Satan’s Dykes



You read news like this one and you truly wonder how intense Satan’s activity has become in the once Christian West. Say a prayer for this good Christian couple; and also pray that they may convert to the Only Church if they are not already (I do not think they are). They might still win, though I doubt it. 

However, I do not blame for this exclusively the openly evil people.

I blame all those people (many of them hypocritical, cowardly churchgoers, and people who call themselves “Catholic”) who have said for years that we must not “obsess” about homosexuality, and have produced for them a number of excuses and invitations.

The sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons. Many of those fake Catholics will pay the price, in their own children, of the evil they have cowardly allowed.

God shall not be fooled. Not by the evil dykes, and not by their many enablers from all conceivable corners. 



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  1. I’ve been thinking about this recently and what a Christian is to do when this confronted with something like this.

    Is it possible for a believing faithful Christian to say to a gay couple “I’ll design your flowers, cake, etc for your event that you call it a wedding but I know it’s not because marriage is between a man and a women”. And then if the couple still wants you be sure to proselytize every moment possible with the couple.

    Could that both protect your business and your soul?

    • You would have to talk to your confessor, but yeah, I do not think a Christian shop owner is *obliged* to *refuse* his service. He should, however, have the *right* to do it.
      When the newspaper agent sells the newspaper to the trannie, he is not endorsing his lifestyle. But if he has a restaurant he should damn well be allowed to say that Trannies should stay out, because his is a Christian, family-friendly establishment.
      We live in a perverted world, largely thanks to the “niceness” of too many Christians and also Catholics.

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