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The One World Religion Of Peace


“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword”.


If you look at the message the Evil Clown has sent to the Roman Jews (and by extension to all the other Jews) in occasion of various festivities of their false religion, this phrase will immediately strike you as non-Catholic: 

“I am particularly glad to convey my warmest wishes to you and the Jewish community of Rome. My sentiment extends also to Jewish communities throughout the world, in the hope that the upcoming festivities may be harbingers of abundant blessings to all. My the Almighty grant peace and the tireless wish to promote it. In His eternal mercy, may He grant hope and serenity in our times and strengthen the cordial bonds of friendship between us”.

Why, exactly, is this phrase non-Catholic? Because it is clear here that Francis does not profess any faith in the Christian God. 

Firstly, he wishes that the festivities “may be harbingers of abundant blessings”. By whom, one asks himself? By Christ? Why did he not say so? Oh, it’s because they do not believe in Him?  You don’t say!? It appears here that some minimum common, ahem, Godnominator is referred to. Some deity vaguely “acceptable” to both religions, in a way, a “one size fits all” deity vaguely intent in distributing blessings on infidels. But you see, this is exactly not Christianity. This is exactly the contrary of what Christianity is supposed to be. 

Secondly, you have this omnipresent, obsessive reference to “peace”. To Francis, peace is like parsley: you can put it everywhere and never make a mistake. More so, to Francis peace is clearly the substance of every religion: religions are there (all of them) to “tirelessly promote” peace. In the measure in which they do it, this attracts “abundant blessings” from the “deity” that is clearly not Christ. To Francis, peace is the be-all and end-all of every religion, the defining moment, that which makes all of them good. To a cretin like Francis, even Islam promotes peace. 

The Evil Clown’s fake religion betrays Christ at every step. He can’t open that lurid mouth of his without insulting Our Lord in some way: directly or indirectly, and through the attack to His doctrine or His sacraments. 

Usque quo, Domine? 






Reblog: Our Lady Of Quito/ Our Lady Of Good Success


Reblog: Our Lady Of Quito/ Our Lady Of Good Success


Satan’s Dykes



You read news like this one and you truly wonder how intense Satan’s activity has become in the once Christian West. Say a prayer for this good Christian couple; and also pray that they may convert to the Only Church if they are not already (I do not think they are). They might still win, though I doubt it. 

However, I do not blame for this exclusively the openly evil people.

I blame all those people (many of them hypocritical, cowardly churchgoers, and people who call themselves “Catholic”) who have said for years that we must not “obsess” about homosexuality, and have produced for them a number of excuses and invitations.

The sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons. Many of those fake Catholics will pay the price, in their own children, of the evil they have cowardly allowed.

God shall not be fooled. Not by the evil dykes, and not by their many enablers from all conceivable corners. 



Petty Old Man



Have you read the Evil Clown’s intentions for October?

The first one is: 

“That journalists, in carrying out their work, may always be motivated by respect for truth and a strong sense of ethics”

 Fallen from grace, uh? 

Once the adoration of the Great Wheelchair-Embracing Wonder has passed, Francis finds it fitting to let us know that they are a big peeve of his.

No, really. This is the way he thinks, and this is the way he lets you know he is peeved. If you don’t understand this, it’s probable you have been fooled by him in many other ways already.

Petty old man. 



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