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The Sins Of The Fathers

The older I become, the more I see the truth of the sins of the fathers being visited upon the sons in the world around me.

It isn't an individual law, of course. A great sinner might give birth to a great saint, and nothing is impossible to God's great mercy (the real one). However, we can see this truth working in our society at large, all the time.

The parents divorce out of selfish desires, and their offspring are certainly more likely, as a whole, to grow up scarred, unbalanced, and more likely to divorce themselves. The single mother did not care to have a husband at home before starting a (real) family, and her offspring will grow up without a father role and a father's love, and will be more likely to end up unhappy, unfulfilled, perhaps in jail. Violent, drunken, drug-addicted parents produce a high number of children who, as adults, will show the consequence of the scars with which they grew up.

These might appear extreme cases; but it works in subtler ways, too. The said single mother is, oftentimes, a girl whose mother taught her poppycock about “believing in love”, “following your heart” and such like nonsense instead of the hard realities of life. The non-churchgoing “believer” is, very often, the product of parents who did not “believe” in “forcing” their children to go to Mass (however, they forced them to go to that infinitely less important place, school). The young criminal from a middle class background was, very often, spoiled rotten as a child.

Collectively, as Catholics, we see the same process at work. The unbelieving generation of today is the product of the betrayal of Christ seen since the start of V II. A generation of casual believers could only beget a generation of atheists and heathens. If you taught your daughter that perverts are “born that way”, don't be surprised if your granddaughter has a “wife” and asks you to “affirm” her.

Still, do not think that people learn. They keep making the same mistakes. The sanctimonious idiots who do not want to vote Trump because they are oh so pure are actively contributing to the Orwellian world the liberal cohorts have in store for them and their children; but like the divorcing parents, they put their own selfish feel-good interests before the material and spiritual welfare of their offspring.

Evil wins not only because of evil people, but in great part because of the selfish, hypocritical, childish idiots unable to observe the reality in front of their own nose, and willing to put their own little grievances at the service of their worst enemies. They are like a man arming the criminal who will exterminate them and their entire family, because he hates the sheriff. They set the graces they have (among which the freedom to be Catholic in peace, and the freedom to defend themselves) at naught, because their petty grievances make them feel good and morally superior.

They will bitterly regret their folly when these freedoms are gone.

Or perhaps they will just find another pet peeve, and another way to more surely ruin their children.




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