amendments and clarifications) to Cardinal Burke, every bishop and Cardinal has now the duty to denounce the heretical Pope, and may the Lord save them from hell if they don’t. Cardinal Burke’s position is now particularly embarrassing, as he had dared to even attack those who gave the heretical interpretation (which was and is, papa docet, “the only possible one”) instead of attacking heresy.

Heresy is now officially there, Cardinal Burke! What new excuse, what new fig leaf are you going to find now?

The comparison with Honorius is striking: a letter confirming a heretical position, issued by the Pope himself. It was enough to declare Honorius a heretic. It is more than enough (when added to the other antics of the Evil Clown) to depose Francis.

Some might say that in the same way as Honorius was declared a heretic after his death, so it would be “prudent” to do the same with Francis. This is very wrong.

Firstly, it is evident that in Honorius’ time the bishops were weak, not prudent: Marcellinus was immediately called to answer for his act, amidst the most terrible persecution the Chuch had ever experienced and with the obvious financial, logistic and organisational nightmares; and no “prudence” then. Therefore, it is clear this kind of prudence is the product of weakness. Secondly, the modern age of instant communication allows Francis to spread his heresy far more rapidly than Honorius ever could. The time to act is now.

What happens if the bunch of effeminate cowards we call Bishops and Cardinals do, as widely expected, nothing? We, the faithful, keep denouncing not only the heretical Pope, but them too as his accomplices and enablers. We, the faithful, keep crying out to heaven for an end of this chastisement. We, the faithful, keep doing everything like our forefathers did, refusing to give consent, or follow, or even be silent in front of every new attack to Christ and His Sacrament perpetrated by this abominable man.

Whether Francis is factually deposed or not has no bearing on the fact that we now have an officially, publicly heretical Pope. Those who agree with him – no matter how many – belong to Satan. Those who are silent are Satan’s cowardly accomplices. Those who denounce him as heretic are the people of God.

As the next abyss opens under our feet, we look to heaven, and pray that the Lord may rid us of this Attila soon.





Be Prepared



As we enter a new, rather apocalyptic phase of this Pontificate ( a Pope who, like Honorius, formally confirms error in a letter to a bishop; for the record, this was enough to have man declared heretic after his death, with no need for formal and official pronouncements on his part) it is the duty of every solid Catholic to prepare himself for a prolonged phase of chaos.

Once again, I warn all my readers from listening to prophets of doom and assorted Millenarists: those, that is, who tell you that the world must be at an end, or a Great Chastisement must be behind the door. These will be the first ones at the risk of losing their faith if (as is, make no mistake, by far the most probable hypothesis) neither the Great Chastisement nor Armageddon happen.

The solid Catholic, rooted in faith and in history, knows that phases of chaos can go on for several generations (see IX-XI century for just one example). He must, therefore, be equipped for a Hundred Year War, rather than for an always possible, but still fairly improbable Judgment Day. We don’t know the day nor the hour. Therefore, let’s not play the prophets.

Be prepared for two decades of Francis II Schoenborn, followed by three decades of Francis III Tagle. Be prepared for confusion going on for many decades. Be prepared for absolutely everything under the sun.

Never waiver. Never lose faith. You are being tested.

What is infinitely more important to you than every amount of chaos out there is a) whether you pass the test, and b) whether you help others to do the same. Think of the chances! To be in Christ’s minority, vilified and mocked, and to still keep both the faith and the guts to defend it! Is there merit in that, or not!? We have possibilities to gain Brownie points our ancestors did not have. But we must be prepared, lest we start shivering and wavering when the Evil Clown and his successors outdo each other in heresy and blasphemy.

Strengthen your faith nourishing it from orthodox books, and encyclicals from truly Catholic Popes. Water it with prayer. Fertilise it with penance. Make this time a time of growth, not of doubt. Satan will take very many of this disgraceful generation; but, God willing, not you, and not as many as you can help of the ones you love.

Be strong, be patient, be brave.

But most of all: be prepared for an ocean of excrement.





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