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Pope Francis The Trannie


In this picture we see one evil, lewd clown surrounded by two perverted females.




It is now clear there is no limit to the level of satanic confusion this lurid, lurid man will promote abusing his white habit. I cannot avoid thinking that construction works are now ongoing in hell, preparing an extra pit for this abominable man. 

From the usual aeroplane nonsense, I picked this for your entertainment: 

Then (the man) got married, he changed his civil identity, got married and wrote me a letter saying that for him it would be a consolation to come with his wife, he who was she, but him! I received them: they were happy…

Stupid, evil Francis chooses to even emphasize the satanic liar of the gender theorists he has criticised only days before. I think the man meant “but [now is] him!”, but the sense does not change: to Francis a formed “she” is now a “he”. In addition, he calls the two perverted females “married”. No, he is not stupid. I mean, he is stupid; but he is not so stupid that he does not understand what confusion his words engender in all those still so slow of understanding that they do not understand how evil he is. 

Evil man. Needs to be exorcised.

The rest of the confused phrase it just as atrocious: hey, the two perverted were “happy”, what do you want more in life? And why is the Catholic priest so evil that he admonishes the sinners?


Please, Lord, free us from this evil, lurid man.   


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