Be Prepared



As we enter a new, rather apocalyptic phase of this Pontificate ( a Pope who, like Honorius, formally confirms error in a letter to a bishop; for the record, this was enough to have man declared heretic after his death, with no need for formal and official pronouncements on his part) it is the duty of every solid Catholic to prepare himself for a prolonged phase of chaos.

Once again, I warn all my readers from listening to prophets of doom and assorted Millenarists: those, that is, who tell you that the world must be at an end, or a Great Chastisement must be behind the door. These will be the first ones at the risk of losing their faith if (as is, make no mistake, by far the most probable hypothesis) neither the Great Chastisement nor Armageddon happen.

The solid Catholic, rooted in faith and in history, knows that phases of chaos can go on for several generations (see IX-XI century for just one example). He must, therefore, be equipped for a Hundred Year War, rather than for an always possible, but still fairly improbable Judgment Day. We don’t know the day nor the hour. Therefore, let’s not play the prophets.

Be prepared for two decades of Francis II Schoenborn, followed by three decades of Francis III Tagle. Be prepared for confusion going on for many decades. Be prepared for absolutely everything under the sun.

Never waiver. Never lose faith. You are being tested.

What is infinitely more important to you than every amount of chaos out there is a) whether you pass the test, and b) whether you help others to do the same. Think of the chances! To be in Christ’s minority, vilified and mocked, and to still keep both the faith and the guts to defend it! Is there merit in that, or not!? We have possibilities to gain Brownie points our ancestors did not have. But we must be prepared, lest we start shivering and wavering when the Evil Clown and his successors outdo each other in heresy and blasphemy.

Strengthen your faith nourishing it from orthodox books, and encyclicals from truly Catholic Popes. Water it with prayer. Fertilise it with penance. Make this time a time of growth, not of doubt. Satan will take very many of this disgraceful generation; but, God willing, not you, and not as many as you can help of the ones you love.

Be strong, be patient, be brave.

But most of all: be prepared for an ocean of excrement.





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  1. I would add, the very most of all, pray the Rosary daily.

  2. Reasonable scenario Mundabor. Interesting times ahead. Great opportunity to save your souls and others, too.

  3. We already have suffered decades of betrayal. Maybe, PERHAPS, this is the height, the very pinnacle of what God will endure, and we can begin the descent back to the one, holy Church.

    Maybe yes, maybe not. I think it depends on how we see events from a hundred years ago to now. There was a break in the 1940s-50s, but even then many committed heinous acts: murder of the innocent, divorce, divorce/remarriage, fornication, sodomy that we only hear about now.

    You may be right; we need to be prepared. But on the other hand, it might all be over and on the road to recovery as we now have some hope in Trump and wonder where he came from.

  4. Thank you for the Catholic pep talk, Mundy. It’s a gift you have that you share in just the right moments. May Our Lord bless you abundantly for your charity and encouragement to us fellow soldiers in Christ:+) God bless~

  5. Thank you Mundabor. As someone who is prone to bouts of chronic depression it is very easy for me to go the route that the end is near given what is happening in the Church and the horrors unfolding in society and all the strange occurrences happening in nature. I do my best to stay strong and not be overcome by all the evil. This article, and others you have written help me do that. Kind regards.

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