It Is Bad To Want To Be Mainstream



I have published all three parts of the “With Burning Concern” letter; therefore, you all know which side I am on. 

I think it very wrong that those (names not named) who should all be on our side waste their time and undoubted intelligence for this kind of mini-squabble. 

I will offer this thought: it is bad to want to be “mainstream”, and it is bad to want to have a big readership. The world is such, that if you want to have a big readership, and be able to boast that you are so and so big, you will have to get “middle of the road” positions even when more uncomfortable roads are the only ones indicated. The “mainstream” is unlikely to ever be persuaded that the Pope is a heretic. They will drink all the cool-aid they have to drink to persuade themselves of the contrary instead. 

This Pope is a heretic. A tool of Satan. An old, lewd man obsessed with sex and social so-called “justice”. He is an Atheist through and through. In short, he is an Evil Clown. That’s it. If you still can’t see the evidence, you will always refuse to see it. Still, the harsh truth of a heretical Pope will never be “mainstream”. 

And please don’t give me that rubbish that we can’t judge people’s heart. No one uses the argument with Hitler. We can see actions, and from the actions we see the motives. As outside, so inside. You can’t act like Martin Luther outside and be Padre Pio inside.  

This Pope may repent one day, and we should all pray as much as we can that he may one day come back to be (or, more likely, become) a Catholic. But if he swims like a heretic, walks like a heretic, and quacks like a heretic, I will leave this rubbish about the “not judging” to others.

Let your nay be nay. Don’t go to your judgment and be told you listened to hundreds of episodes of defiance of the Church, and all you could say was that you were “surprised” or “confused”.

Being neither cold nor hot is rather dangerous. 

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  1. This “middle of the road” stance began to show earlier this summer with articles on the glass being half-full. I even stopped reading the blog, so put off was I with the sudden need for a positive attitude and banal topics in the middle of a tragedy. I wondered, as I often do, whether I was lacking in faith, hope and charity, having such a reaction.

    As one of the commenter’s on the blog said, there is no one way of being a Christian. Within the body of Christ there is place for different roles and temperaments. The stress on the positive seems to me too much in line with denial to preach about sin and need for repentance. This whole business of moving forward, as though the past doesn’t affect the goal setting and the manner of the movement, is sheer foolishness, contrary to Catholicism.

    There is so much we can (and should) learn from looking at errors and mistakes. We can avoid re-inventing the wheel, or starting a war, or hell.

  2. Very good Mundabor. As with Christ truth at first is only known by a few but the few are obliged to make it known. We must all do our part to make the truth about what it means to be Catholic known and how Pope Francis does not conform to that truth.

  3. The Pope is a Heretic and a tool of Satan.Mundy that sums up the man known as Bergoglio!How long oh Lord.

  4. “You can’t act like Martin Luther outside and be Padre Pio inside.”

    What a line.

  5. Finally! I am not experienced enough as a recent convert to adequately express myself, but, the Remnant speaks for me. But I hate going to Mass sometimes. The squish, the horrible, horrible squish.

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