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Where Have All The Men Gone?


Limp-wristed Castro lover.


The question in the title is asked in a LifeSiteNews article, and it is answered in a variety of ways, none of them wrong. Yours truly had his own take on the matter  pretty recently, albeit seen from the angle of enviro-faggotry now becoming spread among the Prius Generation*.

I have abandoned the idea that masculinity was shown by physical strength at about third grade, when I started to learn in detail about men who were either at their strongest in their old-ish age (Julius Caesar come to mind) or those greatness was not in the least dependent from their physical strength (Hannibal, say). However, I am sure a Napoleon exuded a masculinity fully uncaring of his small dimensions.

Masculinity consists in thinking, moving, talking, acting, praying like a man. And you are in front of a man who is made in such a way, you will immediately recognise him irrespective of his physical attributes. Which is why the relatively small Putin commands a respect – and exudes a manliness – his much bigger predecessor never had, not even when sober. Though I do not doubt that, when sober and of same age, Eltsin would have defeated Putin in every lumberjack test.

It is wrong to identify masculinity with physical strength, but it is right to see in Obama’s faggoty demeanor a sign of faggotry. It’s the limp-wristedness, not the physical strength, that makes the unmanly man.

* Prius owners of this forum excluded. Though I wish they had a Mustang. 

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