The Mother Of The Idiot




They say in Italy that the mother of the idiot is always pregnant, a dry way of saying that there are a lot of them around and new ones are born without interruption. 

There is much wisdom in this popular saying. I had the last confirmation of this by reading the comments of some already born idiots in the comment box of the Remnant blog post with the Book of Accusation (Part I) against Pope Francis.

It is depressing enough to read of the usual cretins asking why to do this if it is not likely to change the world (these people have, obviously, never heard of Christian witness, defence of truth, or such like ways of wasting one’s time), but it is outright infuriating to read self-referencing wannabe bloggers who have not published any post in two months accusing the writers of the letter of neglecting some of the heresies of the heretical machine gun called Francis… 

Some people are happiest when they can criticise the effort of others. 

They are, very often, those very lazy with their effort themselves. 





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  1. On 1P5 someone spotted a mistake in the letter, and then accused Michael Matt of doing more harm than good with an arrogant tone and poor writing. We see that not just Bergoglio himself, but also all the other children of the mother you mention like to use projection.

    • I was very irritable at the 1P5 comment section. They speak as if they are sitting judges at some intellectual contest, not suffering through the worst era the Church has seen in ages. Of course, I was scolded for my criticism of Fr. RP. ‘I do not have to defend myself, you know….”…or words to that effect. Of course he doesn’t. It’s so much easier to watch the people who make an effort get targeted for a poor turn of phrase or some such. They make me tired.

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