Is Hillary’s Health Problem… Alcohol?


How Hillary prevents “dehydration”…


This one here makes for interesting reading.

Or from here: (emphaisis mine)

A person is more susceptible to pneumonia if they are elderly, have a weakened or compromised immune system, are a cigarette smoker, are an alcoholic or are suffering for some other illness

Or you can read here about (again) the Bronko’s episode, the drinking contest, the (you don’t say?) “accident” of (cough) falling.

Or do you want to know more about what happened in Cartagena?

And several more episodes..

Now “barking Hillary” makes more sense?



No, this is not a “light” problem. Before knowing she was going around barking, I remember reading an article on the “American Thinker” stating her entourage had suggested to her she goes into a clinic to deal with the “problem” before starting the campaign, in order to both keep the issue under control and defuse the otherwise unavoidable rumours, hints and allegations. She apparently declined stating it was not necessary, and the author of the article went on wondering how a person who already has an issue with drinking will react to the prolonged stress of a long, ferocious battle for the White House.

I think I might know how this ended up.







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  1. Wonder when Trump will add ‘drunk’ to ‘crook’ in his description?

    Amazing what we have dredged up for Presidential candidates. Anyway, Catholics must vote for Trump despite their reservations.

    Hillary is a totalitarian monster who approves of mass killing (abortion) and next will be old folks and the infirm (euthanasia). Just like Hitler.

    Hitler and Hillary –two birds of a feather.

  2. Maybe she has Satan in her and she is rotting from the inside out?

  3. Elizabeth Wetherell

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  4. Youtube: “Hillary Clinton’s Illness Revealed” and “Hillary’s 9/11 Health Letter” on Webtech Vidzette channel. It’s excellent – MD says she has Parkinson’s.

  5. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s either alcoholic or a victim of Parkinson’s for one reason: the constant stress involved in being married to a professional philanderer. If I’m right (and who knows if I am), the stress might be one way of deteriorating her immune system, let alone her overall health.

  6. Very interesting. And all this time I have been wondering if it wasn’t a cocaine “problem”!

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