The Charge Of The Deplorables



I follow the polls about Trump & Crooked Hillary almost every day. I must have written already about the obvious bias of many pollsters (typical ways of distorting a poll: asking to speak to the youngest registered voter in the household, and interviewing more registered Democrats than Republicans when nationwide they are on par). I have also written about the “shy Tory effect”, which has been massive during the Primaries and has certainly not vanished in thin air.

Notwithstanding all this, Trump is gaining ground. Not only he is advancing nationally, but he appears increasingly stronger in Florida and Ohio, with states like Nevada apparently now within reach. I am eagerly awaiting for good news from Pennsylvania, where the “shy Tory effect” might be particularly strong because of the composition of the electorate.

I see two elements of danger now: the first is that Trump might soon give us the next blunder (how long without one now, four weeks?), and the second is that the Libertarian voters would appear to lean for Clinton more than for Trump. If confirmed at the polling station this would be bad news, albeit I can’t imagine Clinton really cleaning up among them.  And no, I do not think many will vote for alternative candidates; in my eyes, it will be like almost always and most supporters of alternative candidates will end up choosing reality and voting Trump or Clinton in the end. 

On the other hand, Crooked Hillary can still self-destroy in a variety of ways: each one of a) further health problems, b) being truly and well beaten by Trump in televised debates and c) being further compromised by Wikileaks revelation could destroy her campaign. She can also help us herself with some other unexpected gift like d) the one with the “Deplorables” (keep pounding on this, dear readers!). 

We shall see. 

Pray for sound voters, and pray for Donald Trump, that he may bring this to a happy end without too many blunders. 

And don’t be a Sanctimonious Judas. 




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  1. To paraphrase George H. W. Bush: Can’t have Hillary, just wouldn’t do. Put your deplorable hat on and vote for Trump.

  2. From personal experience, people who vote for independent candidates will not wait in long lines (queues as you would say) to vote. And the lines will be YUGE. They will most likely stay at home….

  3. Hi, Mundi: Haven’t been in touch for years now, but I do sing your praises now and then.

  4. The November election is coming… and the deplorables come with it.

    I have never been so proud of being labeled a deplorable human being.

  5. Apparently the Libertarian ticket of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld is taking more votes from Clinton than from Trump:

    This is good news for Trump. Remember that many Sanders’ supporters can’t stand Hilary – an unusual situation, as traditionally the supporters of a failed Democratic nominee swing their support to the Democratic who has won the party’s nomination.

    • not sure the first part is good news. As the third party voters tend to decrease as the voting day approach, these could be votes waiting to revert to Hillary. However, I think you are right in saying that this year could be partly different as Hillary might simply fail to mobilise them.

  6. I hope Trump continues to shoot his mouth off. It’s clear that his handlers have found that the more controversial his comments are, the more popular he is. How else to explain, for instance, his latest speech, in which he invites Hillary – since she hates guns so much! – to disarm her protection staff? It would be unbelievably naïve of Trump’s campaign team not to have foreseen the knee-jerk response: that he was asking her to put herself in danger – how dare he?! But they have plainly crunched the numbers and found that, once the first hysterical reaction to the latest “gaffe” has passed, he does better in the polls.

    Perhaps due to immigration “compassion fatigue” the politically-correct soft-left consensus seems to be breaking down in Europe (hence Brexit) and America, and Trump is riding that wave. I wish him luck, since the last thing we Catholics need right now is Son of Obama.

    • Bluntness is good, blunder is bad.
      The one with the disarming is trump at his top game. The one with not wanting to endorse Ryan was just plain childish.

  7. Don’t know if you saw this but it is very uplifting to the Trump movement.
    Deplorable Entrance: Trump Takes Stage to ‘Les Mis’ Song

    • Trump always has full halls. Hillary has a couple of hundred activists. I wonder what that means? 😉

      He should keep pounding on the “Deplorables” thing…

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